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Episode 13,711
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Xander refuses to let Kristen snatch Sarah’s baby and threatens to reveal … Sarah arrives and asks what. Xander claims Kristen has an unrealistic plan to get Brady back. Sarah wonders what it has to do with her … At the square Brady sips coffee and obsesses over Kristen. Sonny appears and he asks about Kate. As per Will, it was Vivian who shot her. Brady is not surprised … At DiMera mansion bejeweled Vivian insists Stefan keep her secret. Tis bad enough his wife is aware of what she did. Will’s eavesdropping is interrupted by Gabi. He accuses Viv of shooting his grandma and is here on a quest for the truth … Julie is relieved to hear from Hope that Gabi will not be coming around again. She sorry for what the questionable girl did … Lucas is upset Kate cannot breathe on her own. Kayla will keep her hooked up unless he makes a decision … She is aware Lucas is the one now responsible for her medical decisions. He notes Kate assumed she would never get lucky like Marlena and breaks down Kate would not want to live on a machine … Sonny suggests Kristen should be behind bars. Brady replies Kristen gave Mayor Jack help from Rolf and Tony is back with Anna thanks to her. Sonny almost cannot believe how he sounds … Kristen wants to make amends. Sarah gets shrill. Kristen boasts but she fights for love and pretends she simply wanted her support regarding Brady. Sarah thinks she is nuts … Stefan gasps if the cops find out he lied they are toast. Vivian warns Gabi could expose them … Gabi is sorry when Will updates her on Kate. She credits her for helping her and believing in her. Will implores her to help and asks if she thinks Stefan or Vivian did it …

Gabi teases Sherlock Will but understands his siding with Kate. He argues she deserves better. Gabi embraces him. Here come Stefan and cackling catty Viv, who assumes Kate is gone for good. Will counters she is still alive, accuses Vivian, and enters the living room … Kayla will give Lucas time. He weeps it is hard to face a future without his mom. Kayla sighs Julie’s loved ones are in the same situation … Julie quips she threatened to haunt Gabi. Hope does not want to hear it. Julie asks her to help dependent Doug. She loves looking after him with breakfast, shopping, errands, the club and more … Sarah is miffed that Kristen even wanted to convince Maggie to help. Xander sides with Sarah, sarcastically stating he will not help Kristen snag her prince. Sarah steps away for a call. Kristen talks tough. Xander lowers his voice to issue her a warning. No way in hell will he allow her to take Sarah’s baby and pretend it is Brady’s. They glare daggers at one another … Lucas is troubled as Kayla tells him of Julie’s situation. He wants to see her but lost touch with Jen. Kayla knows not her whereabouts. Lucas wants a word with Julie …

Stefan assures Will they cooperated with the cops, who found no connection between them and the shooting. Will warns he will find the truth and God help them. Gabi follows him to the front door and promises to pray for Kate. Will wishes she would not side with the sinister pair. She must have a hard time looking at herself in the mirror. He storms out … Sonny reminds Brady of all the people Kristen has harmed. Brady comes clean about falling under her spell … Kristen taunts Xander the hero of conscience who will fail. He vows to protect Sarah. She coos he if he does not cooperate she will spill the beans to Eric that Sarah is having his baby and Xander told her! Kristen smugly sits and warns how betrayed Sarah would feel. He calls her evil and insists Eric wants Nicole. Kristen points out the pull of a baby brings parents together. Sarah comes back and wonders what Kristen’s plan is to get Brady back … Brady sighs to Sonny he went to Kristen’s room and felt the temptation. Sonny suggests he only take her tricks as just that. Then she will not have power over him. Brady appreciates the pep talk and wishes the best for Kate. Then he goes on his way. Sonny stares into space …

Julie loves her visit from gentlemanly Lucas. He sadly states he came back to Salem for Kate. Julie senses something. Lucas weeps she is on life support. He tells Julie not to be upset and updates her on her shooting and the coma that came after. Then he hangs his head … Stefan puts Vivian’s scrubs away in a hurry. Vivian helps herself to a cocktail. Gabi fumes to Stefan that Will is the father of her child and she has an obligation. Viv snaps her only obligation is to Stefan so keep her mouth shut. Gabi counters Viv shot an unarmed woman. Viv accuses her of leaving Julie to die and everyone agrees so she should be afraid … Will updates Sonny outside the club on Stefan giving natural born killer Vivian a fake alibi … Back at DiMera mansion Gabi argues Julie had a heart attack regardless and she was not to blame … Lucas updates Julie on Will believing Viv pulled the trigger on Kate. Julie denounces the DiMeras and tries to make him feel better. Exit Lucas. Julie weeps ... Sonny is all ears as Will explains he left Lucas with Kate. Sonny believes his voice will make her feel better. Will notes she cannot breathe on her own. What if the end is really near? Sonny hugs him …

Xander doubts Brady would ever take Kristen back. She boasts of her recent good deeds. Kristen gets catty. Sarah gets woozy. Xander sits her down on the sofa. Kristen gives her a glass of water. She goes to her room as Xander suggests. Kristen assures Xander she will be nice to his angel. Teaming up will get them both the partner of their dreams … On the phone Hope asks Ciara to get Doug his fav ice cream. Here comes heartbroken Lucas. Hope is so sorry. He is sorry to hear Kayla admit Julie has little time … Back at DiMera mansion Stefan asks Gabi and Vivian not to act so antagonistic. Gabi warns he could risk facing obstruction charges and storms off to the office. Viv scoffs at Stefan to keep her in line or they are toast … In her bedroom Sarah softly calls to confirm her appointment tomorrow … Kristen explains to Xander she will order Rolf to perform the procedure of embryo implant and asks Xander for the time and date. He sighs he will find out and accuses her of blackmail …

Stefan drinks up as Gabi comes back. He apologizes for Vivian’s insults and is grateful for her discretion. She did it for them and gushes they could have a good life together unless Viv ruins everything. He is committed to protecting their happily ever after and they kiss in bliss … Brady tells off Kristen for trying to get him back when he catches her in the Kiriakis mansion. She warns one day he will accept they were meant to be … Xander goes into Sarah’s room, apologizes about Kristen and gallantly offers to accompany her on her appointment. But is she sure? She is. He offers to be there for her! She smiles thank you and holds his hand …Sonny gives Will a pep talk about Kate making it and brings up past Salem survivors like Marlena. Will remembers well Sami and John being at odds with Belle over Marlena whereas now Lucas must decide what to do due to Kate’s proxy … Kayla explains to Hope that Julie could be lost any second. Lucas stammers and asks what else can be done. Hope notes they need a miracle. Lucas woefully gives them one. He weeps what if he would give his mom’s heart to Julie? Kayla and Hope are astounded ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, September 23, 2019