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Episode 13,712
1270 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Lucas asks about letting Julie have his mom’s heart. Hope is stunned. He cries at least something good could come out of it … Marvelous Marlena gives coma Kate a pep talk about fighting for her family … Ciara just took Ben for a ride on Bo’s bike to make things better. She knew Jordan got to him. He admits she said something … Jordan assures baby David she is here to stay. Anyone who tries to come between them will meet with death! Rafe appears … Brady remembers Kristen’s words, shuts his briefcase and hunts for the hidden booze. But he has company … Kristen leaves Rolf a message and gushes it is good news. Then she admires her nonexistent baby bump and gushes she is gonna have a baby … Jordan is nervous as Rafe enters the kitchen. He assumes she was telling her son a story and promises to protect them. She thanks him for keeping him away from big bad Ben. Rafe solemnly suggests they talk about that … Ben sits on a park bench, sighing sis does not want him to see his nephew. Ciara is sympathetic … Sarah suspects Brady wanted a drink. He just saw Kristen and wants her out of his mind. Sarah has an idea … Kristen sips her apple cider in a wine glass. Knock knock! Rolf rushed right over. Vat do you vaaaaant … he is busy rebuilding his lab and Jack’s serum. She smiles to drop all that and make her preggers. Perturbed Rolf pauses …

Marlena informs sleeping Salem patient Kate that she is stronger than the doctors know. She would never give up for she has family … Hope gets choked up feeling overwhelmed. Lucas wants the tragedy that befell Kate to at least mean something. Kayla explains they must do tests to predict whether they would be a match. It would mean anti-rejection medication for Julie. Lucas cries and asks them to start running the tests. He has some loved ones to talk to …Back in the kitchen Rafe argues Ben has become a better person. Jordan refuses to listen and wants to clear her head with a walk. She assures worried Rafe she will be alright. He watches her walk out … Ben cannot believe that Jordan was released after almost no therapy. Ciara argues she apologized. Ben knows for a fact it was an act. They must be prudent and not let down their guard. Ciara agrees. Ben will meet her at home after running an errand for Stefan. They kiss and he hands her the helmet back, heading off. Ciara lets out a sigh …

Hope thanks Lucas but is he sure? He suggests they wait until they get the tests done. He cries at least Kate’s heart could keep beating … Rolf is surprised Kristen wants him to get her pregnant. She offers him a glass of apple cider. They toast to life. She knows she can trust Rolf’s equipment for he was Stefano’s professional genius. The scientist starts to squirm, misunderstanding her meaning. He is not ready to father her child … She spits out her drink and explains she wants him to make her preggers by implanting Sarah’s baby in her … Ben pays Marlena a visit, desperate to send dangerous Jordan back to Bayview … Meanwhile Jordan shows up at his place with something for Ciara. Sinister music plays … Rafe is happy to open his door to Hope, who asks about David. Rafe admits … Marlena admits she never had a professional session with Jordan and assures Ben the professionals at Bayview knew what they were doing. Ben fears she will try to harm Ciara … Jordan notices Ciara’s nervousness. She gives back the duck toy from Ben. She does not want him anywhere near her son since he is still evil. Ciara disagrees. Jordan warns the evil that lives in Ben will never leave … Brady sits on the sofa with Sarah and complains about his Kristen obsession. She urges him to avoid her. Easier said than done cos he feels drawn to her despite his denials. Kristen is cocky they will get back together. Sarah wonders whether she has a new scheme. Brady swears he would never give her another chance …

Rafe has coffee for himself and Hope in the cozy kitchen. She is not happy to hear he is letting Jordan stay at the house with David so he can keep an eye on the little guy. Hope hears she was released with a clean bill of mental health. She will never trust the woman who tried to off her darling daughter. She wants her away from her. Rafe understands … Ciara insists Ben has changed and argues Jordan would not have lost it before had she realized that. Jordan blames Ben for pushing her to extremes. Ciara can see she is delusional as ever. Jordan calls him the son of Clyde. Ciara kicks her out. Jordan suggests she save herself but Ciara loves and believes Ben … Marlena probes. Ben comes clean about his sister alluding to Ciara getting hurt. Marlena warns him to avoid his sister and not engage. Mad Ben decides to find a way to neutralize her on his own and leaves, much to Marlena’s dismay …

Lucas falls to pieces at Kate’s bedside. He weeps he wants to honor her, make her live on. Kayla comes in and confirms the tests were done. Now they will wait for the results. Lucas must speak with his siblings and wishes he knew if it was what Kate would want … Hope is only concerned about Ciara and is relieved when Rafe reveals Jordan is not allowing Ben near the baby. At least it will keep Ciara far from her. They now discuss Julie. Hope lets him know what Lucas suggested. Kayla is running tests. Rafe is stunned. Hope admits if it is no match they might lose both loved ones. Rafe hugs her. Here comes Jordan, sorry for interrupting – or not … Sarah agrees Brady deserves better than the DiMera she-devil. He lists her past sins. The buck stops here. Sarah smiles he sounds liberated. At least until tomorrow. Brady now asks about Sarah’s situation. She sighs Eric and Nicole belong together. Brady is impressed by her selflessness … Rolf discreetly reminds Kristen of her age. She gets testy. He tells her he welcomes the challenge assuming she will make the arrangements with Sarah Horton. She thanks him and toasts to Brady never being able to leave her again … Hope is about to leave. Jordan stops her to say she is sorry and is not the same person. Hope coldly goes …Rafe tells Jordan to give it time and asks about her walk. It went well ... Ben comes back to Ciara and she informs him Jordan returned the toy he got David. Ben makes her promise to never let her in here again! She agrees and he holds her close …Lucas cries to sleeping beauty Kate that now is the time to wake up if she can … Brady and Sarah make a pact. He will help keep her away from Eric if she helps keep him away from Kristen. Deal … Kristen calls Xander about the arrangements. All systems go ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, September 24, 2019