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Episode 13,707
1330 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Maggie berates Victor for what he did to Ben. He grimaces in his armchair … Buff Ben is back from his morning run. Ciara arrives with a smoothie. She went to see Julie. He is sorry to hear there was no change. She wonders what is on his mind … Hope admires little David in his stroller with Rafe outside the pub. Rafe asks about Julie and is sorry to hear she needs a new heart but cannot get one … Tough cookie Julie sits up in bed and insists to dapper Doug she is going home. He stops her … Eli is in the waiting area with Lani, who gets a reminder that today was the day Julie was going to host their engagement party. She hugs Eli and then spies Gabi. They stand up and Lani snaps why the hell did she come … The regal redhead informs Victor she is aware of his murderous plot against Ben. He fumes he wants to fire Xander and insists it was for Ciara … Ben gets a text. Ciara can see he is stressed. Ben replies Rafe has his day in court today to try and become David’s legal guardian. Ciara assures him Rafe will allow him to see David. Ben has reservations … Hope is baffled when Rafe assures her Gabi was unaware that Julie was having a real heart attack … Gabi came to see Kate. Lani knows she knows she is comatose. Eli warns all roads will lead to Vivian and sinister Stefan. Gabi scoffs and then asks Lani about Julie. Eli suspiciously wonders why she asked him not to listen to Lani before…

Julie complains her hospital bed is like a coffin with loved ones acting like she is on her last leg. She seeks a second opinion. Doug believes this is the best place but she will not wait for the Grim Reaper. He uses the m word. Miracle. His money is on just one more. She smiles, relieved he is not giving up … Rafe sighs he assumed Hope knew. Julie was arguing with Gabi when she had her heart attack and as per Julie Gabi left her there … Gabi argues Julie has a history of faking heart attacks and adds she was horrified when she realized it was real. Lani updates Eli on Julie’s version. Glam Gabi indignantly goes. Now Eli is not sure what to think … Glam Maggie questions Victor’s idea to ‘help’ Ciara by offing the man she loves. As per Marlena the young man poses no danger. Victor sarcastically states he cannot have him over for tea and believes Bo would want him to protect Ciara. Maggie thinks he is wrong. Victor wonders what to do next now that Ben lived to see another day. All Maggie is asking is that he give him a chance …

Ben sits on the sofa and drinks his smoothie. He wonders whether David would be better off without any of Clyde’s clan. Ciara gives him a pep talk about the past being in the past. But Ben is haunted by what others think they know about him. Ciara argues she knows him. He wonders what nephew David will think one day when he hears who he used to be. Ciara gushes David will know he became a different man, a good guy. She lovingly strokes his head … Rafe accepted Gabi’s version. Hope gasps the argument could have caused the heart attack. Julie must think so … Julie promises dapper Doug she will let him do the thinking and asks for a drink. OJ. She thanks him for talking her down. He declares tis his job and blows her a kiss. Julie tries to rest. The door opens. Gabi enters. The matriarch leers YOU … Rafe believes Gabi would not have done anything so bad. Hope whispers she hopes so. They both want Julie better. She straightens his tie and teases why all suited up? He is heading to court to finalize his guardianship of David at least until Jordan is better. Hope notes Ciara and Ben are excited. Rafe knows Jordan does not want Ben to see David but …. Hope states he saved Julie so now they are getting more time with her. Rafe tries to be upbeat. Hope wipes away a tear and prepares to head to the hospital. Rafe asks to send his regards and will stop by soon. She wishes him luck with his big day and compliments his style. Rafe leaves with his little buddy and texts Ben, suggesting he come to the house after the hearing … Ciara and Ben cannot wait to see David. Ben is relieved by Rafe’s text and gushes how glad he is to have her in his life. They have hopeful plans to babysit David and perhaps take him on a picnic and to the Salem Zoo. Ciara knows he will love his uncle cos she sure does. Smooch …

Julie accuses Gabi of trying to finish what she started. Gabi felt she was faking again and apologizes. She would never have left her lying there had she known. Julie solemnly stares … Victor complains Ciara chose Ben over his offer. Maggie is not surprised but he believes Ciara would be best suited to see Titan into the future. Bo would not have approved of her being with Ben. Maggie reminds him Doug was against Bo at the beginning. The Greek growls Bo was good whereas Ben is the evil kid of hillbilly from hell Clyde … Shirtless Ben thanks Ciara for leading him out of the darkness. She lights up his life and he loves her. They kiss in bliss and he carries her to the big bed as sweet music plays … Julie rages at Gabi for her insults and lies. She warns the world will now know how wicked she is. Gabi protests. Julie exclaims her days are now numbered. Gabi is shocked. Julie warns with ghost Nick she shall haunt her for all the days of her life. Gabi snaps and calls her a bitter beech. Here comes horrified Hope … Maggie suggests Victor honor and respect Ciara’s choice or risk losing her … Bunny rabbits Ciara and Ben are out of breath. He will shower before heading to Rafe’s and thanks her for being her. She made him feel better. He wishes Jordan would see the man he is with Ciara. She gushes she loves that man. He gets out of bed and she grins at the view … Hope informs Gabi she spoke to Rafe but wants her to stop upsetting Julie. She ushers her out …

Doug visits fatigued Julie with orange juice and a treat with pineapple pieces. She has no appetite now. He snuggles beside his sweetheart, who seems to be slowly slipping away … Outside the room Hope orders Gabi to stay away. Eli appears with Lani and growls she must feel guilty about what she did. He orders Gabi to stay away from him and his family. Gabi takes off … Victor informs Maggie that Brady swore Ben to secrecy. The redhead reasons he let his emotions cloud his judgment. She suggests he proceed with caution lest he lose Ciara forever. Exit Maggie. Victor promises Bo’s picture he will find a way to get Ben away from Ciara … Ben is holding a new ducky for baby David, Ciara at his side when he knocks on Rafe’s red door. Rafe apologizes. He cannot allow him to see David now. Ben and Ciara wonder what happened. Jordan did. Ciara exclaims after what that nutty beech did to her she has no say! Jordan emerges and glares glamorously. She coldly claims she does. Rafe looks uneasy ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, September 17, 2019