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Friday, September 28, 2018
Episode 13,433
1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ciara has a suitcase packed. Tripp wonders where she is going ... At the station phone Rafe asks Shawn to check that was a legit fingerprint. He will tell Hope when he has more. Hope overhears ... John addresses sleeping beauty Marlena. He put out family framed photos in case he is not here when she wakes up and marvels over her miraculous recovery. Alas he feels she is far away. His noble heart is breaking over the lie he is living. However, he believes she will come back to him. He kisses her hand and Roman comes in. Roman updates him on Kayla taking the specialist to Paul. John hopes for good news and starts to doubt his decision to ignore doc’s directive. The truth is he feels terrible about what else he has to do ... Hattie hums the wedding march and opens an envelope in bed. Meanwhile at the pub Belle asks Mayor Abe to officiate the wedding of her folks. Abe agrees but questions the timing cos Kristen is still on the loose ... Stefan has Kristen’s food tray but finds Sami in the secret room with no sign of Kristen. Sami wants answers. He does too and asks who let her in. He warns he could have her booked for breaking and entering. She hisses he was the one harboring the fugitive who locked her in here and demands to know where she is ... Hattie is all smiles over her wedding day ... until Kristen shows up in hospital garb calling her doc ... Ciara states she is simply getting rid of Ben’s belongings. She never should have believed in him! Tripp notes it was not her fault. She is still reeling that the man who saved her tried to kill her and panics when she hears the smoke alarm ...

Rafe is rather vague about the case he was consulting on with Shawn. Hope asks why he did not let her know. He drawls she is busy but she knows he is hiding something. He admits it is about Ben ... Roman is stunned when John sighs he has to marry Hattie today. If not she will blab. Belle also overheard her request and went to invite Abe. Roman is sympathetic. John needs to neutralize Hattie. Roman advises him to marry her ... Hattie wants to call for help. Kristen waves her gun and smirks she will finish her off for real this time. Hattie freezes in fear ... John is baffled by Roman’s reaction. Roman reminds him it would not be legal as the name on the license is Marlena, not Hattie. John is a bit relieved but hates having to put doc’s ring on hideous Hattie’s finger. Roman praises him for doing so in the name of love. He knows Marlena would agree ... Abe is astonished Marlena has given up on her dream wedding for a quickie hospital I do. Belle agrees but wants to make her mom happy. Abe calls her a great daughter and laughs yes. She gushes and gives him a hug. The mayor muses the town does need something to feel celebratory about ... Stefan explains to Sami he would not have brought breakfast if he knew Kristen was gone. Sami panics and goes running to warn her loved ones she is on the loose ... Hattie stammers she is Hattie the Marlena lookalike. Kristen heard she was in the slammer. Hattie stammers she replaced Marlena so she would last longer with the ventilator. She must be stashed away somewhere. She appeals to her as one doppelganger to another and gives details. Kristen now realizes she is not the real Marlena and threatens to shoot unless she reveals where the real version is. Hattie shuts her eyes ...

The smoky toaster is the source of the smoke alarm. T’was a part of Tripp’s burnt breakfast. Ciara gets stressed and almost drops the toaster. Tripp tries to calm her. She cannot forget being in the burning cabin. He assures her they are alright. Bzzzz. She smiles the quiche she made did not get burned and praises Tripp as a great and honest guy. He tells her she can tell him anything. She wonders what made her turn to Ben the serial killer. Tripp blames himself for hurting her but she knows she was the one who pushed him away in the first place. She notes she would never choose Ben over him ... Hope calls the new evidence open and shut but Rafe reasons Ben and his tough lawyer Ted had doubts. Terrible Ted could dig something up. They need to know in advance if there is any hole in the case. Hope accuses him of thinking she planted the print ... John finds Hattie cowering under her sheets and asks what the hell ... She remembers confirming to Kristen that Marlena must be in this hospital. Kristen had threatened to come back and kill her if she talked ... Back to the now. Hattie stammers she is giddy about getting married. John suggests they delay. Hattie refuses and suggests he sign their marriage license. John argues they already had one. Hattie, however, warns him not to try and wiggle out of the wedding. If he does she will inform Belle and Eric their mother is very unwell. John signs with a sigh. She pouts he is lucky she did not demand a prenup though she looks like she knows not what the big word means ...

Hattie admires John’s ... handwriting. Here come Abe and Belle, ready for the big event! Abe informs 'Marlena' that Val will come when her shift is done. She is stunned for a second and then covers. When she makes strange comments John whispers to Abe she is not quite herself. Hattie now wants the rings. John reluctantly takes them out. She gapes at the gorgeous rock. John feels the rest of the family should come. That would include Sami, who made bail. Hattie snaps no. She now asks to begin. John grudgingly goes by her side and she hangs onto his arm. Abe announces they are gathered here today to join them in holy matrimony ... Meanwhile Roman assures sleeping Marlena that John's wedding to Hattie shall be null and void. That should be enough to wake the woman up fast ... Back in bedlam, Hattie hurries Abe to the I do part. Wedding crasher Sami suddenly opens the door with a MOM. Hattie holds up her hands and shouts not to shoot ...

Hope declares she is no dirty cop! Rafe reasons the proof could have been planted by someone else, designed to make her look bad. Hope swears on their love that she did not plant anything. Rafe looks into her eyes and promises he believes her ... Tripp insists Ben was good at duping people. Ciara still feels she might not be normal. Tripp stops her from walking away and apologizes for not knowing about Chase. Ciara admits she was attempting to be a tough cookie. Still she is no snowflake. Tripp gets it and also gets she was grateful Ben saved her. However she needed no saving. He takes her hands and tenderly tells her she is strong and brave. She assures him she only felt gratitude toward Ben but it is now gone. What she feels for Tripp is ... They come together in a kiss ... Roman is paged by Paul’s specialist, as he is keeping tabs for John the reluctant groom. He tells sleeping Marlena to know they all love and need her. Especially John. Then he leaves ... Sami explains she came as she was worried Kristen would come after mama Marlena and asks if they are getting married. John asks her to stay. Sami feels she must go stop Kristen cos someone has to and storms out. Hattie now takes John to be her lawfully wedded hubby ... Ciara now believes she only turned to Ben to protect her heart. Chase made her fear falling in love but Tripp and the fact that she can trust him has changed her mind. Tripp is touched. She asks him to take her to his room ...

Hope is relieved Rafe believes in her. He does and he loves her. How about they have breakfast and forget all about work? She is all for it. But then Rafe gets a call from Shawn, who bears an update. Rafe now repeats to Hope it seems the evidence was planted. She is stunned beyond belief ... Sami storms back to see Stefan and demands he share everything Kristen revealed about her EJ ... Hattie whips out her tacky tiara and claps with glee as Abe pronounces them husband and wife ... Meanwhile Marlena wakes up, her eyes wondering where she is. All of a sudden Kristen comes in, her gun close, grinning with evil intent ...


All the drama in Salem on Friday, September 28