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Tuesday, September 25, 2018
Episode 13,431
1430 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Paul sleeps as Will watches and remembers what he and Sonny agreed - that he would lie the injured hero was the one he wanted. Meantime Sonny sadly smiles at his and Will’s photo on his phone. Nearby Adrienne ends a call with Justin, noting Lucas is lucky to have him ... At the station suited Justin questions Lucas getting involved with the likes of Bonnie Lockhart. Speak of the sassy devil ... Sad Jen has summoned confidant Kayla to Horton house. She told Eric the truth and now cries on Kayla’s shoulder ... Eric rages he knows what Brady did. Brady wonders. Eric slugs him and Brady goes down. He explodes not to lie and curses him. Eve gasps and goes to fallen Brady’s side ... Jen updates Kayla on Eric’s reaction when she let him know Nicole only left town cos she was blackmailed by Brady ... Raging bull Eric grabs Brady, shoves him up against the wall and shouts to start talking. Eve screams and protests ... Justin notes Bonnie has some nerve and lets her know he would rather she remain behind bars. She pouts then papa Lucas will lose his daughter and waits for their final answer ... Back at Kiriakis mansion Sonny is stunned and sorry to hear why Adrienne had to let Bonnie get away. She sighs she had to help Lucas and he calls her selfless. She senses he has Paul on his mind. Sonny calls all the timing crazy. She agrees he should not know the truth until he improves. Sonny points out Paul might never walk again. He needs them all to rally as he recovers, which was why he and Will gave up on their future. They both feel it is more right for Will to remain with Paul. Violins play ...

Paul opens his eyes and wonders how long Will has been there. A while. John just went to check on Marlena. Paul gets glum, remembering his state. Will tries to give him a pep talk and assures him he will walk again. Paul starts to suspect he might not really want to stay with him, since his feelings for Sonny returned ... Jen complains to Kayla about Eve putting pressure on her. Alas her worst fear came true. Eric has left her ... Eric thunders to tell all. Eve tries to change the subject. Brady wonders what the problem is. Eric wails he lost the woman he loved – Nicole – all because of him ... Bonnie waits. Justin explains Adrienne is not pressing charges. He already updated the D.A. Bonnie gets more smug by the second and asks about her original sentence. Justin muses the murder sentence. Lucas gets mad when she makes light of it. Justin explains the intricacies of early release and confirms Bonnie qualifies. She is now asked to sign a document and she will get out. She gushes until ... Lucas stops her... Jen hates how she hurt Eric. Kayla is convinced he is still over Nicole but not Jen. She cannot believe what Brady did, how he threatened to make her lose Holly! Even Jen is sympathetic as a mother. She worries about the pain Eric is experiencing ... Brady wants to explain but Eric believes this is beyond explanation. He calls him horrible and Brady does not deny it ...

Sonny laments to mama Adrienne he loves Will forever. He refers to Will remembering as a miracle. But Paul is in physical and emotional pain so now is not their time. Sonny feels guilty he dumped Paul and Will would have too. But Paul must come first. Adrienne asks about Sonny’s feelings. He counters they do not count cos Paul has a broken body and needs no broken heart. Adrienne believes he might be making a mistake ... Paul wants to discuss with Will how he felt when he remembered his romantic history with Sonny. He suspects his situation might have affected Will in his decision. He hopes this is not pity. Before Kayla broke the bad news about his legs did Will really still want him ... Lucas talks tough, demanding his baby back before Bonnie gets a free pass for her release. Justin sides with him ... Jen calls herself a coward for hiding the secret, which only hurt Eric and now she has lost him ... Eric thunders that is it? Brady admits he was angry and Nicole played him by pretending to love him, only to dump him for his brother. Eric howls like a wounded animal whose world has fallen apart. Brady assures him he is no longer an angry man as he loves Eve. Eric sarcastically agrees he is changed so why did he not tell him the truth himself?! Brady pauses ... Sonny admits he is in agony but he is doing right by Paul. That must be the priority. Adrienne has been there and suggests Paul not be kept in the dark. Sonny cannot let Paul down into the depths of despair. Adrienne weeps her heart is breaking for Will and her son. She begs him not to give into the twist of fate. Sonny stands his soap ground ...

Will fibs to Paul his feelings have not changed. He only wants to be with him and mentions his nice memories of them, how Paul was there for him so many days and nights. He was at peace with Paul and cares for him in the present. Paul ponders his state so Will suggests he is strong and can overcome the setback. Paul gushes he loves his heart and feels lucky ... Jen suddenly panics that Eric might have gone looking for Nicole. She also worries he will go after Brady big time ... Brady reasons he and Eric have put aside their differences. Eric is horrified to realize that even Eve knew! Brady claims he swore her to silence so Nicole killing Deimos would not come out. Eric is appalled he ruined his relationship with Nicole and said nothing to him. Brady is sorry. Eric bellows he does not believe him, calls him pathetic, and heads for the door. But first he announces they are over as brothers. Brady looks like he has been slapped a thousand times ...

Justin complains to Lucas the idea of Bonnie walking makes him bonkers. Lucas hopes she does not double cross them by taking off with the baby even after she signs. Suited Justin is on his side ... Will would be happiest to see Paul well and suggests they plan. Paul happily remembers the story he wrote about him, how he decided to come out at last. Will admits he hates that he cheated on Sonny back then. Paul hated that too after he found out he was his hubby. But now they are together for the rest of their lives. They hug and Will's face falls ... Sonny begs his mother to let go as he and Will are history. She refuses to like it. He doesn’t either and declares it is the hardest thing to bid goodbye to Will when he wants him. Adrienne cries for her son and hugs him. She offers to cook him something. Sonny sighs he would prefer some fresh air and walks out. Adrienne raises her eyes to the heavens. She now tells Justin over the phone how heartbroken their noble Sonny is. The talk turns to Bonnie. He updates her on the hardball, how she wants to be released before she reveals the baby’s whereabouts. She is not surprised and wonders what Lucas decided. Meanwhile Lucas lets Bonnie know she is being released first but if she does not allow him to see his baby the second she is back out she will live to regret it. He means it too ... Paul gets a call from Will about yogurt flavors. He smiles to surprise him and ends the call. Will now spies Sonny at the square. Sonny asks about Paul. Will unhappily tells him how happy he is. He hated deceiving him. Paul does not mean to him what Sonny does. He woefully walks away ... At the pub Eric throws his stiff drink against the wall. The glass shatters just as he was shattered after he lost Nicole ... As Brady is tended to by Eve and wonders who revealed the inconvenient truth to his brother, Jen arrives and knocks on the door. She calls out to Brady. Eve freezes.

Oh oh!

All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, September 25