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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Episode 13,173
1360 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Lucas stirs in a hospital bed, strapped. He cries out to be freed ... At the church Chad laments to Abigail about the approval for their wedding. He steals a kiss in a pew and another and another ... At the club catty Julie wonders how Chloe could possibly afford ... She boasts she can. Julie asks then why? She would like to control her destiny. Julie declares she shall outbid her. Chloe sighs ... At the Kiriakis mansion Victor has noticed the broken glass but Brady promises he is not drinking though he thought about it. Victor thunders to attend a meeting. He blames Nicole. Brady denies she did anything. Chloe told him Eric has feelings for Nicole ... At the office Eric leans in for a kiss with Nicole, who has her hand on his manly chest ... Victor stares down Brady, who tells him the whole story. He feels they made a fool of him. Grandad stops him and asks why he assumes Nicole also has feelings for Eric. Brady considers ... Nicole gasps and excuses herself on errands. Eric takes a call and tries to cool himself down ... Chloe insists she is in the running and alludes to Julie's age. Julie believes she and Doug have enough energy for the club, which means much as they spent years together running his club. She gushes about the old love song days. Chloe smiles and suggests she use her retirement money for another cruise. Never. This time she seeks something creative that would inspire Salem. It will be her Valentine to Doug, a true trophy of their love. Chloe thinks it is sweet she plans to surprise him. However she refuses to withdrawn from the bidding. Julie's face falls ... Abigail looks at the questionnaire and asks Chad to list all his family members who married at St Luke's. Then it is her turn. They laugh about the lousy luck some of their people have had. They now discuss Lucas, and hope he is getting help ... Jen, Kayla, Maggie and Kate come to Lucas' side and he is horrified to find out he was admitted ... Brady believes he cannot trust Eric. In addition John warned him that Nicole would not want to be tamed. Victor now wants the opinion of his dark side ... At the square Abe overhears Nicole leaving a phone message to Brandon about Holly. She admits she needs advice so Abe offers himself. Fay was a close friend and he considers Nicole family. She shares the sentiment. Uncle Abe is here to help. Nicole weeps she has feelings for Eric ...

Julie sits in front of Chloe and tries to psych her out about running a club. But Chloe has world opera experience plus a business plan. Julie listens. Chloe claims she is just getting started with the club. Julie decides they are equally determined but only one will win ... The next question is about having a child out of wedlock. Chad insists on answering with a yes. Abi is sorry he lost Grace. He thinks of her every day still. She sadly suggests he add that and so he does. The priest will get an honest response ... Lucas hyperventilates about his intervention. Maggie exclaims they love him. Dr. Kayla warns he had alcohol poisoning. Kate cries she loves him. He refuses rehab and refuses to listen ... Victor plays devil's advocate and advises Brady to dump Nicole. No can do. Victor notes Nicole does not know what he knows. He suggests he make someone else do the dirty work. Brady pauses ... Abe asks about those feelings for Eric so Nicole updates him on the dramatic day. He moved her, she took his hand ... Abe asks if she will be able to fight the feelings. She wishes she could! Alas Brady has long suspected what now turned out to be true. She is torn between two love interests. Now what to do? ... There are a few more bidders. Chloe warns Julie that Myron just walked in, the ex-employee of Dario. He joins them and oozes charm but he is bidding! Chloe and Julie question what he has been doing. Stock options from a tech company where he got a job in California made him instantly rich. Chloe sighs to Julie they are sunk ... Abe alludes to avoiding a person one would rather not have feelings for. That would mean not working with Eric. Abe also asks about Eric's feelings for her. Nicole flashes back and hopes he has none not because Brady would explode ... Meanwhile hurricane Brady bursts into Eric's office and demands they discuss Nicole. Now.

Abigail returns to DiMera mansion with Chad. A wedding gift awaits from Grandma Laura. She assures Chad she gave her blessing and asks him to open it. He would rather kiss her for their love is the greatest gift of all ... Lucas struggles and protests. Jen makes him meet her gaze and urges him to admit he needs help. Then will start his recovery, Kate tells him of a facility nearby that has a spot. He rages they only want to be rid of him as he is an embarrassment. Maggie screams he must not die! Lucas blames her for letting Adrienne move in with Justin. But there was nothing she could do. Jen reminds Lucas he has a daughter. He tells it like it is. Aly is with Sami and he lost his son. He feels like a failure with no one. Now he cannot even see his granddaughter. He tells Kate to leave him alone. He tells them all to let him out. The women weep ... Nicole realizes she must resign from her dream job. However her last dream job was also with Eric. Perhaps the pull is HIM ... Brady dares Eric to come clean about his feelings for Nicole. Eric admits he cares but she has no idea. How long? Ever since he came back to Salem. Brady blasts him for wanting what he cannot have but he will not have Nicole! Eric exclaims he does not want Nicole, he wants his brother to be happy. Brady tells him to terminate her employment. Eric soap stares. He was not expecting this ...

Nicole turns away. Abe adds more fatherly advice. Brady has saved her but she has saved him as well. One does not stay in a relationship out of gratitude for that is not true love. Her break ends and she thanks him. Abe assures her he is here anytime she needs him and sends her on her way ... Brady believes firing Nicole would be the only way. Eric thinks that is a warped sense of reality. Nicole has done nothing wrong and loves her work! Brady's dark side still demands he fire her and he storms out, slamming the door ... At the club the bidding begins at a low 200 grand. Chloe raises her hand. Julie offers 210. Myron makes it 215. And so it goes. Julie and Chloe are astounded when Myron makes it 400. The gals now know what they need to do. They combine their assets and win the club with a bid of $500,000. Then they hug and giggle with glee. Soap teamwork. Myron wishes them luck. Julie feels inspired. Chloe notes now they need to work together. Julie gets high handed but it's all in fun and for a good cause. Partnership ... Chad romantically asks Abigail how she feels. Well. He suavely suggests they head upstairs together. She smiles with stars in her eyes but will not go upstairs ... Lucas is dressed and ignoring his intervention team. He demands his discharge papers and knows he is legally able to leave. Kate cries as he storms to the nurse's station ... Victor concludes a business call. Brady returns and states he did as he suggested but ... Victor stops him from focusing on doubt and saunters off to sign some papers. Brady grabs a bottle and downs a drink in a matter of seconds. He is back off the wagon ... Nicole is back at the office. The tension in the air is thick. Eric announces there is something they need to discuss. And he looks serious ... ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, September 20