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Friday, September 29, 2017
Episode 13,180
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the Kiriakis mansion Chad and Sonny drink to love, laughter and their dreams ... Marlena and John get going with Paul ... Abigail finishes her lipstick. Sonny, Chad, Paul and Abigail now get the same shocking text ... Gabi gushes about Ari the pretty flower girl at the park. She sends her to pick a few more flowers for her basket. Then she tragically remembers losing Chad, who was sorry she got hurt. It was always Abigail. Suited Eli greets her with a smile ... There is now no one to marry the couples cos Father Luis cannot come! Sonny calls Paul and promises they will find a replacement ... Fake Adrienne greets Sonny and Chad in her green dress. They are glum until Sonny announces Adrienne can marry them. Then she gets nervous ... Suited John and vision in black Marlena arrive at the church with Paul. He notes Sonny said they will find someone to marry them. Marlena would offer but ... Paul realizes it would not feel right and goes to get ready ... In the church Nicole fusses over Brady's tight tie. He admits he is anxious and goes to check on the padre. Rafe excuses himself from Hope to sit and chat with Nicole. They are both happy in love. Claire and Theo hug Hope, happy to be a couple again. Abe is seated with pink Val and is pleased that Claire makes Theo so happy. Kate sighs at the door and Andre approaches. She admits she was waiting for Lucas. Andre assures her he would not miss it. Kate thinks he could be drunk and his poor heart is breaking. Only Will would be able to help him. Andre acts sympathetic. He also thanks Kate for being so good to brotha Chad. She notes she has not seen Father Luis ... Bonnie stammers she cannot marry anyone. Sonny reminds her she got her license online. She claims she cannot do this. Sonny and Chad are baffled by her reaction ...

Julie takes Doug into the new club they got with Chloe. Tuxedo Doug is speechless. He then asks for the first dance with his glam purple darling. He serenades her and she melts. It ends in a kiss ... Violins play at the church. Brady asks Victor whether he has seen the padre. No one has ... Maggie and Nicole discuss Lucas falling off the wagon. Victor scoffs when Nicole suggests Sonny likes his parents being back together. Brady takes it all in ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion Bonnie feigns stage fright. Justin enters and hears all about it. He offers to replace the father. Sonny had forgotten his father was ordained. Grateful Chad calls Abigail. The others happily go ahead ... Eli sits with glittery Gabi at the park and makes her smile again. Arianna has all her flowers but one pink/yellow rose falls. When they walk away a mysterious man in black retrieves it and follows ...

The guests admire flower girl Ari as Gabi escorts her down the aisle. Then they sit. Steve and Kayla smile as the music begins. Sonny arrives at the altar and kisses Adrienne, who squeezes next to Victor in the pew. Sonny now waves at Arianna and Justin stands by him. Paul walks in all smiles, followed by John, who hugs his son with Marlena. They take their seats at the front and Paul stands by his man. Chad now walks down the aisle and hugs Kate and Andre, who sit. He hops onto the altar and hugs Sonny, Paul and Justin. Now he waits for his beautiful bride. Meanwhile Jen fusses over Abigail, who admits to JJ her only regret is papa Jack is not there. The wedding march begins and Abigail waltzes down the aisle, smiling JJ and Jen behind her. The guests grin and she gushes and blushes with the look of love for Chad when she joins him. Jen hugs Chad. JJ shakes his hand and places Chad's hand on sister Abigail's, for they are now family. The two couples stand together and wait with stars in their eyes. The celebration of love begins ... Justin articulately thanks the guests for coming and explains what a joy it is to stand here for Father Luis. As the father of a groom and uncle of the bride he orates about this extraordinary day. There is so much love in this room! The guests get emotional. Andre glances back. Justin speaks of marriage being sacred and notes if someone objects speak now or hold their peace. The church doors open. The guests all stop and soap stare. Julie and Doug are late due to catering trouble. The guests laugh as they apologize and are seated. Justin notes no objections and the appointed family members are asked to speak. Brady is first at the podium. He was going to discuss love and now admits being in love can be hard. However it is worth it. The couples present exchange glances. Brady believes life without love is no life at all and urges the couples to never give up and fight to be together. Now it is Andre's turn. He is proud of brotha as well as Abigail. They uplift him with their love and make him a betta man. Abigail is touched. Kate gazes at him as he notes the story of Chad and Abigail will be one DiMera story of love for the ages. He now wishes them their happily ever after. Even John and Marlena smile. Andre adds much happiness to Paul and Sonny too and returns to his seat with Kate. Now it is Maggie's turn. Bonnie mutters Mickey would turn over in his grave. The redhead speaks of second chances at love. She tells the double couples to take one day at a time and love one another always. The guests smile and Julie puts her head on Doug's shoulder. Maggie blows both couples a kiss. Now it is time to light candles together as a symbol of their union ...

Before the rings, the couples are asked to exchange the heartfelt vows they have written. Paul tells Sonny he was always different and hid behind baseball but no one really knew him as anything more than an all-star pitcher. Alas he hated himself. His grandfather and mom brought him up together and he praises them, speaking Japanese to his mom as John live streams with his iphone. He notes there is no Japanese word for identity. He could never find his until he met Sonny. Sonny smiles. Paul admits he admired how courageous and true Sonny was even back then. It made him realize his feelings were not wrong. His love made it possible for Paul to finally look at the man in the mirror. And now he wants to be the man who spends a lifetime with Sonny Kiriakis. Gabi nods. Sonny is moved. The guests are not unaffected ... Sonny acknowledges he saw what Paul was first but he believed in them. Now here they are! He refers to losing in love and not wanting to be found but Paul showed him how to love again after his loss. He knows Paul will be at his side for this journey. There is no other man alive he would rather be with ... Now it is Abigail and Chad's turn. The girl raises her veil and gushes plans do not matter anymore cos she cannot say what will happen in the next ten minutes or even ten seconds. The doors suddenly open and the defiant man in black walks in. The guests gasp in shock. Steve looks at law enforcement Rafe. The bride and grooms all freeze ...


All the drama in Salem on Friday, September 29