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Monday, September 24, 2018
Episode 13,430
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Hattie wants to marry John right away! He laughs and Belle looks at him. He tells her they have time. Hattie wants the wedding today ... Shawn joins Rafe at the station searching for Hope, who is on break. He brings up Ben ... As Ciara polishes Bo’s bike mama Hope smiles. The girl in red regrets standing up for Ben. Hope raises an eyebrow and takes her hand, telling her what a wonderful heart she has. But Ben was a bad guy she could not trust. Mother and daughter embrace ... Eve sits on the bed in her bathrobe, happily remembering when Jen assured her she would not say anything to Eric. Brady gets on his own bathrobe and the talk turns to Kristen. Eve feels safe and sound with him and he agrees they are gonna make it. Smooch! Meantime at Horton house Jen confesses to Eric there is something she was hiding about Nicole. He fibs he has no feelings for Nicole and loves and trusts Jen now. Jen suspects he will change his mind in a matter of seconds ... Hattie, as Marlena, pretends to be puzzled by John’s hesitation. He suggests she get her strength but she acts like all they need is their license and love. She tells Belle to summon Abe stat. John is at a loss ... Brady snuggles in bed with Eve and is grateful for she who never hurt him like the others he lost in love. They used to be enemies but not anymore. Brady credits her for making him a better man again and they exchange I loves yous and another smooch ... Back at Horton house Eric would rather not rehash Nicole leaving him. Jen now tells him Nicole was forced to leave him!

Shawn and Rafe go over the Ben matter with coffee. Shawn sighs it is too coincidental his cop mother was desperate and then discovered proof against Ben. Rafe knows not how to respond. Shawn hopes she did not plant it. Rafe shares the same sentiment ... Down at the garage Hope has an answer for everything Ciara says about Ben. When she suggests he might not remember what he did, Hope pauses ... Belle asks if her mom is certain about the timing. Hattie gushes she has never been more certain. Belle goes to make the call and summon the gang. John looks at Hattie in exasperation ... Eric explains Nicole wanted to leave Salem with Holly. Jen begs to differ and alludes to her being blackmailed. He asks by whom. Jen would rather not say. He calls it insane and demands the name and reason. Jen starts by stating the blackmail was about her killing Deimos ... Rafe states he himself searched the scene of the crime as well as Eli and other pros. Shawn points out they could not have missed that proof and asks Rafe if he believes Hope planted it. Rafe pauses ... Hope gasps it is hard to walk away from someone but Ciara was right to turn her back on Ben the cold blooded killer. Ciara still harbors doubts. Hope calls him calculating for the way he repaired Bo’s bike to dupe her. The psycho might try to off her again ... Eric refuses to believe Nicole killed Deimos. Jen reasons everyone was drugged. Eric admits they were together, then there were blurred lines and they lost one another in the fog. Jen explains Nicole was confronted by dastardly Deimos, who declared he would snatch Holly so she stabbed him and THAT was why she left Eric. The former father soap stares ...

Brady takes a long distance call from Theresa in bed, believing it is about Tate. Unseen unheard Theresa upsets him by refusing to let Tate return. He screams to Eve her sister is stealing his son ... John patiently points out it is too fast. And Abe has a city council meeting expected to go late. Hattie asks for the marriage in the morning then. Belle hugs her and happily goes. John growls to Hattie what the hell ... Ciara wonders whether there will be a trial. She assumes he will get a public defender and assures Hope she believes her when she complains Ben will lie she planted the proof ... Rafe sighs Hope got mad he found her find strange. And attorney Ted will take the conspiracy theory to town. Shawn adds Ted the terrible will go after Hope. Rafe agrees and decides they have to get ahead of it ... Eve is unable to calm Brady, who hates Theresa let Tate start school in California. He hates she has sole custody and blames the fact that drugs were planted on JJ. Eve goes silent ... Eric disagrees with Jen about what Nicole did that fateful night. He asks how she knows any of the tale. Jen informs him Nicole wound up with the amulet and left it in her room. Someone found it there. Eric believes that must be the blackmailer. He now remembers Brady’s strange apology and gasps about him taking the room apart. Jen woefully confirms it was brother Brady the betrayer who forced Nicole to leave him forever. He pressured her about the amulet and then when she remembered what had happened he protected her ... until she told him she would leave him for Eric. Eric seethes. Jen reminds him that Brady was crazy with addiction at the time and threatened to make her lose Holly by sending her to the slammer. He sits and emotionally covers his mouth. Jen is sorry. Eric admits he always suspected something and wishes Nicole had come to him for help. Jen notes it was not possible as Brady had a recorded confession he claimed he would hand over to the police. Eric fumes he forced her to choose between him and Holly. His eyes darken ...

Brady blames Victor for everything but Eve insists he is on his side and not to blame. Brady rages he needs to be with his boy. Eve gets an idea ... Hope laments to Ciara that Rafe suspects she planted the proof. Ciara is sorry and suggests she not let it break them up. Hope is touched ... Rafe sighs to Shawn that he and Hope just got back together so Shawn offers to do the investigating of Hope instead. She will not suspect a thing ... John offers to cooperate with Hattie, who warns not to send her back to the slammer else she shall expose Roman and Kayla and the plug will be pulled on his precious Marlena. John holds his tongue ... Ciara tries to make Hope feel better. Hope gushes about her girl’s good advice. Mother and daughter hug and mother asks daughter for dinner soon. They are in a good place. At least for now ... Once alone Ciara gazes at the bike that Ben made shine again ... Eve offers to go talk to Theresa. Brady disagrees and calls her the only one he can count on. Then he hugs her ... Eric asks how Jen knows about the tape. She stammers she wanted to tell him the truth. He tells her to spill how long she has known this secret. Two months. He stands up and storms out, slamming the door ...

Hope returns to the station. Rafe closes the evidence information he was studying and claims he was just reading a report ... At the square café Belle gushes to Shawn that mama Marlena wants her to help arrange her marriage to papa John tomorrow ... Back in her room, Hattie argues John has a lot on his plate with Paul in the hospital. John admits he underestimated her but he is a reasonable man. He can arrange via the ISA for Hattie to be set up in witness protection but she begs to differ. Either he marries her or she exposes them all. Do it for Marlena’s sake, for all of them! Back at Horton house Jenny weeps she has lost Eric and places a call. "I need you ..." Back in their room Brady and Eve are dressed, busily discussing how to get Theresa back to town. Eve offers to end their relationship but besotted Brady refuses to give up the only one he trusts. He hears banging on the door and opens it to Eric, who rages I KNOW WHAT YOU DID!


All the drama in Salem on Monday, September 24