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Thursday, September 14, 2017
Episode 13,169
1030 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


At the loft lovebirds Claire and Theo kiss in bliss. He declares he wants her back. She happily accepts. Theo now wonders whether she also wants Tripp ... Prisoner Adrienne gets a visit from Sheila in the slammer ... At the Kiriakis mansion dusting Bonnie just saw the news about Hattie, panics and hides the broken figurine in her tacky pink purse. But Brady and Nicole come home with Holly. He suggests they do dinner with Adrienne and Justin at the restaurant she likes so much. Bonnie plays along, forgets Holly's name, and rubs in being with her first love. Then she heads out in a hurry. Nicole and Brady are baffled ... In his office Eric is thinking how irreplaceable Nicole will be ... Real Marlena surprises him and answers his fav food question to show she is no Hattie. Mother and son emotionally embrace. Marlena fears the worst is not over ... At the station suited lawyer Justin hears Hattie loudly asking for him. She announces she wants to tell him something BIG. Justin is puzzled ... Marlena asks Eric about his chat with Hattie. He notes it was bizarre. She had music blaring and she was drinking. Adrienne was also there and it was the strangest thing ... Sheila admits to anxious Adrienne she did not do exactly as asked ... Hattie assures Justin he will be mighty glad he took her case ... Claire comes clean to Theo about not really caring for Tripp and lying when she said she could be happy as friends only ... Sheila states she is still getting good money but from Bonnie. Poor Adrienne ... Marlena does not comprehend how Adrienne could hang around Hattie. Eric informs her Hattie claimed she and Adrienne were in a role reversal therapy session cos Adrienne had been drinking ... Justin agrees to hear Hattie but he will not be her lawyer. They can talk in an interrogation room. Once there, Hattie admits she did not act alone. She will give up her partner in crime right here right now ...

Adrienne asks all about Bonnie. Sheila laughs they look like twins. Adrienne warns she will con her. But Sheila can blackmail Bonnie whereas Adrienne would have no reason to reward her, nor would Justin. Adrienne is shocked to hear how Bonnie now lives at the Kiriakis mansion with Justin ... Meanwhile dubious Justin asks Hattie who her associate was ... Marlena and Eric discuss Hattie and Adrienne. Marlena cannot believe Adrienne did anything diabolical. Eric explains they were celebrating. Marlena does the math. She now wants to hear about Eric ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion Brady craves a drink and is still consumed with jealousy of Eric and Nicole. Nicole gushes her wish came true with Holly and now she has a good feeling about their future. He forces a smile and agrees she should work at the center to prove he can overcome ... Adrienne asks about Lucas and bawls when she hears Bonnie must have dumped him. She has to believe Justin will know it is not her ... Bonnie bursts in, pink purse and all, just as Hattie is about to give Justin a name. Hattie protests. Justin takes "Adrienne" out of the room, and updates her on Hattie's claim. Fake Adrienne attempts to make him promise he will never rep Hattie. Justin wants to know what she is really doing here ...

Theo concludes he cannot live with Tripp cos he wants to date Claire. She notes Tripp was not part of any plan, he just took it upon himself to try and make Theo jealous for her. She hopes this information has not changed his mind ... Eric fibs his life is fine but Marlena knows his history with Nicole ... Brady wants Nicole to call Eric and she gets breathy and flustered ... Meanwhile at the center Eric concludes it is for the better that Nicole is done. She calls but he does NOT pick up ooooooo ... Adrienne offers mo money but Sheila doubts she would follow through. Adrienne begs and pleads. No luck. She has two years left to languish in jail ... Bonnie covers to Justin that she came to see Hattie to get the scoop for the paper. He takes a call so she sneaks in, after lying to the guard about working for Justin. Hattie exclaims Marlena knows! And they will get Bonnie next! Bonnie hissses at her to keep her big mouth shut. Hattie looks away ... Marlena is here for Eric. Always. They hug and exchange I love yous. After she leaves, he looks at his phone, the call he missed from the woman of his dreams ... Brady encourages Nicole to go down to the center to tell Eric the good news in person. She decides to do just that ... Hattie thinks it is unfair and reasons Bonnie deserves to be in jail right with her ...

Theo wants Claire back and she assures him it was Tripp's idea to make him jealous. They kiss and the clothes start to come off ... Adrienne implores Sheila to pleeeeeeeease give Justin the card. Sheila stands to leave and Adrienne tries to stop her. Sheila calls it an attack so the guard hauls screaming Adrienne back to solitary ... Knock knock! Nicole is at soulful Eric's door. He blinks and wonders why. She announces she would like to keep helping at the center and Brady was the one who suggested it. Eric soap stares ... Marlena comes into the mansion and Brady hugs her. She answers his favorite candy question and he shares how glad he is about John being home safe and sound too. She would like to talk to Adrienne. Alas she bolted on some errand. He admits she has been acting not quite like herself. Marlena gets a knowing smile ... Back at the station Bonnie begs Hattie not to betray her and promises her the world. However, Hattie is still smarting since she stiffed her with dead Angelica. Bonnie cries to help her and grabs her hands in desperation. Legal eagle Justin walks in and demands an immediate explanation...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, September 14