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Episode 13,702
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Nurse Haley checks on Salem patient Julie and informs Doug she is still stable. He demands the truth … Eli ends a call with his heart doc mother. He updates Hope that they need an offer of a heart. Time to tragically tell Doug. Hope cries. Eli consoles her and they head to her room together … Jen arrives and meets Kayla. She wishes she had been here sooner. Kayla asks about finding Rolf in Chicago. Jen pouts the mad scientist is not sticking to the plan … At the pub JJ and Jack watch Rolf as he orders more from the menu. JJ gets impatient but he is in no hurry to head to the lab … Gabi complains to Stefan about being accused of leaving Julie to perish. He complains his mother shot and offed Kate. Gabi claims Kate is at work. Stefan tells her Vivian’s story. He admits he gave her a gun and pulls it out in a cloth. There is now no Rolf to revive anyone … JJ pulls Jack aside. Rolf reasons one cannot rush a hungry genius. Jack grows as annoyed as JJ … Jen asks Kayla if she could set up some sort of lab for Rolf here at the hospital. He demanded one to be able to do his pet projects in addition to getting Jack his memory back. Kayla talks rules. Jen reasons she could tell hospital it was at the request of the mayor. She agrees to try. All of a sudden Kate staggers in, covered with dirt, clutching her bullet wound …

Doug asks when he can take Julie home. Haley politely suggests he speak with Dr. Kayla. He gets testy. Hope enters with Eli. He complains about being kept in the dark. He deserves to know what is happening to his beloved Julie … Rolf enjoyed the pot roast. Jack starts to suggest … but the genius wants to use the washroom. When he comes back he shall have a digestive. Jack urges JJ to keep his cool but the former cop feels he is playing them. Jack notes no one else can help the way he can. JJ grumbles he just wants to get his dad back … Dr. Kayla tends to now collapsed Kate and gives orders to the nurse. The race is on to and save her life! Of course Kate is a cat and cats have nine lives … Eli gets a call from HQ. Hope apologizes for waiting to say … Doug senses it is not good. She weeps she is sorry and they hug one another … Eli ends his call about an unbelievable event. Jen approaches, so sorry about Julie and sighs now she has to call Lucas cos mama Kate just staggered in. Eli realizes that is the staggering woman HQ called him about. He suspects Stefan. Jen speaks Vivian’s name. Eli replies she is no longer alive so Jenny enlightens him …

Gabi is horrified to hear the details of Vivian’s dastardly actions. She complains to Stefan they will both be suspects and starts to call the cops … Dr. Kayla examines the Salem patient. The bullet went through in the abdomen area and she is bleeding. She asks hyperventilating Kate who did this to her … Jack senses JJ wants the old Jack and admits he does want to know the man he once was. Alas Rolf is his only hope. JJ does not trust the scientist who used to work for Stefano and then Kristen. He is nuts and evil. Jack feels he is a free agent and wants to humor him. He asks his son to let him handle the situation … Eli is astounded to hear Vivian was alive and well with Rolf. Kristen hid them at the warehouse along with Jack, Tony and EJ. She suggests Stefan would know his mother’s whereabouts. Eli deduces she wanted revenge on Kate … Back at DiMera mansion Stefan stops Gabi. She refuses to look like an accessory but he implores her to cover for mama Viv. Betraying her … Gabi accuses him of being more loyal to his murderous mama. He wants her to wait and think it over cos she would do the same for the woman who gave her life! He holds her and tells her tis too late for Kate but not for them … Kayla asks Kate who shot her and she starts to flatline. Kayla orders Haley to increase the charge and zaps her to come back …

Hope tragically tells Doug Julie needs a new heart to survive. He talks transplant. Alas she is ineligible. Dapper Doug is devastated. What do they do now?? Hope weeps she will not give up on finding her one. He knows they need a miracle. Julie sleeps on … JJ apologizes to Rolf and explains this Jack is not the same man they knew and loved. Rolf is all ears, having been the one to bring him back. JJ laments he lost his heart and explains he wants the dad he used to know. They all do. Roflski reasons without his diary he would have to start from the beginning to recreate the serum. Tis high risk. JJ understands. Rolf wants breathing room to focus. Jack agrees. They do it Wilhelm’s way. JJ agrees as well. Rolf orders espresso. Jack eyes the smug scientist … Jen warns Eli that in her next article she will reveal that Kate was shot one day after Vivian emerged. She hopes she will be alright. Eli feels the same was and heads to DiMera mansion … Jen calls Adrienne about the breaking Kate story …Stefan feels sooooooo close to his Gabriella he cannot help but love and hate. She smiles. He begs her to cover for Viv for both their sakes. She exclaims mommy dearest does not deserve his loyalty. Knock knock! Tis Commissioner Eli. Gabi snaps Lani lied. He wonders what she is talking about. Stefan asks why he came. Cos Kate DiMera was shot …

Jen ends her call and hugs Hope when she comes out crying. She asks after Doug. Alas his heart is breaking as is Hope’s. She wants to see Kayla so Jen updates her on the latest … Kate stabilizes enough to stay alive and Kayla thanks God … Doug holds sleeping Julie’s hand and weeps. He will not lose her! He remembers their classic romance. They lived, laughed and danced together for years, dashing Doug and stunning sultry Julie. A sad song plays. Julie opens her eyes. He wishes sweetheart a good morning and she innocently asks what the doctors said. Can she go home soon … Hope is horrified to hear about Kate. Here comes JJ with Dr. Rolf. Jen tries to reach Kayla. Hope greets Wilhelm. He bows and taunts it has been too long. Ominous music plays … Kayla assures sleeping Kate she will be in the best hands in the OR. And whoever did this shall pay. She steps away and Kate gasps VIVIAN … Stefan has his doubts but Eli insists Kate survived and will have surgery. Stefan thanks him and acts sympathetic about Julie but Eli is all business. He asks whether Stefan shot Kate. He denies it. Gabi stares in silence. Eli brings up his infamous mother. Ooooooo


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, September 10, 2019