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Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Episode 13,167
Soap words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At DiMera mansion Chad feels the fury of Andre, who all but accuses him of causing their corporate problems with the damned amulet. Abigail attempts to play the peacemaker. Kate snaps Andre betrayed her so he counters she called him crazy. Kate reasons but the board gave him a break Abigail hopes all is now well in the house of DiMera. Chad informs insecure Andre he does appreciate him. Andre flashes a smile. Abigail appeals to Kate to forgive Andre. The DiMeras are now back in business together. Chad and Abigail seal the deal with a kiss ...

Meanwhile Hope and Rafe make the most of their day away from the station but in bed together. The talk turns to Gabi and Hattie. Romantic Rafe assumes she is now ready to set a wedding date. Wrong! Rafe would like to get their license right away but Hope feels there is no need to hurry. Rafe starts to worry. Hope assures him she loves him and diverts his attention with more delight ...

At the Kiriakis mansion Brady is ready for a good stiff drink ... until Nicole enters with Holly. Their attention turns to Holly and Tate's bedtime. But Brady is not in a good place. He later laments the extra work load he will have with Sonny being busy with his wedding and subsequent honeymoon. Nicole now lets him know she would love to keep helping at the Horton Center. Brady is once more consumed with jealousy and accuses her of really wanting to be near brother Eric. He makes it crystal clear he could not condone them continuing to cooperate so closely ...

At Marton House grateful Gabi presents Eli with an old Gameboy gift to thank him for saving her. The FBI fella wears his towel well and she notices. He soon gets dressed and the mood is light. The boss contacts him and she muses he must be getting a promotion to the big city. As it turns out Eli suspects his superior has certain concerns. And he is liking Salem more by the second. Especially when he gets closer to the girl by showing her some self-defense techniques ...

Julie and Doug come across Eric sleeping at the office. When he wakes up naturally the discussion turns to Nicole. He hopes she will continue helping him at the center. Julie excuses herself as Doug and Eric discuss Jen. Doug the romantic crooner suggests Eric open his heart ...

Julie catches Eli holding Gabi at Marton House and makes an assumption. Gabi denies they are a couple. Julie is pleased that Gabi is alright after her run-in with Raines. On the other hand, she is sorry she flew at Eli for arresting Abe when there was so much more to the story. She tries to be as polite as possible about him spending time with Gabi and goes on her way. Eli and Gabi get back to the self-defense flirtation. They might have dinner soon too. But the moment is ruined when Eli gets a call from a contact. Evidently Eli is to be fired by the FBI. He is furious ...

Julie has made her way to the house of Kiriakis. Nicole is somewhat surprised when Julie praises her for her hard work at the Horton Centre. She hopes she will be able to volunteer sometimes still. Brady brings up the good work she could do at Titan. He tries to put on a brave face. Then he sulks all the way to the pub ...

Brady desperately wants a drink to dull the stress of his situation. At the Horton Square, Nicole feels torn. She waited her whole life ... As though on cue Eric comes around the corner and the pair soap stare ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, September 12