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Episode 13,703
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the station Kristen anticipates an altruistic visitor and her release but instead is led into a room where John awaits. Needless to say he is not amused … At DiMera mansion Eli informs Stefan he knows mama Viv is alive. Meanwhile she sneaks out in dark sunglasses … At the Kiriakis mansion Sonny updates Will on Nicole and Holly being alive. Eric must be elated. However at that very moment stressed Sarah has a dream that Eric comes to her side so happy she is having his baby. She now gets a call that wakes her up …Eric, Nicole and Holly visit happy Marlena, who asks if they are alright. Eric and Nicole marvel at their miracle. He asks Marlena to watch Holly. Marlena wonders. Nicole must give a statement against Kristen at the station … John warns Kristen away from his boy Brady. She calls him jealous … While Nicole makes Holly cozy Marlena shares her concern for Sarah. Eric updates her on calling Sarah and also coming clean to Nicole. Nicole overhears Marlena note how he cared for the girl. Eric stands up and asks about Holly. She wants Marlena to read her a story. Marlena welcomes her home and goes to the little girl. Eric and Nicole are about to leave when Brady appears at the door. An awkward moment ensues …

John drawls not to waste her time on his boy. Brady is done with her. Kristen leers he loved being with her. John drawls she disgusts him. She questions why he came in that case … Brady stammers and supports Eric and Nicole. She thanks him. He asks about Holly. Eric praises her for keeping things normal for her. Brady apologizes for the past. He hopes to make it up to her. She is eternally grateful he pulled Eric away from the warehouse, weeps she is also sorry … Will wonders what will come of Sarah and Eric. Sonny likens it to his situation with Paul. Will sighs Sarah will get her heart broken. They are about to head upstairs but are interrupted by the arrival of Vivian … Unlike faithful son Stefan, Gabi indicates to investigating Eli that Vivian is upstairs as they speak …Brady notes no apology necessary. Nicole regrets cooperating with Kristen but Brady reminds her she was trying to save Holly so no forgiveness necessary. Eric decides he needs to be forgiven for how he treated his brother. Nicole stops the forgiveness fest and suggests they all move on. The fellas shake hands. Eric and Nicole depart. Marlena emerges and asks if Brady is alright. He feels good about Eric and admits seeing real Nicole gave him a jolt. Marlena warns it does not mean Nicole will return to him … Eli does not get far with Stefan and turns to Gabi … Sonny wonders how it can be Vivian. She is sorry for hiring Leo Stark to go after him. Miffed Sonny updates her on Kate continuing the plan. Will still blames Viv for causing so much loss for Sonny, who cannot let it go. She claims she wants to make amends, starting with them. Next is Maggie. When she hears she is not home she innocently asks where to find Kate. Will doubts she has anything but evil intent. Sarah comes running with the news that Kate was shot and is in surgery. The guys are on their way. Sarah texts Rex and Brady and refuses to let Vivian leave …

Kristen boasts Brady already came to see her. John notes it was for Nicole and Holly and laughs when she muses they made love. He will never be free of their passion. Perhaps she will call him papa soon. Here come Eric and real Nicole, who grabs her and calls her an evil beech … Gabi claims she knows nothing about Kate’s shooting. Eli yells upstairs he will come back with a warrant and warns Stefan he will be needing a lawyer. He leaves. Gabi gasps Stefan should protect himself. He is more concerned how to tell Vivian that Kate is alive …Sarah is miffed at Vivian for burying mama Maggie alive once upon a time. Viv complains about a wicked woman offing her and her resurrection thanks to Rolf. Then Eric came looking for Holly and Nicole. Sarah sighs they were reunited. Viv notices she was not thrilled about it … Eric holds raging Nicole back as John corners Kristen. Nicole screams at her for stealing her life and vows to make her pay. Kristen counters she cut a deal with mayor Jack and got immunity. Nicole scoffs and calls her a psycho. She warns she is gonna talk to the cops and the press. It could ruin her deal with Jack the tough cookie on crime. Kristen argues she saved her. Eric is appalled by the audacity. Kristen claims she did it all for love. John eyes her. Nicole denounces her for her deception and screams she used her child to break Eric's heart. Eric holds her back …

Sarah admits to Viv that she has accepted Eric wants to be with Nicole. The wicked woman calls her a wimp. Eric likes a feisty woman soooo … Gabi sarcastically suggests Stefan go find his missing mother … Eli is ready for Nicole’s statement as Kristen fumes. She ends up alone with John again … Brady promises Marlena no more Kristen. She senses he might still have some feelings for her … Eli thanks Nicole for her statement. Eric hopes she did not listen to Kristen's rant about Sarah. She reminds him he said SHE was the love of his life, his happily ever after. He kisses her. Then they got to pick up Holly so Maggie can also have a visit … At the hospital Sonny has spoken to Kayla and updates Will that Kate could be in surgery a long time. Upset Will suspects Stefan. Sonny suspects … Will reads his mind. Vivian … Sarah snaps she knows Eric and Nicole are in love. Vivian would fight for her love. Then she gets a call from her son. Stefan demands she return to DiMera mansion … Kristen is miffed Eli does not agree Nicole assaulted her. She threatens to sue or speak to the press. John quips there is no sympathy for her around here. Kristen gets madder by the minute and warns the mayor had better let her out as per their deal or else!

Sonny and Will realize Vivian was not up front. Will grumbles if she shot Kate she will not get away with it … Stefan and Gabi are not amused when Vivian returns. Stefan warns if Kate makes it she will point the finger at her. Gabi warns she will recover. Viv wants a moment alone with Stefan and alludes to taking action … John comes home to Marlena with news. She too has news … He begins with bad news … Kristen approaches Brady at the park as a free woman … Sarah stares at her test results and remembers Viv suggesting she fight for Eric. She mutters the test results did not lie so she is indeed having Eric’s baby. She woefully turns and he walks in ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, September 11, 2019