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Thursday, September 28, 2017
Episode 13,179
1530 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At DiMera mansion Andre is greeting groom Chad, who needs help with his bow tie. Andre is a tad offended that no one stayed for his duck. Chad assures him he was appreciated. They laugh together ... Abigail arrives at the church with Jen carrying her bridal gown, baby Thomas in his carriage. The big day is here and she has jitters. Now to get the bride ready ... Paul arrives at the square to sit with John and Marlena. John ordered him breakfast. Paul gushes Sonny must be getting his surprise as they speak ... At the Kiriakis mansion Victor is with Sonny for a few final words of support. Justin enters with a gift that just got delivered from Paul. Sonny opens the black box and smiles ... Abigail has a card waiting for her at the bridal room. Tis a heartfelt little message from Chad about loving her. She smiles with stars in her eyes ... Chad looks at the man in the mirror and asks Kate to help with his tie. Abigail calls, happy for the note with the pastries and coffee. He remembers when they first met at the Java Cafe and cannot wait until tonight ... Paul marvels it means much that Marlena and John are involved today. He gets a call from Sonny and steps away. Tis their song, the record from Prague that he sent him. Paul teases it is on loan but Sonny gushes there are going to save it for the rest of their lives. They both believe it will be the best day. Meanwhile at Bayview a mad young muscular man is strapped back to his bed for his medication. He has a secret plan ...

Jen takes cute pics of Thomas and Abigail, who is clad in her colorful robe. Suited JJ arrives all smiles. The mood is light for the Deveraux family. JJ holds his nephew and Jen gets teary eyed, as she sees Jack in them all. He is here always she weeps. Family hug ... Justin is giving Sonny the traditional pre-wedding Greek shave. They remember the old times and his Spiderman costume. Justin supported him all the way. Sonny teases he will be Paul's problem now. Justin grins he is always gonna be his boy. Sonny is touched ... Marlena says hello to fake Adrienne as she passes. John wonders what she has to say to Paul about becoming her son-in-law. Bonnie hugs him and calls him virile. Marlena asks about her shopping. She had to get the perfect dress and tries to excuse herself. Marlena asks about what happened at Hattie's hearing, what Justin said about it. She got a deal but has to serve some time still. Paul is indignant. Bonnie plays along but suppresses a smile ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion Victor toasts with Justin and Sonny to the good times in Greek. Sonny thanks him for reminding him of their love and deep roots. He calls him the family rock but Victor feels badly about him sitting in prison. That is all forgotten. Now it is time for Sonny to go get dressed for the big day. Justin grins it is good the Deimos drama is over. Victor mutters maybe not yet ... As they enjoy breakfast Paul tells John and Marlena about drunken Lucas accusing Sonny of abandoning Will. Marlena notes Will always knew Sonny loved him. She knows her grandson would wish him happiness. Paul now admits he is at a loss what to write for his vows. John and Marlena chuckle. They know all about vows ... Andre and Kate are with Chad at DiMera mansion. Andre states since they know not where the hell fatha is, he would like to be the one to present him with a token. Tis his favorite gold pocket watch to show he much their time together past, present and future means ... Jumpy Jen drops Abigail's necklace as JJ lets her know the flowers have arrived. She scurries out and JJ admires his sis in the mirror. Abigail admits she is anxious about something stopping their wonderful day ... Meanwhile the nurse complains about losing her keys to an orderly, unaware they are concealed in the strapped patient's pocket. He plans to use them today ...

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Justin brings up blood. He was surprised to hear Victor ordered a hit on Deimos. Victor reminds him he was responsible for the death of Bo and he never forgot it. Justin wants to prepare for damage control. Victor notes only he, Brady and Sonny know and it will go no farther. "Adrienne" appears in her tight dress and wants to know more ... John and Marlena remember their beautiful wedding vows for Paul. Song of Solomon and a heartfelt poem. They remember it well. We all do ... Chad is ready and wants to get to the church on time. Kate tells him she supports his union since the girl makes him happy ... JJ enjoys a pastry and points out Jack was also a worrier. He believes his strong sister's dreams will come true on this day. She thanks him. Jen returns, ready for her daughter to get into her dress. JJ leaves the room and Abigail nods ... Back at Bayview the moment they are alone, the nurse is knocked out by the tense patient, who sits up and undoes his straps. He has somewhere to go. He will not be stopped ... Andre and Kate toast to the happy couple with champagne. Kate wishes the best for them both. Andre mentions the importance of marriage and she scoffs. He tells her they will be done by Christmas but she is still cross about his press conference. He assures her he convinced the board he was wrong about Roman and there would be no divorce. Kate insists they cooperate for the good of the company. He will but only with new ground rules for this so-called marriage of theirs ... Back at the church, Jen has a gift for bride in white Abigail, the veil she wore when she wed Jack. Abigail is grateful. Jen is so proud of her baby girl. Abigail is now ready. Jen believes she was broken after Ben but now she has a family with a wonderful future. She came through with grace. Abigail gushes she got the grace from her. They weep I love yous and try not to ruin their makeup ...

Paul marvels at the romance of Marlena and John. He loves how he can be himself with Sonny. Marlena smiles that is how to start his vows. John agrees and he goes to grab some paper. Marlena marvels at young love. John marvels at their timeless love and thanks her for the past. He has not forgotten that they too shall wed again. She gushes she has not forgotten and he kisses her hand ... Victor points out it was a private family matter. Bonnie gets it and turns around in her low cut white dress. Justin thinks wearing white is not nice to the bride but Bonnie believes it is perfect. Justin tells her to wear it to town with him soon but not today. The green dress would be better. She agrees after he kisses her and slinks away. Victor notes she is acting strange and even made a pass. This is the first Justin has heard of it. Victor complains about her melons and being all over him. Justin laughs and doubts she was hitting on him. Victor muses maybe he was not used to her being friendly. Justin feels that might be the case but looks baffled ... Kate demands separate bedrooms and no sleeping together. Andre demands no kissing in public with others so Kate agrees to avoid Roman. However no more stunts like that press conference. Andre adds an impotant rule. They must trust in one anotha for Chad's sake. Kate agrees and warns him not to cross her. He cackles and clinks their champagne glasses ... Paul returns with his written vows for John to read. Proud papa John wishes he had not missed so many memories with him. Paul loves him and loves this memory ... Tuxedo Chad and Sonny are ready at the Kiriakis mansion. Chad is sorry about what Lucas said. Sonny points out it did get him and Paul talking. Chad calls him a good man, one whom he loves as a brother. He believes Will is cheering him on wherever he is ...

The orderly finds the nurse and gets stabbed with a needle to the neck. The strong young man whose face is not show is now on the move. Destination Salem ... As Andre elegantly pours more champagne, Kate talks the track record of Salem wedding interruptions. Andre talks true love and officially escorts his lovely wife to church ... Sonny and Chad toast to true love, laughter and dreams coming true ... Marlena tells John and Paul it is time. Paul has waited his whole life. They are on their way to the church ... Bride Abigail applies her lipstick. Jen is pleased things are so perfect. All of a sudden Chad, Sonny Paul and Abigail get the same text. Abigail gasps Oh my God as they all soap stare in disbelief ...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, September 28