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Friday, September 15, 2017
Episode 13,170
1490 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the mansion Paul and Sonny are all smiles. Gabi comes in noting how happy future flower girl Arianna is. They now update her on it being a double wedding with Chad and Abigail ... Abigail and Chad hold hands at the chapel, awaiting Sonny and Paul. Chad loves having her alone and loves her. He cannot wait for them to be wed. They kiss in bliss. This time will be forever ... Lucas is at the DiMera mansion looking for Kate. He sneaks a drink and she clears her throat behind him ... John and Marlena catch up at the pub. She tells him of Hattie and what Eric said. She whispers she thinks she knows who her secret accomplice was ... At the station Justin is stunned to see Adrienne begging Hattie. Bonnie lies it was about her story. Hattie suddenly stands up and offers her a juicy scoop for tomorrow's headline. She is ready to reveal the identity of her co-conspirator! Justin takes the bait. Hattie speaks the name of Angelica Deveraux only. Bonnie bites her lip. Justin questions why Angelica would wish Marlena any harm. So far it makes no sense ... Lucas wants to talk work. Kate fires him instead ... At the park Abe hears from Eli how he was fired by the FBI for mishandling the case. Abe sighs and hopes it was not his fault. Eli explains a civilian was caught in the crossfire. Abe gets it was Gabi ... Sonny and Paul would love to have Gabi at their wedding but understand if she would rather not. She gasps she has got to take some time to think about it but Arianna the fearless flower girl is in regardless. Sonny smiles and wants to share the news with his daughter now. Gabi sighs and agrees ... Chad informs Abigail how much her help with the clan impresses him. He misses being CEO but cherishes this time he has for Abigail and Thomas. She giggles and they kiss ...

Back at the pub Marlena tells John how Eric heard Hattie laughing and found her partying with Adrienne in her room. John laughs and wonders what the explanation was. Role reversal therapy. He notes it makes no sense. She concurs and he realizes she suspects Hattie's accomplice is Adrienne ... Bonnie calls Hattie a beech when she lies she was supposed to drive her nuts. Justin does not get why Angelica would go to such lengths. Fake Adrienne calls her hurtful. Justin is just glad she did not succeed ... Smiling Sonny and Paul tease kissing Abigail and Chad at the chapel. Sonny updates them on Gabi's response. Arianna is in and Gabi will consider ... At the square Arianna wonders whether her mother is happy about the wedding ... Lucas lists all he has lost and adds Kate cannot take away his job. She laments he needs help. He accuses her of being cruel and is aghast when she exclaims how appalled Will would be. Lucas rages Will is gone and she has no heart to use his name in this way! She apologizes and he storms out, now needing more drinks. Shin calls and Kate asks to call him back. She shouts after Lucas. Alas he is long gone ...

John peers and points out Adrienne's involvement does not add up. Besides Brady noticed her acting oddly. There could be something else. They continue to hypothesize ... Justin deduces Hattie must have gotten to know Angelica quite well so how did she end up dead in Adrienne's room? Hattie pauses. Bonnie pales ... Abe assures anxious Eli he did save the day. Eli suspects his boss wants him gone and admits he tends to go rogue at times. Abe declares he is a damn good agent and offers a referral to the Salem P.D. but first he needs a new commissioner ... Gabi gets Arianna to practice her flower girl throw. Lucas staggers up and slurs how is his sweet baby granddaughter. Gabi notices his sloshed state. Lucas has become quite the town drunk. He kneels down and cries he loves her. Gabi wants her to go. Lucas is now without a job and suggests a sleepover. Tragic music plays. Gabi sends Ari off to pick up the flowers and tells Lucas he cannot see her while drunk. She will be spending the night at Sonny's. Lucas wants to call him. She points out he is planning a wedding. Lucas storms off, offended she does not want him to see his granddaughter ... John asks about a motive. Marlena gets to thinking. John agrees Adrienne scheming with Hattie is completely out of character ... Sputtering Hattie claims she knows not why Angelica wound up dead as a doornail in her room cos she is only the hired help. Justin accepts her answer and reluctantly agrees to give Adrienne a moment alone with her. Bonnie thanks her for being a good sport. Hattie states she has a soft spot for her pal. Plus she has a favor to ask ...

Abigail, Chad, Sonny and Paul have a lot of laughs at the church. Let the planning begin! Lucas suddenly walks in holding his bottle and blasts Sonny for trying to keep him away from his granddaughter. Sonny is at a loss what to say to the sad sight of his downtrodden drunken former father-in-law. He pauses and patiently suggests he sit down. Abigail agrees he should head home. Lucas cries in the house of God he has rights and Gabi acted like he was a drunk. Sonny states they all noticed. Lucas calls him a traitor. Sonny snaps to sober up or he cannot see his daughter. Lucas rages that is Will's daughter. Paul tries to step in so Lucas turns on him as a traitor too. Chad tries to get him to stop but no one can stop Lucas so deep is his pain. He rages Will's death could have been prevented and points the finger ... Abe is happy to see John and Marlena at the pub. After he leaves John asks what doc will do next. First she has to speak with Adrienne ... Eli eagerly joins Gabi and Arianna at the square. A time to smile ... Bonnie gets Justin to agree to consider helping Hattie and he goes to see her. She is almost scott free but not quite ... As Arianna colors at their table Eli asks Gabi about her day. She laments the Lucas needing to sober up situation. Fun loving Eli suggests ice cream to cheer them up ... Kate runs into fake Adrienne and accuses her of driving Lucas to drink. Adrienne claims to care for Lucas. She has been through much. Kate reminds her she admired her when she was strong and she helped her through cancer but that was then this is now. Now she is the selfish woman who got her son drinking again. She had to fire him as it was for the best. Adrienne blasts her for being callous. Kate hisses she is to blame if anything befalls him ... Abigail gently advises Lucas to attend a meeting. Lucas continues to rage in his heartbreak. He faces the four and accuses them of not caring. He fumes at least one of the marriages will fail as the failure rate is 50%. Sonny should know! He curses them to crash and burn. No one knows what to say. Words would not be enough. Chad states he knows not what he speaks so they should not listen. Lucas leers good luck. Paul and Sonny refuse to let him drive. He sarcastically hands over his keys. Abigail asks them to get the bottle so they do. Lucas parks himself in a pew to pray. Abigail and Chad exit to call Jen. Paul assures upset Sonny he did not mean what he said and they walk out together ...

Lucas toasts to love and God forsaking love as he drinks from his secret flask at the chapel. He assumes he is alone ... Eli and Gabi enjoy ice cream with Arianna. Eli suggests he be her date for the wedding if that would help. He would be her moral support. She will think it over and smiles sweetly ... Legal eagle Justin confers with new client Hattie, who wants out of the hell hole. He admits it was Adrienne who changed his mind. Hattie feels that one can take care of herself .... Marlena calls Adrienne over to her and John's table. Marlena has left her messages. Adrienne explains she has been busy. Marlena would like to talk ... about Hattie. Bonnie plops down and boasts she can tell her the whole story to the last detail. Marlena eyes her with interest ... Lucas cries to God for taking all from him, his son, Adrienne and now Ari. He has nothing left and cries why! But then a soap miracle happens ... "Dad?" Lucas turns and finds himself face to face with Will. He gasps Oh my God as will stares at his father with beautiful, sad eyes ... .


All the drama in Salem on Friday, September 15