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Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Episode 13,177
1330 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the pub Brady is on the phone ordering a pro for brother Paul's party. He now calls Nicole's voice mail and wonders where oh where she could be. It gets to him and then he notices all the bottles at the bar as they beckon to him ... Enter Nicole. She heard he was here getting ready for Paul's party. She updates him on Eric changing the future for her and the center ... At the cabin of solitude Eric is staring at Nicole's fallen photo when Marlena comes calling in her pink jacket. She heard the latest from Jen and woefully wonders why he did not bother to call his mother ... At the square Sheila tells Eli she did her time and asks if he is happy to see her ... Bonnie listens as Victor warns Xander not to cross him, not to tell anyone he ordered him to kill Deimos. She tells herself she has everything she needs now! Maggie clears her throat behind her ... At DiMera mansion Chad vows to find Dario and make him sign a statement so Abigail will be his wife again. She has her doubts but he will not give up. She smiles and he suggests they get Rafe to track him down. They are on their way ... Back at the station Hope and Rafe have left the final decision up to Abe about who will be the next commissioner ... Nicole is grateful that Brady supported her good work, but now it will be busier with her new job. Brady is baffled. She gushes she is the new Horton Center director. Eric has departed Salem ... Eric admits he did not want anyone to protest his departure decision. Mama Marlena wonders whether Nicole knows how he really feels. No and she never will. Marlena laments the loss to all the others who had Eric in their lives ... Bonnie lies to Maggie she was getting a scoop for the Spectator. Maggie now tells Victor it will be a salmon lunch today. He grumbles he lost his appetite. Bonnie slyly suggests someone upset him on the last call he got. He growls to mind her own damn business. Bonnie gets an evil glint in her eye ...

Rafe and Hope agree to accept anything Abe decides. Chad and Abigail arrive and Chad asks to help them track down Dario. Rafe has nothing new. Chad blinks. Abigail stops smiling ... Sheila turns down Eli's embrace and complains he never came to visit. She asks about his fancy FBI world. Alas he was fired. Sheila talks justice. He insists he wanted to tell her. She notes neither can change what went down. Gabi approaches and acts confused ... Victor denies being bugged as Bonnie munches a melon. She warns him his rudeness could come back to haunt him. Maggie looks like she has a headache ... Chad mentions Myron. Rafe tells him they are not in touch. There are no leads. Hope is sorry and sympathetic. Chad declares to anxious Abigail they will get their double wedding one way or another ... Eli is rattled and greets Gabi. He asks when he should pick up her and Arianna tomorrow. Sheila steps forward to introduce herself. Gabi asks how they know one another. Eli grimaces ... Marlena tries to talk Eric the tormented out of giving up his good work. He notes Nicole will make an amazing director. Marlena notices how his eyes shine when he speaks of her. He swears her to secrecy. She notes he does not want her to know how much he loves her ... Back at the pub Nicole lets loverboy Brady read her last letter from Eric. He is positive and proud of her promotion. She excuses herself to check on Holly at home and tells him to behave at the bachelor party ... Marlena wishes there were a better solution but Eric does not. She will keep hoping he will stay home where he belongs. They hug and exchange emotional I love yous. She tearily tells the precious former priest to take care of himself. Then she cries and walks out ... Eric now answers a call from Brady, who angrily accuses him of making mischief. Eric is somewhat surprised by the depth of his petty rage ...

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Victor reminds fake Adrienne he wants neither her melons nor her buns. Maggie gasps good heavens. Bonnie walks out mumbling. Victor does not remember Adrienne being so downright obnoxious. Maggie muses she must have changed but they must be cordial ... Bonnie is outside the door and decides her revenge will be perfect ... Sheila will only say she and Eli were friends back in the day. Then she excuses herself. Gabi asks Eli for clarification. He is relieved to run into Abigail and Chad instead. Gabi smiles when she hears the wedding might be a bit delayed ... Eric agrees with Brady about the situation being unfair and suggests Brady accept his decision. He did leave Nicole as promised and urges him to encourage her in her new job. He only wishes happiness for them both and laments he loves and will miss his brother. Brady will miss him as well and quietly wishes him all the best. Nicole now returns, as she wanted to take another look at Eric's letter in case it contained any work instructions ... Brady lies he just phoned him to ask him to stay in Salem. Nicole believes he is a good brother to try. She wonders where he went. Brady has no such information. She kisses him and leaves with the letter ...

Sheila shows up at the Kiriakis mansion bugging Bonnie for money. Bonnie hands her a hefty denomination and gushes she got something juicy to cause trouble for Victor and Maggie ... Gabi feels awful about Abigail suffering after she tried to help Dario from the goodness of her heart. She admits she does know a way to contact Dario. Chad grins down at his bride ... Nicole pauses at the Kiriakis door as memories of moments with Eric and about Eric come flooding back. She takes out her phone, then tells herself to let go. Or not! Ring ring! Eric answers. Hello ... Rafe is exasperated with the fallout from Dario now for poor Abigail and Chad. Hope remembers their own engagement and they agree they will always make one another happy no matter what. She sits on his desk and they kiss ... Gabi admits Dario called to check up on her after Raines. She can give Abigail her phone as she dials his last number. Ring ring! Dario picks up and hears it is Abigail. He apologizes. She asks him to help end their marriage ... Maggie asks drinking Victor what has him so wound up. He vows to take care of it and downs his drink ... In the foyer Bonnie giggles she will get revenge on Maggie and get a payout from Victor. Sheila is after some revenge of her own but does not reveal more ... Dario feels like a heel and agrees to help Abigail. She is grateful. Gabi gets on the phone and agrees he should be on the move again after the document is signed. He loves his sister. Gabi ends the call and sadly watches Abigail smile to Chad about their wedding being a go .. Marlena enters the pub, where Brady awaits. She explains John will not be able to attend as he promised to coach a little league game. He asked her to drop off a box of Cuban cigars. Brady has big plans tonight for Paul ... Marlena now mentions Eric, who told her he had to move on. She falls apart cos it breaks her heart. Brady sighs he is sorry and hugs her ... Nicole wants to know why Eric left the center and Salem. He replies to read the letter. She cries she just called to say goodbye. He gasps goodbye and hangs up. Nicole tries to fight her tragic tears ... ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, September 26