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Episode 13,705
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Will ends a call with Lucas and lets Sonny know he is flying to Salem. Kate is still in surgery. Sonny tries to make him feel better. Will suddenly remembers he is supposed to read Ari the Wind in the Willows. Sweet Sonny will do it for him and suggests he stay. He will come back soon. He kisses grateful Will and goes, assuring him it will be alright … Campy Viv calls the hospital pretending to be Kate’s crying daughter. She asks if the Salem patient will survive, then ends the call and complains to Stefano’s portrait the beech is alive. Time to take action. She blows Stefano a kiss … Rolf had to lie down alone. Jack and Jen survey the trashed lab. Jack believes the person to blame is … Eve is enraged about losing her almost case against Jack and storms off, leering she never loses … Devil in a red dress Kristen welcomes Brady and whispers he will not regret it … Back at Kiriakis mansion Xander warns Nicole her road to happiness with Eric might be rocky. She dares him to elaborate. He explains Eric was involved with… She is aware of Sarah. He deduces she does not know the details … Sarah hopes Eric does not hate her for having to say … Kristen claims to love the darkness in Brady and offers him champagne. Then she toasts to them … Jack exclaims it was Eve cos he boasted about Rolf recreating the serum. He now will have no memory. Jen reminds him he does not give up. He gets it but is worried about Eve on the warpath … Eve is surprised to see alive Vivian opening the DiMera door. There is no love lost …

Nicole knows Eric is letting Sarah down gently now and feels sorry for her. Xander gets sarcastic … Eric is sorry. Sarah gasps she gets he and Nicole have a huge love. He assures her she can tell him anything …Nicole questions Xander, who claims he cares. She calls him the coward who kidnapped Holly. He replies Kristen swore the child would be safe. Nicole blasts him for being on Kristen’s side and blames him as much as her. Xander is happy Nicole and Holly are alive and happily home. Nicole demands a divorce … Jack regrets his relationship with Eve. Jen is just grateful she brought him back to Salem. Tis time to get the lab set back up for their mad scientist … Viv gives Eve two minutes of her time. Eve wants to discuss DiMera with Stefan. Alas he is at an emerg board meeting. They now discuss Kate. Viv feigns sadness she might not survive. Eve smiles that is why she came … Brady decides against the drink and turns away. Kristen wants his lips on hers. He stops her and sighs he is disappointed he came. She calls what they share love and passion and freedom. She loves he now knows who she is and starts to kiss him. Brady kisses her back …

Xander reminds Nicole he signed divorce papers. Nicole scoffs Kristen signed those so he agrees to sign again and make it fast. He had hoped they could be a real couple back then and points out it is the past. She wonders who has his wicked heart now … Sarah starts to say … Here comes Sonny with an update on Kate, the fact that he and Will think they know who shot her … Viv doubts Eve could help Stefan with DiMera and wonders why she has no job … Back at the hospital Jen and Jack have lost track of Rolf. Plaid Will appears and asks after Julie. Jen sighs still no change. They now ask whether he has seen the elusive Rolf, who is heading up Jack’s serum study. Negative. Jack decides to go after Eve himself. Jen does not try to stop him … Brady gasps nooooo it is wrong but Kristen the snake gets seductive. He lists her misdeeds and she points out that was the past. Everything is perfect now. Brady the love addict breaks away but comes back to kiss her … Eve complains Mayor Jack unfairly fired her. Vivian questions her qualifications. She has heard enough. Eve rages Jack used her but she always fights back with a vengeance. Viv is intrigued … Sonny wants Vivian caught for what she did to Kate. Sarah is not surprised to hear it was her. Sonny suspects she is sweating and adds Will intends to make her pay. Eric certainly hopes so. Sonny heads upstairs to his daughter. Sarah notes Vivian does not care who gets hurt when she wants something. Eric now wonders what she was about to say … Xander confesses he cares for Sarah. He has a good feeling about the future and tells Nicole he does want her and Eric to trot off into the sunset together. Then he might get his chance … Brady jumps up and refuses to be with Kristen after all …

Nicole laughs Sarah should run from Xander, who boasts she makes him want him to be a betta man. She decides to go downstairs to Eric and Sarah now. He warns she might walk in on something … Sarah stammers she wants to text Rex again about Kate. Eric deduces he will make Vivian pay … Viv is impressed with Eve the go getter. Eve gushes she looks great for a dead gal. They both laugh and Eve alludes to the portrait of Dorian Grey. Viv asks her to write her contact details on a paper. She will make sure Stefan gets it. Then she wishes her good luck in fancy French and leaves ... Brady claims he is no longer the man he was before. Kristen claims they are soulmates. She taunts he wants her. Brady bellows he does but … Sarah sends the text to Rex. Eric wants to return to their discussion. She sighs she harbors no regrets about their romance. Nicole arrives and Sarah excuses herself so they can plan their future … Brady admits Kristen spoke the truth. They do have a connection. However, she is like the drink he always wants to taste. She shall never destroy him! She whispers she will make him happy and gets closer. She sips the champagne and urges him to drink it, drink her. He sends the crystal glass flying and breaks away as it shatters. Then he walks out …

Eric assures Nicole all is well. Now nothing is standing between them. They hug and she smiles Holly is spending the night chez Maggie. Eric marvels they have the whole night together. They get closer and he cannot wait … Sarah hyperventilates in her room and hides her test paper behind her back when Xander comes in. He tenderly tells her he already knows she is pregnant … Kristen rages she and Brady are far from over and drinks alone … Brady finds himself at the club ordering a damn coffee … Jen is hunting for Rolf but the room is empty. Where or where could he be? Meanwhile Jack grabs Eve by the arm at the square and growls he knows what she did … Sonny rejoins Will, who wishes someone would tell them what was going on. Sonny spies a doctor in scrubs and they ask for help. The doc freezes. Tis Vivian in disguise with her back to the handsome Hardy boys ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, September 13, 2019