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Monday, September 18, 2017
Episode 13,171
1260 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the church, Lucas stands and Will greets him. They tearfully soap stare ... Kate texts Lucas about his whereabouts from DiMera mansion. Jen appears demanding Kate enlighten her on the goings on of this family her daughter is about to marry into ... After Abigail leaves an anxious message about Lucas, she runs into Gabi and future flower girl Arianna ... Sonny rages about Lucas to Chad, who reasons he probably forgets what he said. Sonny blurts out the sad truth - that he misses Will every hour of every day. He will never forgive Lucas for his insensitivity ... Back at the church Lucas weeps he must be gone, then Will appears at the altar. He states he is so drunk he is hallucinating his late son. How did it come to this? ... Sonny recalls to Chad how he and Will were wed right here at the Kiriakis mansion. Chad explains Lucas was lashing out. Sonny sadly states but something he said was true as he abandoned Will ... The apparition of Will tells Lucas he is in his mind. Lucas cries about the old days. Will smiles. Lucas breaks down about not being able to protect him. Will crouches down and wonders whether he himself is to blame. Lucas laments the loss was too soon and hangs his head in torment ... At the station JJ is sorry to hear from Paul that Lucas fell off the wagon. Paul gets Will meant much to Sonny and the fellas go for lunch together ... Abigail is all about flowers with Arianna and sits with Gabi, who is horrified to hear about Lucas making a scene. Gabi is sorry she sent Lucas to the church ...

Kate claims she cannot share any inside secrets. Jen asks about Andre and how she will be able to stay CEO. Kate is sorry to inform her that Lucas has fallen off the wagon ... Will places an arm around Lucas. He admits it started after Adrienne abandoned him. He feels he has no future and the past is nothing but pain. Will wants him to deal with things better. Lucas believes Will was also abandoned - by Sonny ... Sonny blames himself for running away when things got hard with Will. Chad points out he cheated so Sonny was upset. Sonny declares if he had been around Will would not have died without knowing how much he loved him ... Back at the chapel Lucas cries about losing Adrienne. Will brings up fate. Perhaps Lucas was meant to be with another, like mama SAMI ... At the pub Paul admits to JJ he feels guilty for being partly to blame. If only he had stepped back ... Bearded JJ suggests he stop cos the real one to blame is bat crazy killer Ben who killed Will, terrorized Abigail and more. He praises Paul for making Sonny happy again ... Abigail assures Gabi she could not have predicted how Lucas would lose it with the double wedding couple. Gabi confesses she was also caught off guard. Abigail wonders whether she will change her mind about not attending ... Sonny sadly speaks the words from the last message he ever heard from Will. It ended with I love you. He laments he was then on his way home to reconcile and let him know he loved him. Alas he was a day too late! Chad feels he must forgive his own self as Will would want that. He would want him to love again. Sonny clasps his hands, still sporting Paul's championship ring ... Lucas sits on the altar with Will and states he and Sami would kill one another. However, she will always have a place in his heart. He gets Sami is one of a kind but suggests Will give up on the notion. Will suggests someone else. Lucas beats himself up some more and stands up. Will stands with him and wishes he would honor his memory in a more dignified manner than getting drunk ...

Back at DiMera mansion Jen sadly states Lucas refused to attend a meeting with her. Kate laments she made his situation worse by firing him! But the wakeup call only backfired. Jen knows he will get up when he falls hard ... Lucas tells Will to drop the lecture. Will thinks he summoned him into his head. Lucas refuses rehab. He would rather drown his sorrows ... Sonny wishes he had a chance to tell Will one last time how he loved him. Chad the romantic notes he knew. He points out Paul is his second chance ... Paul eats and asks JJ the true story of Sonny and Will. JJ recalls their connection. Paul asks if it was true love. It was. Paul pauses. JJ tells him not to torment himself whether he loved Will more for he and Sonny have the future ... Gabi does not wish to worry Abigail, who accepts she might not be comfortable at her wedding. Gabi tells her she is trying to overcome and would love to see her and also Sonny happy. That means she is in! The friends exchange I love yous. Gabi lets her know Eli offered to accompany her. They share a hug ... Sonny decides not to let drunk Lucas ruin his special day. Chad calls him and Paul a great couple. Sonny teases he will look best in his tux and they will all beat the odds with their everlasting love. They happily hug ... Paul feels the pressure of following the royal wedding of Will and Sonny. JJ gives him a pep talk, makes him feel better and they head out together. Tis a fitting day ... Back at DiMera mansion Jen and Kate discuss how Adrienne has been behaving strangely of late. Kate laments Lucas has not been the same since he lost Will ... Lucas longs to numb the pain. Will implores him not to give upon his loved ones, including Arianna who needs him! There are so many who love and need him. They can help him and then he will never be alone. Lucas seems to consider ... Sonny and Chad are getting measured by the tailor, who assumes they are a couple. Chad quips he is lucky and kisses chuckling Sonny on the cheek ... Jen tells Kate that Lucas will overcome and they will be there for him. Kate is worried sick about his whereabouts. Abigail enters and replies she knows where he is ... Will wants his father to put down the bottle but he weeps he would rather forget the pain of his existence. Then he downs a drink. Will woefully states he will drink himself to death and suggests he hang onto him instead. He extends his arms for a hug. Lucas soap stares in surprise ...

Lucas loves Will more than anything and laments he cannot help him he for is not real. Will decides to go. Luas runs to hug him and collides with the bench. He falls to the floor unconscious ... Paul arrives at the Kiriakis mansion. The tailor now suspects there are three grooms and walks out to get to work. Paul wonders about the run-in with Lucas, how it made Sonny feel. Soulful Sonny admits the memories came flooding back. Paul tells him they need to have a long talk about Will before they tie the knot. Sonny solemnly nods ... Kate and Jen race to Lucas, who is out cold on the church floor. They call his name and check for a pulse. Little do they know this is just the beginning of Will's new story ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, September 18