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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Episode 13,172
1450 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the square black and red Julie breakfasts with Doug, elated about Eli and the wonderful world. He wants some of her French toast and flirts. Julie shares her good news for the center, that new mother Teresa Nicole is staying. Tis her calling it seems. Eric must be elated. She sips her coffee and Doug hopes for them both it will work ... Eric holds Nicole's name plate in the office and smiles as she waltzes in to wish him a good morning. There are flowers on her desk from Brady. Now to work! She gushes they are a great team and then texts Brady. Eric looks down in disappointment ... At the Kiriakis mansion Brady bitterly reads her elated text about being back and wonders about his own lot ... At the station Hope and Rafe are on a case gone cold. JJ notes they have no funding. Lani gets a text from mayor Abe, who is at the pub as they speak. They hope his excellent idea will succeed ... At the pub Roman has coffee with Abe, who brings up sacrifices for the greater good. Bartender Roman makes a joke. But the mayor has never been more serious. Abe asks him to reverse that retirement and come back as commissioner ... Back at the station Rafe, Hope and Lani are in agreement about Roman the Salem rock. JJ gets a text that his tux is ready for the royal wedding. JJ and Lani now ask Rafe and Hope for their wedding date. Rafe suggests they ask Hope ... Eric admires Nicole putting her family photos up. She loves her perfect man, baby and job. She shares her latest fundraising ideas though they have no space. Eric notes the murder of Deimos at Marton house was not good publicity and the town thinks his killer walks free. Nicole starts to cough ... Chloe walks in on Brady drinking something by the Kiriakis bar and assumes he is drinking again. She had heard as much. Brady sighs ... Roman repeats the question. Abe reasons Raines ruined their reputation and morale. Roman curses Raines. Abe announces the time has come to rebuild with the best man possible, a take charge honest kinda guy. That means HIM. Roman is touched. However he replies with a NO and he means NO ...

Back at the square dapper Doug wonders who Abe will appoint commissioner. Julie is more interested in her new online news about Club TBD being put up for auction. She tells Doug he swept her off her feet when he crooned at his club and that still holds true today ... Chloe apologizes for thinking the water was booze. She bears a gift - a dress for Holly. Brady will give it to her when she wakes up. Chloe now asks about Nicole. Brady explains she returned to work at the center with Eric. It seems somewhat hard for him to say ... Nicole admits she feels stressed about Deimos still. She cannot wait to make a difference here. Eric smiles they need her. Nicole now comes to his desk to show him the new grant proposal she is working on. She invites him to look at her mission statement when she leans toward him but the love struck boss takes in so much more ... Abe asks Roman to at least consider. No can do. Abe believes it is in his blood but Roman wants to keep his folks' dream pub going. However, he suggests Abe go back as commissioner. Abe asks for a few suggestions for the positon ... Hope is happy for the double wedding couple. However, she and Rafe and real happy the way things are. Rafe agrees and woefully adds he is ready when she is. JJ now gets a call about a docks mugging. Hope tells JJ and Lani to take it as she needs to talk to Rafe. Once alone, she wonders why he put her on the spot ... Eric gasps he needs water and stands up. Jason, the young man he helped a while back at the hospital, drops by. He meets Nicole and tells her how Eric talked him down. It changed his life. Nicole gazes in admiration ... Chloe is glad that Nicole is helping the community and pleased Brady agrees. She decides to drop by the center but first she admits she came by for another reason today. Brady is bewildered ...

Hope and Rafe are in a room alone as she confronts him for changing his tune about marrying in haste. He insists he was teasing. She starts to suspect he is not satisfied with their current situation ... Julie gushes how good the opening night of Doug's place on the lake was. They sing the song and a piano tinkles. Doug cherished their memories together and alludes to the old days being long gone. So he thinks ... Chloe informs intently listening Brady she would like to put in a bid for Club TBD today. She was hoping he could consider a loan. Brady teases her about it. She promises to pay him back. She has big plans for local talent and explains away until he smiles YES. He has high praise for the songbird and makes her day. Seems like old magic. He vows to do his damnedest to help her with her club and they hug ... Eric praises Jason for making him realize he could help others. He heartily shakes his hand in thanks. Jason spent 6 months for his fall from grace and used to be a teacher. He agrees to leave his resume with Nicole. Once he leaves Nicole repeats what a wonderful man Eric is ... Lani and JJ sit at the pretty park. She praises JJ for getting a good description of the perp. He is completely committed to being a cop. In fact, it feels like his destiny. They kiss in bliss ... Julie excuses herself on a mysterious errand. Doug smiles she is up to something. She will share later and leaves him with a kiss ... Brady hands his ex the check for the club. Chloe thanks him and he sighs at least he could help someone. Nicole did not want his job at Titan. She would rather be working with Eric. Chloe asks how he feels about it. Brady believes he was wrong and things are alright with the three of them. Chloe is relieved Eric admitted his feelings for Nicole and says so. Oh Oh. This is the first Brady has heard of it ...

Rafe assures Hope he respects her wish to wait to marry and suggests she give him some slack. She sighs she is sorry and hopes she is not difficult. Rafe states she is strong willed but he will wait. She smiles she does love and want him. They are good and kiss to celebrate their love. In walks Doug. He loves that Rafe loves his daughter. He came by to see her and asks about Ciara. Hope promises she will be back the following semester. Doug now asks whether Rafe nd Hope have set a date ... The cat is out of the bag! Brady now knows Eric loves Nicole. Chloe explains they are ... feelings. He is caught off guard his brother confided in her. But he believes in Nicole. Chloe believes Nicole is crazy in love with Brady and leaves with the loan. Brady rages son of a beech and punches the table ... Nicole hands Eric the resume of Jason and praises him for saving his soul. She sits on his desk and refers to his good work in Africa and in prison. In addition, he risked himself to shelter Hope. She concludes he is an angel. He has saved her and Holly more than once and she whispers she will never forget it. Her hand reaches across to his as their eyes lock with longing ... Back at the station Rafe wants Doug to report to Julie he is happy waiting with Hope. Doug admits his sweetie pie took off and seems to have a new scheme up her sleeve ... As it turns out Julie and Chloe are both the only bidders who have shown up to buy the club ... JJ updates the gang at the station on the mugging. It is not the first one down at the docks and they need more funding. Abe arrives with the news that Roman refused the commissioner job. Hope and Rafe ask what comes next. Abe now reveals Roman's two suggestions for commissioner consideration - Hope and Rafe ... Brady smashes a decanter in his fit of rage, damning his holier than thou brother ... Meanwhile Eric jumps up and gasps he has got to get that water. Nicole places a hand on his chest and his face comes closer and closer. Nicole can feel the chemistry too ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, September 19