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Episode 13,708
1330 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Out of breath John and Brady jog to the park. John teases he is running away. Brady replies tis true. From Kristen … Kristen obsesses over Brady. Knock knock! Tis Anna. The stunning blonde wants to talk Tony … Tony is happy to see Marlena at the station, where he is in a room handcuffed waiting for his lawyer who is late again. Marlena is sympathetic about his situation … Chez Rafe Ben gasps Jordan’s name. She says hello as Ciara stares in disbelief … Marlena smuggled in some napoleons for continental Tony. Today tis his preliminary hearing but the D.A. is out to get him for Ted’s demise … Anna argues to Kristen that Tony was just wrestling with gun toting Ted to defend her. Time to make things right … Sweaty Brady sighs he and Kristen started … John deduces he did not continue. Exactly and then he got coffee at the club and a shower at home. John chuckles. Brady confesses he still wants the wicked woman. He needs help from his dad! John lets out a long sigh … Jack meets JJ at the pub to discuss Dr. Rolf. He wonders why Jen is running late … Jenny wakes up gagged and tied to a chair … JJ tells Jack he heard his text. It is from Jen, who is out on a story. Could be concerning Rolf. They agree Jen is quite capable. JJ holds his coffee and admits he has not much on the mad scientist. Jack had the department put out an APB … Tony admits he worries how Anna will take him being in prison … Kristen calls Tony and Anna ingrates. She already had Rolf revive him! Why should she help her spoiled brat bother who did nada for her … Brady the love addict wants to be with Kristen in spite of her awful actions. John drawls he gets it …

Ben is baffled. Rafe updates him and curious Ciara on Jordan being at the hearing with her lawyer. Her docs declared her sane and the court agreed with her petition to be released. He agreed to be the responsible party she stays with. Jordan announces she does not want Ben or Ciara anywhere near her son now. Ciara apologizes for calling her crazy. She was upset on Ben’s behalf. Jordan replies it is alright. Ciara insists Ben is on her side and begs her to let him see the nephew he loves. Rafe agrees. Jordan thinks Ben does not know the real meaning of the word love. He is too dangerous for David. Ciara screams she is the dangerous one … Anna laments she almost died from losing Tony and it is about to happen again. She cannot live without him and assumes Kristen cannot relate. Kristen cries she can feel love. Her heart aches when she is apart from the one she wants. She calls herself a romantic. Anna gets her to agree to help her in the name of love but Anna must return the favor … John reminds Brady of his own bad romance with Kristen. Brady asks how to avoid her ... Back in her suite Kristen suggests Anna make Brady realize how much he looooves her. Anna tells her Tony has his trial today so the timing is off. Kristen gets testy and taunts Tony will be locked up for years. Anna calls her a selfish beech and warns Brady or any other man will never love her … Back at the pub Jack has no news on his APB on Rolf. JJ points out Rolf is not a regular felon. Jack knows he is nutty and unpredictable and realizes who might be able to help them gain some insight … Jen struggles with the ties that bind. Her captor in black lurks nearby …

Jordan acts understanding and tells Ciara she truly believed she needed protecting from Ben. Ciara is exasperated. Ben wants a word alone with sis outside. She will give him one minute outside while reliable Rafe waits inside. Ciara now blasts Rafe … Anna hugs Tony her love and greets Marlena. She admits she appealed to Kristen and hoped she would come to court to corroborate his story but the heartless witch would not help. Tony looks like he has been slapped a thousand times … Brady wonders how to beat his Kristen addiction. John points out the principles of any addiction apply. He gives his boy a pep talk and a hug … Kristen gets an unexpected visit from Jack and JJ. They are desperately seeking Rolf the serum master. Kristen is not interested. JJ deduces she gives a damn about no one. Kristen stops them from leaving … Water with a straw is put before Jen’s face. She spits it at her captor and hisses to let her go. She will be found … Marlena is not surprised by Kristen’s inaction. Tony thanks dahling Anna for the attempt. Alas all is lost. She has hope, however. Knock knock! Tony sighs tis time and sadly stands up

Back at the park John praises Brady, who thanks him and keeps on running. John is here for his boy always … Kristen offers to try and reach Rolf for Jack and JJ, who are grateful. JJ wonders what changed her mind. She smiles she used to be friends with Jen. Jack smiles back and teases the town might change their minds about her. She hopes so … Rafe offers to talk to Jordan about allowing Ben to visit David after things settle down. Ciara feels she was freed too soon. Rafe likens the situation to Ben. Outside as the birds sing Jordan boasts to Ben she worked to get better for her little boy. Ben takes her hand and wants to be part of her recovery. She gasps she was not good at protecting brother Ben. She has to think of her own son now and that means not letting him near Ben since the evil could still be brewing … John heads home to his lady Marlena and hugs her. She spoke with Kayla and Kate is still in a coma. John is suspicious of vengeful Vivian. Marlena suddenly gets a text and is surprised Jordan was let out of Bayview … Gentle Ben is not the man he was. Just ask Ciara. Jordan suspects she is blinded and believes his dark side remains. She warns something terrible could befall Ciara. Ben accuses her of threatening her … Jack calls Adrienne to run an article about Rolf. JJ has his doubts. Jack now finds out from his sister that Jen is not out on a story … Jen’s captor hushes her with the gag again and she screams in frustration …

Hands on her hips, Ciara insists Jordan is not cured and adds she attempted to off her twice. Rafe understands but he believes Jordan’s doctors knew what they were doing. Furthermore he wants to keep an eye on her … Jordan denies threatening anyone and ominously states she fears what is to come … John asks about Marlena’s time with Tony. She is stunned Kristen sacrificed him to take the fall for Ted. John is not surprised. Marlena hopes Brady never goes near her again. John solemnly seconds that … Iron man Brady catches his breath outside the pub. Kristen slinks up behind him and stops him from leaving cos he will want to hear … Anna marvels how Kristen corroborated Tony’s story and he is a free man. She gushes she will never let him go! He holds her close … Jack calls Jen’s phone. Her captor holds it up to her as it rings. Jen struggles in her chair with Deveraux determination …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, September 18, 2019