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Friday, September 21, 2018
Episode 13,429
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Adrienne opens the front door to Lucas, surprised he came to Kiriakis mansion to see her. She smiles about Will remembering his life and supports Sonny and his decision. Lucas interrupts since he needs something ... Chloe visits Brady with cookies. They discuss the miracle of Marlena, the problems Paul faces. Chloe is grateful Brady helped her with her own treatments in the old days. Now the talk turns to relationships ... Eric is at the hospital happy to be updating Jen on the miracle of Marlena. He plans to stop by soon. Jen ends the call and finds Eve at her door. She warns her she will be telling Eric the truth today about Nicole. Eve says no way ... Back at the hospital Eric and Belle marvel about Marlena. Belle just wants her to be like herself soon ... John is with his sleeping beauty Marlena assuring her he is here always. Kayla updates him on her not being ready to breathe on her own yet. John is in no hurry as they have Hattie. Kayla sighs she is worried how long Roman can handle her ... Hangry Hattie complains in her room to exasperated Roman and negotiates a Brady pub burger ... John knows they cannot keep Hattie in the hospital forever. Kayla hopes Marlena wakes up soon. John kisses doc’s hand and begs his baby to come back ...

Roman tries to talk flower bearing Belle out of visiting Marlena outside her room ... Jumpsuit Jenny stands her ground. Eve suspects she will say nada to Eric cos she knows he would leave a liar for Nicole. Jen still wants to do right. Eve argues Jen is better for Eric than Nicole. Jenny blasts her for lying to Brady and blames her for him losing custody of Tate. The truth comes out today ... Brady admits his own love life has been a mess. Chloe praises him for pulling himself out and admits Lucas is facing a challenge as he has a baby with Bonnie. Brady cannot believe it. Chloe sighs he blacked out from booze and believed she was Adrienne at the time ... Lucas brings up Bonnie. Adrienne smiles Steve got her and she is going back to Statesville. Lucas notes he needs her to drop those charges ... John is so grateful to Kayla and warns if caught she would be in big trouble. Kayla too would do anything for doc ... Belle suspiciously wonders why she cannot see mom now. Roman fibs she is fast asleep. Belle wants to make things right and forges on. Roman sighs. So many headstrong women ... Brady and Chloe continue their conversation over the crystal bowl on the table. She wants Parker to have a stable home but how is it possible with Bonnie and her baby in the picture? Brady points out she will be in prison. Chloe notes not for long if she has her way ... Adrienne is sorry that Lucas got Bonnie pregnant and even sorrier to hear his little girl’s name is baby Bonnie. Lucas updates her on her threat to keep her away from him unless he gets the charges against her dropped ...

Kayla assures John no one knows they are hiding Marlena in this wing. They both hope Hattie will not let them down. Roman appears and admits they have a problem. John shuts his eyes ... Belle has flowers for Marlena. Hattie has not forgotten she almost killed her mom after Sami shot her! The bouquet should have been bigger and she would prefer the fav flowers of Dame Edna anyway. Lawyer Belle argues lilacs are her fav flowers. She peers at Marlena and wonders what is going on ... John shakes his head when he hears Hattie is with Belle as they speak. Kayla agrees he should go and stop her from finding out the truth. Once alone with Kayla, Roman reveals his worry. If Hattie is exposed they all go down and they lose a loved one. He looks at Marlena as she continues to breathe with the ventilator ... Hattie speaks in circles and asks to smell the flowers. Then she sneezes and orders Belle to take them with her. Belle is bewildered. Hattie has not forgotten she tried to pull the plug on her. Belle believed it was what she wanted since she even signed a document. Hattie accuses her of being after her money and kicks her out ... Lucas laments to Adrienne that Bonnie is keeping the baby hidden somewhere. She could get a conditional release without Adrienne’s charges and she is demanding they be dropped ...

Brady is appalled by Bonnie’s blackmail and promises to keep an AA eye on Lucas. Chloe appreciates it. She asks how he is handling things after crazy Kristen. Brady holds himself to blame for almost losing Eve cos of the crazy DiMera. He lists all the mistakes he has made including being with Nicole. He admits when Eve was in danger he realized he could never bear to lose her. Chloe talks true love. He thinks it could be and feels like a lucky guy ... Eve calls out Jen for wanting to relieve her guilty conscience and blames her for any destruction of her romance with Brady. In addition Eric’s mother is in hospital! She cries it could destroy both brothers. Jen now agrees she is right. Eve leaves a happier woman than when she arrived ... Belle senses Marlena feels betrayed. Hattie uses the M word. Murder and then she kicks her out. John arrives and also acts astonished so as to throw off Belle ... Eric kisses Jen, alone at last at Horton house. He has missed her and is sorry he has not seen her enough lately. Now what was so important she wanted to say? He steals a few kisses first ...

Eve comes home to Brady. He planned to visit brother Paul, who texted he is too tired. He wonders where she went. On an errand. He perceives she is happy and she gushes she is the happiest woman in the world with him. They kiss in bliss for one of the last times ... Adrienne cannot forget how Bonnie stole her life and family. Lucas laments he got his heart broken twice and suggests they square things. Adrienne does not want nightmares again but papa bear Lucas begs her to help out him and his baby girl ... Roman sits by sleeping beauty Marlena and wonders whether she will ever wake up. Kayla knows not but the world is a much better place with a Marlena in it ... Belle is sorry she upset her mom. John notes Marlena understands just as they understand how hard it has been post coma. He believes their daughter needs to hear how proud they are of her. Hattie agrees and gushes how good the man she wanted to marry is. She has not been herself but now she would like a group hug. She hugs Belle and John gives her a suspicious stare ... Jen stops kissing Eric and gasps they have got to talk ...

Lucas catches up with Chloe at the club. Adrienne agreed to drop the charges so it looks like Bonnie gets out of jail and he gets to be a dad. Chloe soap stares ... Brady hopes to Eve that Lucas and Chloe can be as happy as them. He has never felt closer to her. She tells him they could be even closer and they kiss as violins play tragically in the background ... Eric asks Jen what is wrong. She laments she lied to him but the time has come to tell him the truth ... John is pleased they got past any misunderstanding. Belle agrees when "Marlena" mentions the future. "Marlena" tells John to come kiss her. He whispers not the right time. She reasons they would have been on their honeymoon but a bullet went through her heart like Cupid’s arrow. Much to Belle’s delight and John’s horror Hattie now gushes she wants them to tie the knot right away in her hospital room ...


All the drama in Salem on Friday, September 21