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Episode 13,706
1130 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Disguised Dr. Vivian picks up files as Sonny and Will ask for information … At the square Jack stops Eve and grabs her, gasping he knows she trashed the lab! Eve acts bewildered … Nicole heads back to Eric’s apartment with him, smiling he is her home … At the Kiriakis mansion Xander knows Sarah is having a baby. He saw her positive preggers test result … Eric excitedly gets Nicole a beverage and sits on the sofa with her all smiles. He wanted to have Holly move in here as well. She smiles it is cozy. He admits he did not decorate alone. She suspects Sarah helped … Xander only wanted to give Sarah some ginger ale but overheard her speaking to herself. She wishes he would forget about it. He probes and she admits Eric has no idea … JJ is appalled to see the state of the lab. Jen exclaims Rolf had the serum ready but it is now on the floor. He immediately suspects Eve … Jack knows Eve is against his memory return and sought revenge when he sided with Jen. He wants her to come clean … Will and Sonny repeat their request for an update on Kate. Disguised Vivian stares at her clipboard. Kayla comes up to the guys with news. Kate made it through the operation and is in recovery. When her room is ready they can see her. Will wants to hear who did this to her. Vivian is on the move …

Nicole gets why Eric gravitated toward Sarah. He thinks that was then, this is now. Still Nicole worries a bit since Xander has his sights set on Sarah. Eric calls her relationship with Xander complicated … Sarah denies Rex is the daddy. Xander suspects Eric and starts to babble about their own affair. She screams at him to stop. He is sorry and assumes she was too selfless to say anything to Eric, who is happily reunited with Nicole … JJ insists it was evil Eve who wanted to thwart Jack from remembering. Jen sadly hugs him … Eve denies doing anything. She has better things to do with her valuable time. Jack rages she hurts people and warns she wasted her time. Rolf shall make that serum again after Jen puts everything back together. She hisses good luck. Jack counters she committed a crime. She threatens to sue for false arrest if he takes action and warns she would win this time. Jack calls her bitter. She calls him an ungrateful fool and she does not give a darn about him. He blasts her for being out to get the fair Jen, who made him see the light. She repeats she did nothing wrong and rages she hates Jen … Jen appreciates JJ’s support. He now hears Rolf is AWOL. Tis a bad day indeed … Nicole is stunned to hear Sarah actually slept with Xander. Eric adds she regrets it but since then Xander has been smitten. Enough of the talking. They head into his bedroom where he lights a candle. She asks if this is the place where he and Sarah …

Xander thinks Sarah is too hard on herself. When he alludes to her telling Eric she stubbornly says no … Fake Dr. Vivian creeps into sleeping Kate’s room and curses her. If at first you don’t succeed … She blocks her breathing tubes … Jack defends Jen. Eve calls her a fraud. Jack shouts she hurt her, and she screams the beech deserved it … JJ plans to search for Rolf. Jen praises her courageous son. They are fighting for their family. They exchange I love yous and he heads off to fight the good fight … Eric insists Nicole is the one that he wants … Sarah suspects busy Kayla forgot about her test results. No one else knows. Xander warns Nicole plans to marry Eric and does not agree with her waiting until they are wed to tell him. Sarah muses she might not have to tell him as there are options. He had a friend in high school who did that, disappearing for a while. Sarah sighs she would be noticeably absent. Xander states he would be sad but if she gave up her baby he suspects she would be saddest … Eric offers to make love elsewhere. Nicole has his whole heart forever! She gets it and they kiss. Then they magically make love …

Eve gets mad when Jack makes light of her own struggles. She screams about losing Paige and no one pities her! At least Jen’s kids are alive. She sarcastically states she did not destroy the lab or serum. She would have done something more effective. She walks away leaving behind a bewildered Jack … Will waits with Sonny for Kayla. She comes back and explains Kate is comfortable. She will show them to her room shortly … Vivian taunts Kate as she takes what she wants to be her last breaths …Beeeeeeeeeeeep! Viv takes off. Here come Kayla, Sonny and Will. Kayla gasps. Will worriedly tells his flatlining grandma he loves her. Dr. Kayla gets to work. ZAP …

Xander refers to doing the right thing. Sarah weeps what is she supposed to do … Eric and Nicole cannot get enough of one another. After the lovin they lie in bed together. She tells him how many times she has imagined this moment. She feared it would never come true. He feels the same way and declares his undying love. She loves him back and they kiss in bliss. They are one another’s miracle. He promises nothing can come between them … Xander argues Sarah bringing a life into the world is the most important thing. She agrees she should be more selfish. Eric did love her when their baby was conceived … but what to do? Xander smiles and tells her to get in her pajamas, he will bring her up some milk. She thanks him and he assures her he will help her through no matter what she decides. Sarah considers … Viv can hear Sonny and Will worrying about Kate. Sonny tells him she is tough. Kayla appears and announces she survived. She had a strange drop in her oxygen level … and slipped into a coma … JJ catches up with Jack and hopes he confronted Eve. Jack tells him she denied it … Jen tidies up Rolf’s mad scientist notes. All of a sudden a sinister figure creeps in and picks up a scalpel. Jen turns around and blinks her baby blues. Dangerous music plays …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, September 16, 2019