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Thursday, September 20, 2018
Episode 13,428
1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kayla quietly informs Lucas and Chloe the test results indicate he is the father of Bonnie’s baby. Meanwhile Bonnie boasts to the baby her daddy is gonna get them out ... At the pub, Abe steps away for his call and then comes back to find Sheila holding the credit card he left on the table. She tells him she would have turned it in and talks reward. Mayor Abe gives her a hard time and calls what she is doing credit card fraud. She denies it but he blasts her for the Adrienne/Bonnie fiasco. She snaps she was not stealing his card and starts to leave. The mad mayor tries to stop her so she accuses him of assault ... At the park Lani sighs to Eli that they have a connection. He is happy to hear it and wonders what comes next ... Blue vision Kate runs into Chad at the square. He states he is waiting for Abigail and Thomas. They planned a picnic. He is quite perturbed they are running late ... Back at the house, Gabi is glad Abigail is sleeping from the sedative and sneers she has another surprise in store ... Eli assumes Lani is ready for a real date, no need to rush. Alas she has decided they should not date ... Kate can see Chad has high hopes. He gushes he loves his wife and son and wants to get over her having Stefan’s baby. He worries why she is late so Kate tells him to call her ... Gabi ignores sedated Abigail’s ringing phone and proceeds to move her ragdoll rival off the sofa ... Lucas cannot believe he has a kid with Bonnie. Chloe questions if it is conclusive. Kayla explains all 15 markers matched Lucas as well as Bonnie. Lucas is ready to cry ... The baby cries in Bonnie’s arms and she notes she needs reinforcements. That means ... She asks the guard to let her make a call ... Chad sighs it went to voice mail. Kate assumes Abigail changed her mind about meeting him. Chad begs to differ and repeats what he said to Gabi. Kate had no idea he was confiding in that girl! Chad is still smarting that Stefan’s baby is not his. Kate remembers Gabi admitting she switched the paternity tests and pouts ... Gabi gets Abigail covered in bed and wickedly gets out the dark Gabby wig ...

Eli is at a loss. Lani calls what they have shared comfort - no more no less. He praises her and admits she is always on his mind. She says the same but suspects their connection is simply the sadness they shared. Perhaps it is too soon for her to love again so it is best to keep things professional ... Kate tries to make Chad feel better by telling him it was the illness that sent Abigail into Stefan’s arms. Chad, however, is the love of her life! She wants them back together so he can be a father to... She urges him to keep the faith. Chad thanks and hugs her. Now he goes looking for Abigail ... Kate decides to stop Gabi and gives her a call ... Kayla gets a call from unseen unheard Steve and weeps how worried she was! She is sorry to say it was sinister Stefan who had the ability to control the bionic eye. She blames herself. Steve gets her to agree he will be cleared and come home to her. She loves him and the call is over ... Gabi gets an urgent summons from Kate and decides to do the next stage of her scheme later. But before she can leave Chad comes through the front door calling out to Abigail. Gabi freezes with her handbag in the living room ...

Chad soon steps in and sees Abigail’s bag. Then he hears Thomas crying and runs upstairs. Gabi then makes her great escape, having been hidden in a large armchair ... Back at the hospital Lucas’ head is spinning. Chloe gets him a glass of water and assures him she will be there for him and baby Bonnie. Lucas wants a word with big Bonnie first. She wishes him luck with a kiss ... Lani is sorry. Eli respects her wishes. She just wants to be friends. He accepts it and will see her around ... Chad carries toddler Thomas into the bedroom, where he sees sleeping beauty Abigail. She stirs and wonders what is going on. Chad was waiting at the square. They were to meet an hour ago and he asks what happened. She is unsure and assumes she took a nap. It sounds like there was some missing time in her life like ... Kate lectures Gabi for hurting Chad as well as Thomas, not to mention the next baby. Chad deserves better! Gabi threatens to reveal her spying for Stefan to Chad if she does not back off. Kate points out her plan is a bust. Gabi admits it is but desperate times call for desperate measures. That means she must make Gabby the alter enter the picture ...

Sheila accuses Abe, who asks her to take it easy. Eli enters and she demands he arrest the mayor. Abe accuses her of trying to take his credit card. Eli knows Sheila well and wants to handle it. Once they are alone, he tells Sheila to start talking ... Bonnie is surprised when Lucas come in and acknowledges he is the baby’s father. She tells him to ask Adrienne to drop the charges to keep Bonnie’s mama out of the slammer. Lucas, however, believes behind bars is where she belongs so he can raise the baby himself. He is the better parent ... Abigail sits up in bed and touches the baby that is growing fast in her belly. Chad comes back, having put Thomas back to bed. He states he was scared crying alone in his room when he arrived. Abigail admits the last thing she can recall is picnic packing. She suggests they go ahead with their picnic plan. He solemnly suggests they wait another day. Abigail apologizes. Chad looks concerned ... Gabi calls her plan brilliant but Kate warns her those alters were integrated. Gabi smugly states she will make it seem Abigail is relapsing and drive her crazy again. Kate refuses to let Stefan have the baby. Gabi gushes she will make sure Chad discovers the paternity tests were switched. Stefan will be set up and he will fall hard when he finds out the child he loves is not even his. Then her revenge shall be complete! Kate warns her Chad will still go back to Abigail but Gabi believes by then she will be Chad’s wife. It is an ambitious albeit delusional plan ... Abe finds Lani all alone at the park. She updates him on letting Eli down. He wonders how she really feels. A little sad. Abe reasons love is a risk but she is right to protect her heart at this time. He hugs her ... Eli teases Sheila for trying to scam the mayor. She laughs it was only for a minute. Eli tells her how close Abe is to his mom and him since he is the father of the girl who lost his baby. She wants to hear all about his woes over dinner - provided he is paying ...

Chloe ends a call with Maggie, who is looking after Ari and Parker. Kayla admits it was a shock that Lucas fathered Bonnie’s baby. They loathe that he will be tied to Bonnie for life now ... Bonnie calls Lucas a monster and they bicker. He refuses to help her stay out of the slammer. She counters she can keep him away from the baby. He wants his daughter and demands custody. She warns him he will not find her. He demands to know whom she gave her to. Bonnie smugly smiles ... Lani leans on papa Abe and calls Eli a good guy. Abe agrees and admits he owes him now ... Sheila chows down and is sorry to hear Lani only wants to be friends. She thinks Eli should forget about her and defends her fries from him ... Bonnie calls Lucas a sleaze. He asks where the baby is. Somewhere he will never find her. She will only share her whereabouts after he gets her out of her prison predicament ... Delusional Gabi gushes after she helps Chad find out he is the baby’s father he will fall into her life and her bed. Kate thinks that is delusional and drastic. Gabi begs her to keep her silence and reminds her Abigail never paid for offing Andre. This way she does plus she socks it to Stefan. She takes off. Kate looks intense ... Meanwhile Chad sits on the bed with Abigail and assures her they can have another picnic. He holds her, unaware that sticking out from under the bed is the dark haired wig. If discovered it could send the fair Abigail back to hell ...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, September 20