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Episode 13,709
1330 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eric and Nicole are cute at the square having left Holly with Ari and Maggie for the museum. He calls this now and forever and they emotionally embrace … Woman in black Sarah staggers to the living room sofa. Slick Xander wonders wot she decided … Outside the pub Kristen gets Brady to listen … Jack’s call is ignored by Jen’s captor. She cries out with the gag on her mouth … Sarah whispers say nothing to no one. Xander warns it will be obvious soon to Eric and Nicole … Abe hugs the real Nicole and laughs she is real! Eric gazes at her. Nicole is concerned about brother Brandon. Abe praises the good person she is unlike Kristen, who just led Jack to Rolf. He hopes for the best … At the hospital Jack leaves Jen an anxious message and informs JJ she did not take his call. His son suspects she did not even send that text … Eve sits down on a bench and smugly removes her dark gloves … JJ reasons Rolf is missing so … Jack wonders if he has Jen. JJ suggests they contact the cops. All of a sudden Rolf appears wearing dark gloves and announces his return … Kristen gushes she got Tony released. She did it for Brady … Nicole is concerned about Kristen but Eric assures her she is busy obsessing over Brady and … Abe talks DiMera and admits he even accepted a position to help make it a better place. Comatose Kate means Kristen might get the CEOship and he will be out of work. Nicole quips her as well. But for now she wants to focus on Eric and Holly. Abe welcomes her home …

Sarah knows she needs to decide. Xander listens as she laments she decided … to terminate the pregnancy. Xander bites his tongue … Eve has two food bags in hand when Abe runs into her at the park. She complains about Jack and apologizes for helping him lose the mayoral race. Abe still blames Jack’s ruthless campaign manager. Jack is not the man he was. Eve slyly suggests they go against him together … Rolf helps himself to coffee and claims he needed quiet time to deal with the stress of losing his serum. Then he heard from Madam and … Jack and JJ ask what he did with Jen … Jen warrior princess battles with the ties that bind … Sarah swears Xander to secrecy and stops him from trying to talk her out of it. Eric can never know … Xander stops and she turns as Nicole and Eric appear hand in hand. Eric evidently heard nothing and now blames Xander for Sarah’s upset state. Xander blames him! Sarah splits … Rolf reasons Jack and Jennifer gave him his lab and just wants to get back to work on Jack’s memory serum. He returns to said lab. JJ and Jack deduce he did not harm Jen. They both suspect Eve. Jack plans to confront her … Abe warns Eve that Jack’s voters would not approve of her switching sides. She boasts they could rule the town. He, however, is a public servant and is not impressed by her hunger for power. She continues to state her case. Abe warns her hate and revenge come back to bite so let the rage go. He walks away. Eve looks rattled …

Kristen gushes she is working to be a good woman worthy of Brady’s loooove. He scoffs she is desperate. Last night she talked dark sides. She offers to live in the light with him so will he give her a chance to change? He warns she would need more than one good deed. She now boasts how she helped Jen … Jen flashes back to an old adventure with Jack when he insisted they would succeed in spite of the signs they ignored. Back to the now. Jen fights on … Eve returns to her room in her animal print jacket and removes her dark gloves. Her comes raging Jack, who demands to know what she did with Jen … Jen lets out a war cry and struggles. She gets tired. Then she remembers once upon what could have been a last night for her and Jack. She refused to give up … Jenny gets a hand free and breathes a sigh of relief …Rolf follows busy Kayla at the hospital and asks to continue his research. He had many projects …. Kayla lets him know she disapproves of his private projects. She only authorized the serum but grudgingly agrees to get him what he needs if he writes a list … Kristen boasts she ordered Rolf to help Jen by working on Jack’s serum. Brady muses she sounds like a mob boss and wonders about Xander her flunky. She calls him jealous … Eric blasts Xander and issues him a warning about Sarah. When Xander calls her ripe for the picking he attacks …

Brady claims Kristen’s recent acts of kindness have nothing to do with him. She smiles she did it for love to reunite couples. She refers to them. He counters there is no them. She believes she is redeemed and wants the world to witness their love. Brady returns her stare as her lips inch closer to his until Abe appears. Brady pulls back. Kristen taunts Abe they were a good team for DiMera. He taunts she was no Nicole and suggests she scram, leave Brady alone. Brady growls and goes. Kristen sarcastically thanks the former mayor, who leers it was the least he could do … Nicole pulls back raging bull Eric. When Xander refers to her as his wife she shouts she is almost divorced for real from him. He smirks “Been real, love” and adds Eric can have his sloppy seconds. Nicole hauls Eric away to go get Holly … Kayla updates JJ on Julie’s fear. JJ fears Jen is missing and updates her on the fake text. No one has heard from her and tis too soon for a missing persons report. He and Jack suspect Eve, also of wrecking the lab. Jack just went to see her but she is a liar … Jack is stunned to see Eve has two food bags … Jen screeches for HEEEEEELP SOMEBODYYYYYYYY …

Brady is at the square café and admits to concerned Abe he is craving something strong to drink. He hates the way Kristen gets to him. Abe suggests he give it time to go away … Kristen confronts Xander at the Kiriakis living room as he casually has coffee. He talks truce cos he wants to be a better person for Sarah. She says the same of Brady and argues no one was harmed by her scheme. Xander snaps except Sarah, who was left by Eric and is now pregnant with a baby she does not want. Kristen is intrigued … Sarah pauses at the park pink flowers and calls to schedule an abortion … Back at the cozy apartment, Nicole returns from Holly, who is resting in the other room. Eric pulls her down to the sofa and they snuggle. She gushes Holly loves him a lot. He loves her mommy a lot. Nicole marvels their dream came true. Eric has never felt so blessed. They kiss and he holds her close … Eve bought sweets but nothing for Jen her arch enemy. She bites a brownie. Jack wonders then who took her … JJ wonders who else would have wanted to destroy the lab and Jack’s serum. Kayla speaks the name Henry Shaw … Jen hastily puts back her gag and the rope around her hand when she hears her captor. Madman Henry asks if she missed him …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thurday, September 19, 2019