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Thursday, September 27, 2018
Episode 13,433
1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Stefan sarcastically wonders why Sami is not in the slammer. She smiles she got bail. He asks why she is here. To talk to Kristen and it is urgent ... Abigail apologizes to phone Chad again for falling asleep. He reasons they can reschedule the picnic. Until tomorrow. She thanks him and sips her coffee, feeling secure at home. Gabi wickedly watches from the window ... Jen runs into JJ outside and he asks what is the matter ... Maggie is somewhat surprised that Eric wants her help with Nicole ... Eve comes clean to Brady at the suite. He is appalled she lied all this time and cost him Tate! He blasts her for doing Victor’s bidding when he threatened to expose her. Tate is his everything and he is ready to toss her out. He sarcastically suggests she say everything that Jen obviously knows. So tells him she was trying to help when the judge was about to rule against him. She accuses him of not fighting and notes Nicole must have meant more to him than Tate. He snaps that is not true as she admits she went behind his back to turn over the confession tape ... Jen blames herself cos she lied to Eric the good. Then she told him the truth and it all went to Hades ... Maggie smiles Eric moved on and notices his morose face when she mentions Jen ... Kate sits with Chad at the club and criticizes Abigail for falling asleep and missing their picnic. He sighs it seems to make no sense. Kate does the Gabi math and gets uneasy. Meanwhile Gabi hovers over Abigail again, who has lost consciousness on the sofa, snatches away the damning coffee cup, and hisses sweet dreams ...

Outside the pub JJ suspects Jen had her reasons for hiding something from Eric and feels he will forgive her. Not Jen ... Maggie asks if Eric is still engaged to Jen. He whispers yes but he has to find Nicole. She was blackmailed to leave him by his former brother ... Eve tells Brady she wanted to pass the judge the incriminating tape of Nicole. He blasts her for going behind his back ... Chad tells Kate how tired Abigail has been. She adds she is expecting. Chad tries to put on a brave face. Kate sighs this is so unfair ... Gabi calls Stefan’s mobile with sleeping beauty Abigail’s fingerprint ... Stefan lies he has not seen Kristen. Sami scoffs. She has memories of all the DiMera secrets. Stefano was the master deceiver. She was even duped into believing Will was dead though he was alive. According to Kristen, EJ is also alive. She ain’t too proud to beg Stefan to let her talk to her ... Maggie realizes something has happened with Brady. Eric asks Holly’s grandmother about Nicole’s whereabouts. She is sorry to say she has not heard from her and suggests they talk. He mutters it is too late ... Jen wants to find Eric so he is not alone in his torment. JJ tells her he loves her and she goes on her way ... Eve insists she acted out of love. Brady leers. He wonders why she never used the tape. She exclaims by the time she got into Victor’s safe it was gone ... Stefan smoothly states he is not hiding Kristen. Sami talks tunnels and tries to make a move. Stefan grabs her and throws her out. He now reads a fake message from Abigail that she neeeeeeds him. Gabi reads his hasty reply. He is on his way ...

Once Stefan has left the building, Sami gets out her key and laughs he did not change the locks. Within seconds she is inside. But so is manservant Harold, who greets her. She gushes it is good to see him. He asks after the children and wonders why she came. She claims it was to see Stefan but Harold has noticed she was near the entrance to the tunnels and gets out his phone to contact the master. He has his instructions ... Abigail stirs when she hears a knock on the front door and staggers up. There is Stefan, who reminds her she texted him to come. She denies it and tries to close the door ... Kate lowers her voice and assures Chad in the end it will be alright. He finishes his drink and decides to go home. She whispers bye baby ... JJ meets Gabi at the square and brings up what Abigail shared – that they spoke and she admitted she harbored some resentment. He claims to be glad they talked and wants them to work things through as friends ... Abigail acts like Stefan is harassing her so he shows her the text she sent. She takes a look at her phone and sees the same text. It makes no sense! Pause. Love struck Stefan would like to think it was Gabby who reached out ...

Gabi lies to JJ that she is already past what Abigail did. JJ brings up her present situation so she stops him and gets a text she claims is from the sitter. She also claims to be happy she has her friend back and hugs him ... Abigail snaps Gabby is gone. Stefan argues she sent him that message but she claims she was trying to reach JJ not him. She asked him to come fix Thomas’ tricycle. Stefan slyly offers to take a look at the tricycle. She refuses and kicks him out ... Sami implores Harold to help her. Kristen claims EJ is alive and she believes her. She misses him! Harold misses him as well but ... She reasons Will was alive and EJ’s children need him. She could come home and kick Stefan out. Harold likes the sound of that. Sami is convinced Kristen is in the tunnels and asks him to look the other way. Stefan will never find out ... Brady locked that tape in the Kiriakis safe. Eve exclaims it went missing. Brady believes Victor did something with it. He laments he lost his boy already! He then pouts about Eve pinning it all on Victor to save herself. Now the cat is out of the bag and he has serious doubts about the F word. Forgive ...

Jen has summoned Eric to the park and is sorry for everything. She hates how this has upset him and came from Brady’s. Where was he? He went to ask Maggie about Nicole’s whereabouts but hit a dead end. Jen laments she lost him to Nicole. Eric casts her the most tormented soap stare in history. All he believed was a lie. He is upset about Brady threatening to take Nicole’s baby! Jen fights back the tears. Eric deduces Nicole was desperate. Jen thinks it sounds like he still loves her ... Brady notes Eve is no different than the women who have betrayed him. She brings up his betrayal of Eric, not to mention that Brady also betrayed her ... Kate summons Gabi to the club and accuses her of drugging Abigail. Gabi does not deny it, believing her victory is imminent ... Abigail texts JJ to come over ... Sami asks to have a look in the tunnels. No one will even know she was there. Harold turns away and she thanks him. Sami now climbs through the secret opening and braces herself for whatever she might find ... JJ comes over and Abigail hugs him, crying Gabby the evil alter could be back ... Gabi assures agitated Kate that the drug she used on Abigail will not harm her pregnancy. Kate warns she will be watching her and Chad and baby better not be hurt. Gabi reminds her Abigail was the one who finished off Andre. Kate sighs Stefan is still trying to force her against Chad. Gabi declares very soon Stefan will get what he deserves ... Harold opens the door to Stefan and states it has been quiet ... Sami opens the secret room and curses cos it is empty but then the door slams shut and she finds herself locked in ... Eve reminds Brady he lied and lied again to her when he wanted to steal what was hers. She cries she could forgive him yet now he will not forgive her for trying to help? Brady cries she cost him his son and turns away. He walks out to see Paul, aka the only brother he has left ... Jen sadly states she sensed Eric would go after Nicole. He hangs his head. She tells him to be happy and hands him back the engagement ring ... Meanwhile Maggie makes a call to Nicole. She informs her that Eric came by. They must discuss ...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, September 27