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Monday, September 25, 2017
Episode 13,176
1470 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the church, Paul probes Sonny on his silence about Will. Sonny wonders why. Paul points out how weird he has been acting, like the topic of Will is taboo. The time has come for the truth. Sonny changes the subject by joking. Paul refuses to agree to wed him until he talks ... At DiMera mansion Abigail and Chad are exasperated the annulment could be off due to a formality ... At the station Abe realizes hopeful commissioner Hope had no idea Rafe also seeks the position. Rafe enters, also surprised ... Sonny assures Paul he only wants to be with him. P.I. Paul declares Sonny is hiding something. Sonny admits he has been trying to spare his feelings ... At the Kiriakis abode Sheila dusts with attitude as Justin complains to Adrienne about the annulment issue. He has until tomorrow to correct it and asks Sheila to pick up his dry-cleaned suit. Exit Justin. Sheila fumes. She wants her money from fake Adrienne ... Chad calls the snag part of the adventure. They will wed whenever they can. He tries to act positive as Abigail pouts. Chad cheers her up by telling her all that counts is that they be together ... Paul assures Sonny he can say anything to him. Sonny sadly states Lucas got to him when he accused him of forgetting Will. He thinks of him always. Paul understands since they were in love until Will was taken. Sonny sighs then there was his dream last night that felt oh so real! They were together in bed and Will noted he did not still love him if he really went ahead with his marriage to Paul. Paul's face falls. He had not been expecting this ... Stylish Val enjoys a meal at the square with Eli, who sighs about all his free time since he was fired for going a bit rogue. She wonders what comes next. He would stay for the Salem PD. Abe promised to put in a good word....

Rafe and Hope explain how each thought the other was turning down the job. Abe announces they are equally outstanding and apologizes for the awkward. Therefore, the time has come for the couple to talk and decide. Roman refused the position and the mayor needs a new commissioner asap. He leaves them to discuss. They both smile and Rafe slyly suggests they wrestle ... Sheila wants her money or else she will call the cops on Bonnie! Bonnie wants time. She believes she will be able to get the money from the Greek tycoon. Sheila tells her to get it from prime sirloin Justin instead of the tough rump roast ... Sonny is sorry. Paul wants to deal with the situation together. Sonny is amazed at his level of understanding. He could not be like that but Paul believes he could. Sonny sadly nods, his gaze distant. Paul assures him he is not threatened by his past. Sonny confeses he is really bothered by the fact that Will might not have known how deep was his love for him. His heart is filled with remorse for he wanted them to stay together forever. With their daughter they were a family. Paul gets it. Sonny wishes he had not given up. Paul wonders whether he wishes things were different now. He whispers indeed he does ... Chad holds Abigail to comfort her. Enter legal eagle Justin with even more complications. The judge looked into Dario's deal and is considering charges of immigration fraud against Abigail. Chad snaps WHAT! Justin confirms the girl could be facing jail time instead of her wedding night ... Amid the Salem Square flowers Eli refuses his mother's favor of trying to influence Abe. He teases she just wants him in town. She knows Julie needs him here as well. Abe arrives and announces it looks good. One detective might be needing a new partner as it turns out ... Hope sighs mama mia about her dilemma with Rafe, how they each put the other ahead. Rafe cares about her more than any job and she feels the same way. Equals always! They know they are a great team so there must be a solution. Hope sips her coffee and raises an eyebrow ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion Bonnie reveals her planned revenge on Maggie for stealing Mickey back, hence her interest in the older guy. Victor is heard calling out to Maggie and Justin. Bonnie runs out of the room with her flunky ... Chad and Abigail are aghast. Chad the DiMera knows there has to be a way. Justin admits there is though it is not without risk ...

Paul realizes Sonny is in some way wishing to be together with Will. He talks the tragedy and the suddenness of his loss. His eyes fill with tears as he reminds Sonny of the finality of their vows. Getting married is a step he took with Will and he assumed it would be forever. Sonny whispers but it feels like he is about to betray Will. Paul wonders whether he has changed his mind. Sonny weeps and holds his face, insisting he loves and wishes to wed him. This is HIS problem. Paul feels guilty as well about the past but Sonny does not blame him. Paul knows the now does not change how Sonny loved Will. He woefully asks if he will ever love him as much ... Justin advises Abigail to sign a sworn statement that she did not marry Dario due to his immigration issue. That would prevent the judge from being able to proceed without proof. Chad is not impressed. Justin insists it is her only chance ... Bonnie enters in a blue negligee and holds up fruit in the living room where grouchy Victor reads. She invites him to sample her ample melons. The Greek tycoon grimaces ... Hope believes it will work out with her and Rafe working together. Rafe suggests they stay as equals. Hope nods. Rafe suggests they both say no. But Hope has an even better idea ... Justin gives Abigail time to consider and exits. Abigail laments she never loved Dario as this document claims. Chad counters he could not give a damn what the document says so long as they can be together. She signs and smiles ... Val teases the most powerful man in the town to make it happen for Eli. She does not want to be devastated ... Victor wants none of fake Adrienne's ageing melons. He now gets a call from Xander and hisses what the hell do you want! Bonnie eats her fruit and takes it all in. Victor orders her out of the room. He growls he told him not to call again. Xander warns him he has not kept his promises and refuses to keep his silence about Deimos if he does not help him. Victor suspects he fears him too much for betrayal but Xander notes he has nothing to lose by reporting him to the Salem PD ... Rafe realizes what Hope has in mind. He grins about being her partner before the words come out of her mouth ...

Busy Mayor Abe steps away for a call and Eli asks his mom not to pressure him. She smiles she suspects he will come through regardless ... Sonny assumed he would stay with soulmate Will. They were both at fault and their love might not have been enough to overcome. Will was his love of firsts but not his first love. He smiles the first love was Paul. He kisses him and gushes he is going to spend the rest of his days with only him. Paul is moved and they kiss in bliss ... Val walks and talks to son Eli. She feels lucky and leaves for work. Eli now turns and sees Sheila, who leers long time no see. He soap stares ... Victor growls not to threaten him and agrees to see what he can do. Bonnie listens on the other line as Xander reminds him he ordered him to plot the murder of Deimos Kiriakis ... Hope and Rafe meet with Abe and announce they will accept whatever HE decides ... Sonny replies to the pre-Cana question that about feeling his future spouse might not be the one for him. He gasps never and they kiss, happy again ... Abigail gets another call from Justin and unhappily updates Chad. The judge now is demanding a sworn statement from MIA Dario! Chad holds her close, his blue eyes filled with steely DiMera determination ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, September 25