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Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Episode 13,168
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eric has overheard Nicole wishing and wonders. He stops by her and Holly at the square and notes it is a nice day. Mommy wants to spoil her miracle baby silly. Eric suddenly breathes Holly is beautiful like her mother ... At the pub John greets his boy Brady with a hearty hug. They discuss the mad hatter Hattie matter. John knows for a fact that one did not work alone ... Meanwhile at the Kiriakis mansion new maid Sheila snacks and watches TV. Bonnie threatens to dock her pay so she reminds her that Adrienne was willing to give her big money. Bonnie babbles the money is on its way but Sheila will believe it when she sees it ... A somber police guard hauls Hattie out to see her visitor. She sure hopes it is Roman but meets Marlena in the room instead. Marlena states hello, her eyes as cold as soap ice ... Claire leaves Marlena a welcome home voice message, not knowing which one advised her on Theo, her or Hattie. Theo overhears and wants to know more about that advice ... Marlena has something to offer and tells Hattie to listen. Hattie wants the cop to stay nearby. Marlena asks her WHY... Brady is sorry he did not know about the danger John and Marlena were in. He was busy with Nicole. He even assumed Hattie was Marlena when she said strange stuff. John thinks he needs to hear about this. Brady admits she was referring to Eric ... Nicole wants to believe the baby looks like the late Daniel. Eric praises her as a caring and wonderful mother. His eyes regard her with romantic warmth. He gently wonders about her wish, since she is already has her miracle baby ... Sheila puts the squeeze on Bonnie ... Hattie will only tell Marlena that what happened was not really about her and John. Marlena wants to make a deal but first... Hattie's eyes widen ... Theo finds out Claire was hurt by his disinterest and asked for advice. Marlena advised her to remain friends with him. Theo looks disappointed when she acts like it is no big deal. Enter the Tripp ... Marlena is not amused. She orders Hattie to say sorry so she does! In fact the feisty felon solemnly swears her regret. Marlena now wants the name of her partner in crime ...

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Sheila makes elegantly dressed Bonnie dust in her place as she rests. Maggie walks in and wonders what is going on ... John does not get what Brady means. He means the night Deimos drugged them all he made wrong conclusions about Nicole and Eric cheating. He got over it but then Hattie said ... John scoffs Hattie is crazy but Brady knows she could see his jealousy cos it is there ... Nicole notes she has everything she wants and only wishes to make a difference for others. Eric is royally impressed with her selflessness. She adds she adored Julie asking her to stay at the center but Brady had other ideas. He suggested she stick with one of the many charities of Titan. Eric understands and tries to hide his disappointment by noting her ice cream should not melt. She agrees and turns to go. He suddenly gasps Nicole wait and she turns around. They both seem to melt ... Claire is thrilled that Tripp is moving in already. She informs fuming Theo that he even donated his whole inheritance to charity. Theo grumbles to be on time with his part of the rent. He leaves and Claire informs grinning Tripp that Theo misunderstands their friendship. Tripp teases she likes it that way cos she wants to make him jealous. Claire does not deny it ... Brady admits he is intimidated by the long history Eric and Nicole share. John is philosophical about love. No obstacle can stand in the way of two people who truly belong together ... Eric is wistful. He has decided to keep his distance so as not to cause Nicole any turmoil. He wishes her and Holly a wonderful life. Nicole wonders why it sounds like a final farewell ...

Bonnie tells Maggie she was teaching the new maid how to clean ... Marlena now finds out Hattie fancies herself a lone wolf. She sternly states she overheard her say WE drugged the strawberries and cream. She knows there was another party in the plan and suspects Stefano. Hattie interrupts there was no DiMera so Marlena demands a name. Otherwise she will be sent to prison for the rest of her life. Marlena gives Hattie that same look she gave Kristen after they fought and she fell to her supposed death. The blonde means business ... Bonnie has stepped on Maggie's staffing toes and the redhead thinks her new maid is a tad too rough. She poses questions about her past experience. Bonnie blurts out she worked at the big house, then quickly corrects herself. It was A big house. The redhead retorts she does not seem up to the Kiriakis standard. Bonnie fears she wants her to fire her ... Tripp finds the fake triangle funny and agrees to help Claire make Theo jealous, cos he cares. She coos thanks and touches his arm. Theo comes in and stares darkly ... Eric is talking in circles again, about not wanting to create conflict between Brady and Nicole. He innocently asks if all is well between them. She feels they are fine but her eyes flicker ... Theo helps Tripp unpack. They laugh about an old Gameboy and Tripp asks Theo if he would mind him asking his ex out. Theo fibs he feels fine about it. When Tripp leaves the loft to sign some papers Theo tells Claire that Tripp wants to date her. Claire feigns surprise and gushes he is good looking. At least HE is interested ... Bonnie refuses to fire Sheila and dares Maggie to do it. The redhead will wait and see. Meanwhile no more hiring decisions without her direct approval ... Bonnie later grumbles to herself about that uppity beech starting a chain reaction that would end in her rotting in the slammer forever. She cannot fire Sheila!

Hattie is out of her league. Marlena tells her to talk plea deal with the D.A. It will help Hattie's case to provide the name of the other person involved ... Hattie thinks of Bonnie. Marlena assures her it is not too late. Hattie gets worried about Marlena's revenge and asks to return to her cell ... Outside, Nicole and Eric, whose eyes are locked in longing, now notice Brady noticing them. Nicole notes they were just saying goodbye as she is not going back to work at the center. Brady refers to his belief in the right couples like John and Marlena overcoming obstacles and explains he realizes he was wrong to feel so insecure. Eric departs. Brady the tormented now tells Nicole they have to talk about ... them. He lets out a sigh ... Claire calls Theo her best friend and he frowns. She tells him she wants to date Tripp the great. Theo snaps bad idea cos he wants her back as his girlfriend. He grabs her and they kiss with pure passion ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion, dramatic duster Bonnie starts babbling to a figurine and turns on the TV. The news reports that Hattie Adams has been arrested. She drops the expensive figurine and it crashes along with her plans ... As she is escorted away by the police guard, Hattie makes it clear she knows her rights. She demands one phone call to foxy Justin Kiriakis and she wants his number as well ... Heartbroken Eric pauses at Nicole's desk, which is empty ... Brady tells Nicole he trusts her with Eric and thinks he was wrong so she should keep working at the center. He knows she loves it and he loves her. They share a happy hug but Brady's eyes betray his emotions ... John kisses Marlena at the pub, amazed she got Hattie to actually admit she had an accomplice. Marlena noticed how afraid Hattie was and it frightened her as well. John suavely states nothing but goodness awaits. He vows to hold her in his arms until the end of time. Then he kisses the woman he loves and she smiles in dreamy delight ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, September 13