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Episode 13,704
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


In the lab Rolf coos his concoction looks riiiiiight. Jen startles him so he drops it to the floor. Zer goes Jack’s memory down ze tubes again. Jenny soap stares … Outside Jack tries to talk Eve out of her vengeful lawsuit and counters he could file a damages claim. She hisses he was a vegetable she brought back who fired her. He will lose everything … At the park Brady reels from seeing Kristen, who coos she is here and his … Room service Xander checks on Sarah but she is gone with the wind along with her test results. He hopes no one else knows her secret … Sarah is surprised to see returned Eric, who notes Nicole is about to bring Holly. He apologizes. Sarah wants to tell him … Brady rejects Kristen who is convinced he is in denial … Maggie wonders why Xander is in her daughter’s room … Nicole interrupts Sarah and Eric’s almost moment. Holly runs to Sarah, who emotionally hugs her. Nicole looks tense … Rolf still has some of his secret source chemical so all is not lost. Jen brought him his fav licorice. He gushes about this great space that is now all his. Here comes Dr. Henry, who tells him tis his lab … Jack calls Eve a liar, vandal and a thief. She taunts he only has hearsay but he warns he has much more … Sarah gushes grandma Maggie will be happy. Nicole suggests Eric take her daughter to the kitchen for juice. He does as asked. Sarah marvels at the miracle. Nicole is happy to be home. Sarah is sorry about … Nicole stops her. She is so thankful she was there for Holly and for Eric. When she mentions Xander, Sarah explains he now resides at the Kiriakis mansion. Nicole is aghast …

Maggie warns Xander to stay away from her daughter. A frown creases his brow … Brady has no interest in Kristen the nut and refers to her as a life wrecker. She argues she saved many but when she mentions Vivian he is less than impressed. She reminds him he wanted her. He denies it was real but she insists she loves him and starts to kiss him. For a brief moment Brady kisses her back … Back at the square Jack reminds Eve she knew about Claire, set up Ben, and almost deported Haley. She hisses he went along and claims if she cannot have Jack then no one can … Jen greets Henry and assures him she was not avoiding him. Henry reserved the lab for months of his research. When he hears Dr. Rolf is the man hard at work he realizes it is for Jack’s memory, wishes him and Jen the best of luck and leaves … Brady gasps to get away from him. Kristen purrs he will never get over her He wipes her lipstick from his mouth and uses the V word. Victim. She lists his latest lovers and giggles he likes the bad girls, unlike good little choir boy Eric. He rages not to shrink him and she cackles, guessing Marlena the good warned him to avoid her. However, she insists they are inevitable …

Maggie is over the moon that Holly and Nicole are alive. However that means Sarah will lose the man she loves. When she alludes to Xander assuming he can pick up the pieces he blurts out she does not know something. The redhead wants him to elaborate … Eric assures anxious Nicole that Xander will not pose a problem. He has been cooperating and besides their marriage was not even valid. Nicole thanks and hugs him, then apologizes to Sarah, who is happy she came home. Nicole wonders …Jack grins to Eve that he and Jen are now on the same page. He is close to getting back his memory with help from Dr. Rolf himself. Eve gets tense when he tells her he is working on the serum. She warns his life will be a nightmare when he gets that memory back and walks away … Jen apologizes to Henry at the nurse’s station for everything. He feels he is to blame for being fooled by her twice. He sarcastically accepts her apology and goes to look for new lab space. Jen sighs … Kristen flirts with Brady about the shower she shall take in her Salem Inn room and reminds him of her sheets. She could use company. He thinks she is crazy. She counters he is crazy with love … Sarah gets defensive. Nicole goes to take Holly up to Maggie. Eric is sorry … Xander imagines how angry Sarah would be if he told mama Maggie she was with child so he tells the redhead another secret instead. Victa ordered him to off Ben Weston. Maggie is stunned …

Jack catches up with Jen at the pub. He wishes he had heeded her warnings about Eve. She smiles he is the most stubborn meeeeeeean but it always helps bring him home. She too is stubborn. He cannot wait to get his memory back … Ring ring! Tis his lawyer. Jen waits with bated breath. Meanwhile Eve hears from lawyer Justin and rages after the call … Maggie wonders why Victor wanted to intervene between Ben and Ciara now. Xander suggests she ask him about it. But the redhead realized he was about to reveal a secret about Sarah. He claims he could not kill Ben cos Sarah makes him want to be a better man. Here comes Holly with Nicole and a happy reunion follows. Nicole primly acknowledges Xander … Eric sits at the other end of the sofa from Sarah, who weeps she loves him deeply. However she knows it is hopeless, having seen him with Nicole. Eric feels badly for her leaving Rex for him. She hurts. He hurts as well because she is a wonderful woman. She deduces they are done for he wants to be with Nicole. He hangs his handsome head and apologizes …

Brady suggests Kristen scram. She speaks seductively and leaves … Jenny hugs Jack in congratulations and then stops, since he seems overwhelmed. He wonders what Eve will do now. Jen wants to walk with him on this road. He worries whether getting his memory back would be a nightmare. Jen sympathizes. Rolf arrives and announces the serum is ready. Jen asks Jack whether he is ready. As ready as he will ever be … Biggest loser Eve refuses to let Jack get away with leaving her emptyhanded … Hot blooded Brady is at Kristen’s door. She opens in a red dress, smiling she knew he would come … Maggie escorts Holly off to play as Nicole asks Xander what she walked in on. He gushes they are good pals now. Nicole warns he will never have power over her again and announces she is with Eric. He warns things could be rocky … Sarah thanks Eric and wants to go. He wants to be … She stops and sobs not friends not yet. She loves him and wishes him happiness. She will not come between him and Nicole but he deserves to know … Jack, Jen and Rolf enter the lab, only to discover it was trashed. The mad scientist weeps for his lost serum that lies on the floor with shattered glass. Jack and Jen gasp …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, September 12, 2019