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Episode 13,710
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At DiMera mansion Stefan has given a false alibi for Vivian. The cops have nothing. She spikes her coffee and coos a lovely evening with her son. He confronts her with her doctor disguise … Will praises sleeping beauty Kate for her super strength and urges her to fight for her loved ones. Here comes Lucas. Father and son share a serious hug … Sarah arranges her procedure over the phone. She will be alone since her pregnancy is a secret …At Kiriakis mansion Kristen wants the juicy details about Sarah from Xander … JJ asks Kayla why nice Shaw would snatch his mom … Shaw smiles and asks Jen what she was doing in his absence. She hides the fact that one wrist and her mouth are really free … Kayla updates JJ on Shawn raging about her and Jen giving the lab he reserved to Rolf. Jack arrives from Eve. JJ alludes to a new suspect … Obsessed Henry hates how Jen humiliated him again and again. This is his breaking point … Stefan accuses Viv of plotting to kill Kate in her hospital room. She declares Dr. Death was already there and drinks up … Lucas is sorry he could not come faster from Europe. Will is happy he is here. Lucas leans down and asks his comatose mom to wake up. Dr. Sarah enters with a long face. Lucas gets choked up and asks for the latest …

Xander threatens Kristen to keep her silence or else. She wonders why Sarah does not tell Eric about the baby cos she could get him back. Xander snaps Sarah is selfless. Kristen probes and acts positive about her plan to abort. This is the break she needed with Brady … Kayla recounts her run-in with Henry Shaw. Jack and JJ hear how he shook with rage and called Jen a beech, Rolf an unlicensed freak. The man seemed to have snapped and even grabbed her arm at one point. Then she fired him. He stormed out and security booted him from the building but he had time to trash the lab. JJ and Jack get he could have a grudge against Jen now and take off to track the fiend down … Henry accuses Jen of using him to get over Eric and then Jack. She toyed with his emotions for two years and then caused trouble with his job. He thunders to look at him so she does. Jen mutters she is sorry. He touches her face and smiles she is now at his mercy. Her baby blues widen in horror … Sarah explains Kate has a steady heartbeat but she lost a lot of blood. Surviving surgery was a miracle but … Lucas waits for the bad news … It could take Kate long to come out of the coma. Will hopes she will wake up. Lucas asks about her chance of survival. Alas tis slim …

Kristen boasts she is close to getting Brady back. Xander notes there is no connection to Sarah. Kristen points out being pregnant with Brady’s baby would win him back without a doubt. Xander asks if she is. She will be when she gets Sarah’s baby. Xander stares in horror …Loyal Lucas ends a long distance call to Austin warning he should come as soon as possible. He will update Billie. Lucas laments all is lost but Will has the audacity of hope. Lucas wonders who did this. Will thinks he has an idea … Stefan hears how Viv made Kate flatline into a coma. She demands her scrubs but he holds them back …At the station Jack informs JJ that Eli put out an APB on Shaw and Eli is on his way to his home. JJ sips his water. Jack is close to tears and feeling responsible for incurring the wrath of Shah. He has to do something! JJ tries to trace her phone … Henry points out Jen is popular having seen all her missed calls. She begs him to release her. He warns her if they cannot make it work, then no one will have her … Stefan wants the murderous game to stop now. Viv snaps Kate started it. Stefan reminds her that Gabi cares for Kate and he has put her in a hard position having to lie. Viv screams if she ends up in jail, she will dig a grave for him as well …Will suspects Vivian. Kate was shot one day after alive Vivian surfaced in Salem. In the past Kate shot her. Lucas argues it was an accident. Lucas argues Vivian thought different. As they speak the cops are searching the DiMera mansion. He gets a text from Lani that nothing incriminating was discovered and Stefan was her alibi. Will knows they lied. Lucas asks him to focus on Kate. Will decides to sit outside and get in touch with Sonny. Lucas hugs him and prays his mom will make it … Kayla orders security feed monitored and a guards on the premises. Sarah joins her but Kayla would rather not talk Shaw. Sarah asks to leave early as she is tired. Kayla now follows up on her test results … Xander hisses he will not help Kristen. She needs not his help and refers to the time she took Theresa’s baby. It is as easy as an embryo transfer after knocking the mother out. Xander stares darkly. Like hell!

JJ cannot locate Jen. Her phone must be disabled. Jack explains she texted him, he called her and her phone rang so that must be something the cops can trace. JJ tells him it might take time. Jack will make the request and then they shall hunt high and low … Henry politely asks Jen if she wants anything. Water. He warns her not to scream or she will be punished and drinks the water himself since now his needs come first. He taunts he will refill it with tap water. The second he steps out Jenny grabs her phone with her free hand … Xander orders Kristen to drop her deranged idea. She argues Sarah does not even want the baby. Dr. Rolf will do the transfer. Xander repeats to drop it. She warns him Sarah might change her mind and reunite with Eric. This is win win for them both. It would cement her future with Brady and keep Eric away from Sarah. He refuses to let her do it … Sarah fibs to Kayla the test showed she was not pregnant. Just as well since Eric is in love with Nicole. Kayla promises to say nothing to no one and watches her walk away …

Lucas assures Kate he is sober and not seeing Chloe anymore so she can wake up. He cries she meddled out of love and wanting to protect him. He wishes he had protected her … Kayla enters and he unhappily asks about Julie, assuming Jen is with her as they speak. Kayla gets back to Kate’s prognosis. He weeps what comes next? Kayla would like her to breathe on her own. Perhaps they can try again. Lucas leaves the good doctor to do her work … At the park Jack is waiting for an update from Eli. All of a sudden he receives Jen’s text about needing help at the West Salem Inn, Room 5. JJ tells him it could be a trap but Jack is determined to rescue Jen. They can call the cops en route … Henry wants Jen to accept their togetherness. He removes her gag … Moments later Jack and JJ burst in. They find the rope that tied her to the chair but she is not there … Kayla is sorry to inform Lucas that Kate cannot breathe on her own. For now she is on machines … Viv implores Stefan to protect her. He points out he already has! They will deal with Kate if she does wake up. They will wait. Viv insists no one can know what she did … Will has sneaked into DiMera mansion and listens at the living room door … Kristen argues her case with Xander who threatens to tell Sarah. Sarah walks in and wonders what. Kristen eyes her like a serpent ready to strike …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, September 20, 2019