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Friday, September 22, 2017
Episode 13,175
1480 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At his desk Eric says this is for the best on his phone and thanks Julie for her compassion. He flashes back to the fury of Brady, who urged him to fire Nicole. He sits back with a sigh ... At the Kiriakis mansion Nicole wishes Brady good morning. She is working on center donations. Time to go but where oh where is her briefcase? ... At DiMera mansion Chad writes his wedding vows but it is not easy. Andre sweeps in and Chad admits he is not as eloquent as he wishes. Andre to the rescue! He says to speak from the HOT and asks where the fair Abigail is. At the final dress fitting. Andre announces they have something important to discuss ... At the square Jen plays the proud mom to Abigail the blushing bride. The double wedding will let them celebrate that much more ... Sonny sits up in bed and shirtless smiling Will wishes him a good morning. They kiss in bliss, both glad he is back. Sonny gushes he is glad to be back from Paris and loves him so much. Will asks then why is he marrying Paul??? Sonny now sees Paul in his dream questioning his love - on Will's side of the bed. He sits up with a start. Shirtless Paul is perturbed. Sonny gasps he had a dream. Paul wonders ... Brady helps Nicole find her briefcase. She notes he has no need to worry. He does not worry about her and Eric. She has a flashback about them and gets flustered. Brady will work from home on this day. Tragic music plays as they kiss and she walks out ... Abigail and Jen go over their wedding to do list. They get to the vows. Jen exclaims a bachelorette party and she can hostess. It will be a blast! Abigail accepts with a smile ... Andre informs brotha Chad he wishes to host his bachelor evening of debauchery aka bachelor party ... Sonny fibs it was just a fuzzy dream and denies remembering it. They have to head to pre-cana. Paul wishes to discuss the situation with Lucas, who is hurting. Sonny states he will move on. Paul still wishes to discuss the unresolved issues about Will that drunk Lucas brought up. Sonny changes the subject in a hurry and heads for coffee ... Nicole is surprised to find Jason at the office, gushing Eric hired him. She is shocked when he adds he is a replacement, hence his seat at Eric's desk ...

Brady greets happy couple Paul and Sonny when they come downstairs together. He teases they are too calm pre wedding. Paul talks pacing. Brady tells them he is throwing Paul a bachelor party. Sonny remembers he and Will had a joint bachelor party and sips his coffee as Paul soap stares ... Andre insists it will be elegant and asks about Chad's envisioned last moments. Tis a tradition. Tis his way to make amends as well. Being brothas means much to them both. Andre adds he has long supported him and Abigail so Chad agrees to a low key party, no dancers. He is touched ... Abigail tells Jen no dancers at her party. Jen giggles about the guy who Julie hit over the head but has a better idea. Abigail groans no games. Here comes serious Eric. He has something to say to Jen ... Nicole is astounded to hear Eric quit. He never said so to her! Jason explains he got the call late and Eric left him in charge of her duties. She will replace Eric. Nicole is horrified when he hands her his last letter ... Abigail goes on her happy way. Eric sits and murmurs he has made a decision. He resigned to Julie and he is leaving town today. Jenny blinks ... Chad decides no words could describe how he feels for Abigail. Andre admires the grand portrait of Stefano and wonders how they would be if the phoenix had raised them. Chad remembers the siblings he lost and Andre suggests they become a great brotherly team. But do not call him bro eva. They laugh and hug. Abigail arrives and is moved by the moment ... Paul assures Sonny it is alright to speak of Will. Brady wants a bachelor party blow out for Paul. Sonny decides to do something low key with Chad. When he steps away for something Paul thanks brother Brady and asks about Eric. Brady nervously notes he is not having a fling with Nicole. He lets it slip they have an understanding. Paul starts to ask for clarification ... Jen does not understand. Eric will only say it is in the best interest of others for him to go. Jen disagrees cos he cares and made others care about the Horton Center. She wants him to reconsider. He informs her he hired Jason. Jen gets tense when he tells her Nicole will be the new boss. She deduces his desired departure is related to Nicole ... Nicole assures new hire Jason he can fill out his paperwork and sits down to read Eric's last letter. He writes it was sudden. She scoffs. He explains the real reason he has left has only to do with HER ...

Back at DiMera mansion Abigail greets the bonding brothers. She and Chad both have a bachelor and bachelorette party planned. Chad thanks his braaaaa then stops. Exit Andre ... Chad asks about the wedding dress and looks forward to getting Abigail out of it even more. They passionately kiss ... In his last letter Eric admits helping at the center was a way to make up for his soap sins since he did good. But Nicole was a game changer and now that they are friends, he feels the time has come to move on where he can do more good work. He praises her for helping and wishes her a long and happy life with Holly, Tate and Brady. Nicole is reduced to tears ... Jen suspects working with Nicole was hard. Eric explains his feelings made him need to move on. Jen suggests he stay in Salem. He laments his presence will only remind his friends and families of the bad times. Jen feels it is more about running away than starting over ... Sonny has coffee for himself and Paul, who kisses him and heads to meetings. They will catch up later and have that talk ... Now he is alone with busy corporate boozing Brady. Sonny is stunned when he alludes to getting back in the game but Brady coldly claims they would do well to leave things exactly the way they are. Brady sounds like he is on a power trip!

Chad teases he wants to take Abigail upstairs to make mad passionate love. Not until after the wedding. She takes a call from Justin and anticipates good news ... Sonny reminds Brady he only asked him to be his temporary replacement. He is the CEO! Brady believes he is still suspected of killing Deimos despite the dropped charges. Sonny refuses to give up his title and threatens to fight ... Eric holds Jen's hand and is grateful she did not give up on him. She feels no words are necessary for Eric the amazing meeeeeaaaaaaaan, the friend to everyone. She breathes she will miss him. He breathes he will miss her more and her donuts. Jen giggles he can get some in the mail. They stand. This is goodbye. They embrace like old lovers that cannot be and she gasps to take care. He kisses her forehead and walks away, not looking back ... Back at the center, Nicole needs to find Eric for answers. Alas his cell is on voice mail. She tells Jason she will be back soon and goes after Eric, though she is not sure where he might be at the moment ... Phone Abigail asks what Justin means and the smile fades from her face. Chad asks about it. She sighs they may not be able to get married tomorrow after all ... At the church Paul speaks Japanese long distance and rubs his neck. Sonny arrives and finds out grandfather has been hospitalized so Paul's mom feels she must stay. She urged them to proceed with the wedding. Sonny is sympathetic to Paul's plight. Paul insists they have the wedding. Sonny suggests they send her tons of pictures but first the pre-cana questions ... Paul poses the first question. Why does Sonny keep avoiding the topic of Will? Back at the Kiriakis mansion Brady has been drinking and calls the center cos Nicole is not home. Jason explains she is not there at the moment. Actually Nicole has just bumped into Jen at the square, explaining she is headed to Marton house to speak with Eric. It is urgent. Jen woefully informs her it is too late ... Soulful Eric enters his cabin and accidentally drops a box of Nicole's smiling photographs, He picks them up and looks around in silence, still tormented as ever over the woman he loves ... ...


All the drama in Salem on Friday, September 22