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Thursday, September 21, 2017
Episode 13,174
1470 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At DiMera mansion Abigail gets off the phone with Justin. The annulment papers are ready and Chad is relieved. She is sorry about her decision to wait a while to make love although she wants him! Chad sighs and accepts her decision ... Eli finds Gabi cleaning out Dario's club. She is clearly depressed and he is sorry. She does not blame him for Dario being crooked. He offers to help her as he has time on his hands. Gabi does not get why he was fired by the FBI ... At the station Rafe and Hope mull over Abe suggesting them as commissioner. She admits she has considered. Rafe wonders. She adds only if there is no one more qualified than Rafe. He says the same about her. Hope slowly shakes her head ... At the Kiriakis mansion Brady is baffled that Chloe is now co-owner of the club with diva Julie. She explains it was the only way. He gets it. She asks about Nicole. Brady claims he is quite fine as Nicole would never let Eric come between them. He anticipates an agreeable ending ... At his desk Eric remembers his recent run-in with Brady, who urged him to fire Nicole. Nicole comes in gushing about the good numbers for the mommy and me. She now asks what he wanted to discuss. Eric stares darkly ... Suited Justin informs Brady he is headed to DiMera mansion and whistles a happy tune. He notes Adrienne suddenly does not dislike his whistling. He believes in happy endings. Brady agrees although he alludes to falling apart like Lucas if Nicole ever left him ... Eric is sorry but alas there are not enough funds to keep all the center staff. Nicole flashes back to Abe agreeing she should cease working alongside Eric. She starts to reply when Chloe walks in with her wonderful TBD news. Eric is surprised she teamed up with Julie. Nicole hugs her. Chloe would like a word with Eric. Eric suggests Nicole take the rest of the day off. They can continue later. Once they are alone, Chloe lets Eric know she made a little mistake ... Chad suspects his sweetheart is stressed and hopes he is not to blame. Abigail shyly tells him her traditional idea of waiting the few days until they are pronounced man and wife. Charmed Chad gazes down at her ...

Back at the station Hope does not feel like the right commissioner. Rafe approaches and asks why not. Amused JJ and Lani appear. JJ and Rafe are scheduled for weights and he wants to know more by then. Hope states she is busy with wedding stuff for Jen. The guys get going for their workout. Lani tries to talk Hope into becoming the commissioner. She could do everything her way ... Gabi probes. Eli sighs and comes clean about the FBI disliking the fact that he discharged his weapon when there was a hostage situation. Gabi cannot believe he would be fired for saving her ... As Eric pours coffee Chloe admits she mentioned his feelings for Nicole. Now Eric understands why Brady burst in ordering him to fire her. Chloe is aghast as Nicole loves her job ... Brady sits and tells Justin he loves Nicole so much he cannot lose her. Nicole comes in and he apologizes, assuming she was fired. Nicole wonders why he would think such a thing. He covers and she states Eric said some staff would have to be let go. She announces she should offer to leave. Brady plays the role of the supportive boyfriend telling her to stay at the job she loves so much. Nicole flashes back to almost being kissed by Eric and insists she quit. Brady will support her. The kids are elsewhere so she invites him upstairs. They smile and go to the bedroom ... Chloe is stunned Brady was so underhanded. Eric notes Nicole is worth fighting for ... Lani talks leadership. Hope thinks there could be a conflict by being Rafe's boss. She wants to be his partner. Meanwhile weight training Rafe says the same thing to JJ about Hope ... Lani warns Hope this could be her last chance to be in charge and she knows she is up for the challenge. Hope does not deny the challenge part ... Back at DiMera mansion Abigail assures Chad the anticipation will make their wedding night worth the wait. Chad agrees and holds her close, telling her to close her eyes and imagine their wonderful wedding night. She steps away and admits she just realized it will be the same bed he recently shared with another!

Abigail is not worried about Gabi but remembers how she felt, questioning her choices. Chad blames himself for making his own mistakes. He refused to let her go for she has always been the only one. He now promises not to hurt her again. However they are standing in the same mansion where EJ used to say the same thing to Sami ...Chad holds Abigail close and declares he loves her ... JJ advises Rafe to just do it. Rafe reasons Hope has been here longer and all respect her so she is the deserving detective. Now to the weights ... Hope admits to Lani it is not a little thing that she shot a man. That means Rafe must be commissioner ... Eli explains he is to blame for losing his job and he bears no regrets! He adds Abe said there could be an opening at the Salem P.D. Gabi wants Rafe to refer him. Eli notes he would not want him there and sighs this could be his last chance in Salem. Gabi gasps not to say goodbye. He would rather remain but he has to be more than a landlord. She suggests working for Julie but he cannot imagine. She says to think outside the box just like Julie! She also hopes they are still on for the wedding. Eli hopes she is not bothered about it. Gabi admits she is starting to feel increasingly stressed ... Chad kisses Abigail on the couch and wants her to be happy. She gushes she is and they kiss in bliss. Ahem! Tis attorney Justin with the papers she needs to sign to annul her marriage to Dario. They are looking forward to nothing stopping their happily ever after ... Eric admits to Chloe he will withdraw for Brady but it would be hard to fire Nicole ... Nicole slips down to the Kiriakis living room and calls Abe. She thinks she can handle seeing Eric as she loves her job sooooo ... Abe advises her not to lie to herself. She agrees and thinks the world of having him back in her life. Of course she means Abe but when Brady comes up behind her he assumes she means Eric ...

Abigail is elated to sign the uncontested annulment papers and asks Justin if he will attend their wedding with Adrienne. Indeed. It was a bolt from the blue when Adrienne chose him but he feels for Lucas. They all do ... Back at the station Lani informs Rafe it looks like he has a clear shot as commissioner though she regrets it will not be a woman. In fact Hope wants it to be him. She salutes Rafe, who chuckles ... JJ approaches Hope at the square and tells her Rafe wants her to be the commissioner ... Chloe is sorry. Eric is torn as he does not want to make Nicole sad though it seems either way he will ... Brady wants to know who that was on the phone. Nicole admits it was Abe. Brady teases she left the bedroom to make the call so what was it about? ... Eli assures Gabi he will have her back at the wedding. She teases he already saved her life. He suggests he is still responsible for her and she teases they are not a ninja adventure ... Chad cuddles with Abigail on the couch. They are free until the wedding. She giggles and he wonders what they can do. Walk, talk, play chess. She would rather stay right here and he smiles ... Rafe makes a call from his desk to Mayor Abe. He would like to meet about the commissioner position. Meanwhile Hope leaves the mayor a message that she is interested in the commissioner position after all ... Brady starts to act strange when Nicole states it was about budget. He notes with budget help from the city her job would be safe. She gushes in agreement and goes to check on Holly. Brady now calls Eric and blasts him for not firing Nicole. Eric reasons she loves her job as well as Brady. She can have both in her life. But jealous Brady snaps he has to do it. Eric agrees. He decides he now has 24 hours to come up with a better solution to spare Nicole from any heartbreak ...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, September 21