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Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Episode 13,178
1430 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the hospital Steve comes to see sweetness. He assures her Joey is alright as per his email but he decided to come tell her he cannot wait to come home to her tonight after Paul's party. He presents her with a yellow rose and she shares the sentiment. They have both seen where Joe is doing time and Steve has his peeps watching out for him. He promises they will be fine too and takes her to Abigail's party. She teases no cigars tonight ... Rafe finds Hope busy at the station. There is a killer on the loose. Rafe teases she will win the commiss post if she solves it. But that will not change his love for her. They passionately kiss ... Lani is stunning in her sleek stylish dress prepared for the party. JJ admires her and she smiles they will be able to spend time together soon. They kiss ... At the Kiriakis mansion Sonny grins he was invited to the Andre hosted bachelor party, hence his elegant outfit. Paul is pleased they discussed Will and he gets part of his heart will always belong to him. Sonny cannot wait to spend his life with Paul and touches his face ... Chad whistles at colorful Abigail at DiMera mansion. She is nervously waiting for Justin and is increasingly stressed about the situation. Chad takes it all in stride in his usual cocky way ... Theo walks pretty Claire to the club and they kiss. He will text her when Chad's party is over and walk her home. They exchange I love yous. Claire enters. Hope, Lani and Kayla await. Hope bears news. Jen has a big story to cover and cannot make it. Kayla asks about Adrienne. Hope admits she has not been helpful of late. Kayla also noticed she is not herself ...Back at DiMera mansion Chad gives his girl a hug. Sonny arrives with a smile. As it turns out Justin was running late and arrives seconds later. The annulment is a fait accompli. Abigail hugs Chad and they wish one another an enjoyable party. Tomorrow they wed ... At the pub Brady ends a call with busy Nicole and pours himself a drink. Paul quietly arrives and asks what he is up to. Brady suddenly looks guilty as soap sin. He lies it is a shot for the groom and sniffles. Paul needs no shot. Lazy jazz plays in the background and Paul asks about his sobriety. Roman arrives, followed by Steve, JJ and Rafe, who tease the groom to take a drink. Roman talks poker. Brady produces the Cuban cigars courtesy of John ... Abigail arrives at the club and hears Gabi could not come as a babysitter cancelled. Kayla gets the toast glasses and they toast the beautiful Abigail and add compliments. Hope wishes her and Chad all the happiness. Cheers!

Back at DiMera mansion Andre arrives with aperitifs for Sonny, Chad and Justin though Theo gets lemonade. He proposes a toast to the couples and they sip. Andre points out it was the Spartans who originated the bachelor party and muses the Kiriakis clan could still not best the DiMeras. Justin talks truce. Andre has a bag of party favors for all. Bandanas aka silk scarves that are in fashion. He shows Theo how to tie the scarf and the fellas put theirs on next. Chad wonders what now. Andre has the cards ready for the true game of man, which is bridge. He smiles at his bored guests, who were hoping for poker. Nothing simple for elegant Andre, though. The problem is he is not playing to the right crowd ... Abigail gets a teddy from Claire and admits to the gals that Chad's honeymoon location will be a surprise place. She looks forward to a regular life. Hope quips no can do with a DiMera ... Andre gets impatient about the rules. Chad suggests they are not ready for something so new. Andre announces a film from the DiMera home movie collection. Chad thanks Andre and notes Sonny misses Paul. Perhaps they should join the other party at the pub. Andre gasps they have not gotten to dinner. The guys decide they can have chicken wings at the pub. They thank him profusely and invite him along. He smiles Sonny looks fashionable with his bandana. Chad kisses his brother, who is not coming, preferring to stay home with his duck and sauce ... At the pub Paul is the poker winner. He steps out and JJ slurs they have a stripper lined up. Rafe is surprised to hear it is a guy! Paul puts a bowl of chips on the table. JJ announces the surprise ... Tis a sexay catcher who starts to strut his stuff. Roman cackles. Brady grins. Steve gives the guy a tip. The shirtless hunk takes his mask off and Paul gasps it is Gill! JJ had no idea they were acquainted ...

Paul explains he and Gill used to go out and excuses himself to talk to him. The guys keep playing poker and cracking jokes with their Cubans ... Gill informs Paul he still has his old job but has been dancing a few months. He teases Paul for spending his stag with straight guys and propositions him. He has his hand on his arm and that is when Sonny comes in with the fellas from Andre's party. His Kiriakis eyes darken ... The gals play a who wrote this guessing game with Abigail. Kayla wrote of marriage being fluid. Claire suggested being straight with her guy. She learned her lesson! Lani wrote of communication being key. She does that with JJ now. Hope wrote of marriage as an adventure. Abigail will cherish the words they wrote in her book and they toast again. Good times ... Paul is flattered but ... Gill gets he is happy with his one man Sonny. Sonny steps up and smiles his sentiment exactly. Gill wishes them both the best and gets going to his next gig. Paul and Sonny embrace one another, also embracing their future together ... Rafe and Steve discuss the commissioner competition between himself and Hope. Rafe sucks on his cigar, noting their different investigative styles ... Kayla and Hope discuss the fact that she and Rafe are both up for commissioner, which could make things complicated. Hope asks Kayla how she is doing. Kayla admits it is hard some days. She misses Joey more when she sees Steve with Tripp. Hope asks if she resents it. Kayla sighs sometimes. Hope tells her to tell Steve. Claire approaches and lets Kayla know she plans to visit pal Joey soon. Kayla is grateful. Hope thinks friends and family get you through thick and thin. Claire carries cake to the other guests. Hope hugs Kayla and they agree they are always here for one another ... Steve smokes his cigar and confides to Rafe how unhappy Kayla is missing Joey. They will overcome this tough time. Rafe agrees and they clink their beers. Chad calls the big poker winner a genius. JJ smokes a cigar with his future brother in law and reminds him how happy Abigail is about their future. Chad understands he is holding him to a high standard ... Gill now arrives to dance for Abigail, only to be thanked and paid before he finishes the routine. The gals giggle ...

The bachelor party has ended. Lani slinks in and kisses JJ. They are amused at Gill striking out twice. But it was a fun night for all. JJ is not tired and takes off with his girl. Roman and Brady agree there is nothing like love. But then Brady sighs ... Outside Claire giggles at Theo's ascot from Andre. He feels badly for his big brother Andre as they left his party. He boasts about his poker earnings but the best part of tonight is now. She agrees and they kiss in bliss ... At the Kiriakis mansion Sonny asks Paul to send the night. Paul does not want any bad luck before the wedding. They kiss goodnight ... Back at DiMera mansion Andre addresses the portrait of fatha. He promises to look out for brotha Chad always ... Abigail shows Chad her teddy gift and he gives her a kiss. He vows to love her for the rest of time. They kiss again...

Meanwhile miles away at Bayview, a patient is ordered to eat so they can get their medication. The patient's hairy hand clutches the keys he has hidden in preparation for his GREAT ESCAPE!


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, September 27