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Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Episode 13,432
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eric’s hand is bruised. Roman finds him at the pub and wonders whom he slugged. Someone who deserved it ... Eve tries to talk Brady out of opening their suite door to Jen ... At the Kiriakis mansion Victor has tea with Maggie. Eli arrives on cop business. Maggie wonders what Victor did ... At the station Justin informs Adrienne over the phone that Bonnie is free. Handcuffed Sami overhears and addresses her attorney ... Stefan brings Kristen breakfast down in the secret DiMera room. She shows off her phoenix tattoo. He announces after this meal she has to fly the hell away. She thinks there is nothing to worry about but he knows the cops will come back. They know about the tunnels. She is not going until she gets Brady back ... Jen realizes Eric already confronted Brady ... Roman wonders what da hell when he hears what Brady did ... Justin senses Sami’s frustration. She demands he get her out. He reminds her she was denied bail. Sami is headstrong ... Victor swears he has been above board. Eli admits this is about both of them. They might be hiding a wanted fugitive. Here comes Susan cooing about teatime. She helps herself. Eli explains this is the fugitive ... Eric hides the fact that Nicole killed Deimos from Roman. He laments Brady blackmailed her to make her leave him. Jen is the source ... Jen admits she is aware Brady blackmailed Nicole into leaving Eric. Brady points out he paid the price and wonders who told Eric. Jen did so he asks who told her. Eve cringes ... Stefan snaps Brady and Eve are engaged. Kristen, however, is convinced they still have a connection ... Sami insists she was drugged by Kristen, who held her captive. Justin sighs the drugs were gone from her system by the time she was tested. Sami rages she will find Kristen and make her talk and then tell her EJ’s location. She struggles with the door and departs in a huff ...

Eli informs Susan he must check her identity cos she is a Kristen lookalike. Susan offers up some china to do DNA testing ... The guard brings Sami back into the room where Justin is waiting. She sulks. Her lawyer is aware how much she loved EJ but she needs to let go. She asks whether he would fight to find Adrienne. He would. However, her unreliable source was Kristen DiMera. Sami still believes in her heart of hearts EJ is waiting for her to find him. That means she must track down Kristen and make her talk ... Stefan considers Kristen a loose cannon and a liability. He laughs when she calls herself vulnerable and claims they bonded. More like delusional. She calls him unable to love real people and alludes to the alter he loved and lost. Stefan gets testy. She smiles Brady really only cares for her ... Jen the reporter verified the information and it took her two months to tell Eric as she was torn. However, Eric and Nicole were in love and he would have been with her if Brady had not done such damage. Brady admires her selflessness and refers to it as real love. He presses her for her source. She would rather not say. He narrows it down to Victor or ... Eve.

Maggie makes Susan give back her bone china. Eli had something else in mind and takes a swab from her mouth. He thanks her and goes. She gushes she wants Kristen caught. Victor urges her to follow Eli out the front door. She replies Kristen could come after her and Roger is away on an Elvis tour. She offers to show Victor her Marlena doll. He scoffs it is hard enough having her around. She calls him meaaaaaaan ... Brady believes Victor bartered something with Jen. She denies it. He rages grandfather betrayed him again and wants to storm off. Eve suddenly stops him and admits she was the one who told Jennifer about Nicole. Brady looks like he has been shot through the heart ... Roman is astounded when Eric explains Jen withheld the info from him as she feared losing him. Roman asks if she really has lost him … Justin mocks Kristen’s story about EJ being revived by an injection. Sami reasons Rolf made the serum to wake up Will and would have done the same for Stefano’s son. Justin reminds her EJ was shot in the back and DOA. Sami wishes he would stop. Justin sighs Sami has suffered enough. He will inform the judge it is inhumane to lock her up and will get her granted bail. She thanks him through her tears and he heads off to try ... Stefan warns Kristen if she goes after Brady she will only make a fool of herself. She calls Stefan morose and notes he knows nothing. He knows she tried to goad Sami into gunning down Brady’s beloved father. She claims their connection is irrational anyway and reminds him of Abigail having his baby. He wishes she would stop and just reveal what she really knows about EJ ...

Sami waits. Eli enters the room and apologizes. Sami asks for an update on Kristen. He has a couple of leads and asks whether she remembers where she was holding her. Alas she was blindfolded and drugged. He went to the Kiriakis mansion to check Susan was not Kristen. Sami suggests they search the DiMera tunnels cos Stefan could have her stashed there ... Stefan simply wants to know whether Kristen claiming EJ was alive to Sami was a mind game ... Roman realizes Eric feels like he has been socked in the stomach. Eric hangs his head and admits he is sickened by the betrayal. Roman praises what he shares with Jen. Eric sighs she said nothing and knew since they were engaged ... Brady wants to misunderstand what Eve means. She screams at Jen for telling Eric. Jen replies she did not reveal her secret. Brady wants to know what it is. Jen warns Eve she already lost Eric and has nothing more to lose so if Eve does not tell Brady what she did then she shall. Eve turns toward Brady, her eyes filled with dread. Jen starts to speak so Eve asks her to leave them alone. Jen sighs she did not set out to hurt the brothers and exits. Brady demands Eve explain what she is hiding ...

Victor agrees he is meeeeeean and he can spot a con a mile away! He orders Susan to go up to her suite and stay there or else he will be meaner. The hillbilly houseguest giggles he is really just a big old pussycat. She heads upstairs laden with treats. Maggie meows at Victor ... Justin bears news. Sami was granted bail, bond was posted. The cuffs come off but there are conditions. She cannot interfere with the Kristen investigation or the law will lock her up. She gushes she will only go to Marlena, thanks him and races off. Justin gets a bad feeling ... Kristen is not interested in revealing her knowledge to Stefan. He orders her to tell him if EJ is dead or alive or he will throw her out to fend for herself. She smiles to take a seat for she has quite a story ... Maggie ends a call with Justin and updates Victor on Bonnie being free again. He fumes about the fruitcake. She counters he is no saint and wonders what he has done lately. The redhead has not forgotten that he had drugs planted on JJ ... Eve informs Brady that Victor arranged for drugs to be planted to affect the custody case cos she suggested they do something to sway said case. Brady soap stares ... Jen comes searching for Eric at the pub. Roman replies she just missed him. Meantime Eric the wounded soldier of love appears on Maggie’s doorstep asking for her help ... Stefan emerges from the secret room under Stefano’s watchful portrait. He has been caught off guard by a strange family surprise that makes him stammer to himself. Sneaky Sami appears and asks about that surprise ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, September 26