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Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Episode 13,427
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Lucas informs Dr. Kayla that Paul is well in hospital and had fries and a burger from Will. Kayla praises Will and points out he could have a little sister. Lucas wants to be sure and they agree it seems surreal. Alas the rushed DNA test results are not ready ... In a room Sheila hands Bonnie her baby and she coos to her pink bundle. But Sheila is suspicious. Is Lucas really the daddy? Chloe walks in also wanting an answer ... Lani does not take a call from Eli, who is sad at the station. Outside the pub coffee carrying JJ asks Lani if she is alright ... Abigail has her picnic basket ready. Ring ring! Tis Chad, who talks today’s picnic. She packed his fav stuff and he promises a sunny day. Gabi overhears Chad and gets a wild look in her eye. What a crazy girl wants ... JJ recalls Lani was upset last time he saw her and is still sympathetic and sorry for her loss. She thanks him. He lets her know he is here if she needs a friend and goes on his way ... Kayla explains the most trusted lab tech has the samples so no worries. Lucas wants to be on the safe side given Bonnie’s switching history ... Bonnie gushes her baby has Lucas’ eyes and gives him to Sheila, who takes her out of the room before all hell breaks loose. Chloe came to set Bonnie straight but Bonnie smiles she already won. Chloe calls her a liar and warns she will not let her hurt Lucas ...

Eli cannot concentrate on his work. He is stunned to see Sheila at the station with a baby. She tells him Bonnie claims it is hers. He asks how she is. She has a new life and asks about him and Gabi. Eli admits they broke up because he got another gal pregnant ... Lani meets Abe at the pub for breakfast. The mayor updates her on John being over the moon about Marlena but still upset over Paul’s long hard road ahead. He asks Lani about herself. She gets testy when he tells her Val said they spoke, then apologizes. He takes his daughter’s hand and urges her to confide in him ... Lucas is nervously waiting for the test results. He admits he saw some connection in the baby’s eyes so she could be his! Kayla calms him and he reasons he will be responsible but his past with Bonnie is mind blowing ... Chloe coldly accuses Bonnie of conning Lucas. Bonnie counters they made love and Lucas will step up. She loves her kids fiercely! Chloe quips it is a game to her. Bonnie warns she will soon have to accept the truth ... JJ has one coffee from the pub for Abigail at the house and another for himself. They sit on the sofa and he asks about her picnic. She wants it to be perfect with Chad and Thomas. JJ knows he loves her and she and Thomas are his whole life. Abigail wishes they would be able to overcome even though she is having Stefan’s baby. Today the sky seems clear. JJ now asks about Gabi. Abigail’s face clouds over ...

At the Kiriakis mansion Gabi wants Chad to venture to the zoo with her and Ari. When she hears he is picnicking with Abigail and Thomas she tries without success to invite herself, then suggests him seeing Thomas alone with Abigail might be a bad idea ... JJ has just heard that Gabi let herself into the house last night and admitted her anger toward Abigail but denied trying to come between her and Chad. She wants to overcome. JJ wants to know whether Abigail believes her claim ... Gabi informs Chad she saw Abigail last night and remembers planting the dark wig at the house. She states all he will see after a while is Stefan’s baby growing inside her ... Lucas hates how he was duped by Bonnie before and blames his drinking. Kayla assures him they were all duped. Lucas laments Chloe might not stay with him if it is his baby ... Chloe questions everything about Bonnie and her so-called baby. Bonnie smugly states the opera singer is on the outs! She talks tough though Chloe claims to have killed the dangerous El Fideo ... Sheila teases Eli about the baby until she hears he did not make it. She is so sorry ... Lani laments to Abe she suspects the time she has been spending with Eli might only be about grief. Abe advises her not to overthink so she smiles Val said the same. Eli has confessed his feelings. Abe asks whether she fears her own feelings at this point. She admits she is torn. Abe asks if she cares for JJ. She starts to stammer she just saw him and it was nice. However she suspects JJ does not see her in the romantic sense anymore. Abe adds unlike Eli ... Sheila lets Eli hold the baby and asks about his baby mama. Alas she seems unable to get past their loss ... Bonnie cackles at Chloe, who states she stabbed Fideo in the back and Bonnie would never see her coming either. She walks out. Bonnie is not laughing anymore ... Kayla tries to ease Lucas’ worries but has no luck ...

Abigail talks fresh start. JJ repeats does she believe Gabi? Abigail wants to but she will keep her eyes wide open. JJ thinks Chad will come back cos she got treatment and integrated all the alters ... Chad informs Gabi he has to accept Abigail’s actions, the fact that Stefan took advantage when she was vulnerable. He wants to be the husband she deserves. Before he goes Gabi asks him for his keys to the mansion, as Arianna glued hers to some wood. He tosses them to her and goes to get ready ... Gabi gets out her phone and announces I NEED YOU ... Sheila admits she has no job in Chicago so Eli offers a reference, He hands back the pretty baby. Sheila thinks his lady should not let him go ... Abe has high praise for Eli. Lani admits he was her rock. However ... Abe gathers she is confused and suggests the bad stuff could become something good. He tells her to listen to her heart. She loves her wise daddy and he loves her back ... JJ admits to Abigail he saw Lani today and they talked. Abigail asks about a rekindled romance but JJ does not want to push. He thinks she needs a friend right now ... Gabi lies to Dr. Kayla she has been having trouble sleeping so Kayla prescribes her something. Gabi knows they are the same meds she had when she was pregnant so they would not harm an unborn baby. She goes on her wicked way ...

Chloe joins Lucas at the hospital as they wait for the test results. Meanwhile Sheila brings back the baby to Bonnie, who thanks her but is broke. More bad luck for fairy godmother Sheila. She warns she will not be waiting around to pick up the pieces and storms out of the station. Eli gets a call from Lani, who asks to meet up ... JJ supports his sister so she asks him to carry her picnic basket to the car. They head out together ... Gabi now sneaks into the house as she has Chad’s key chain with his keys. She opens a few pills and puts the powder in Abigail’s coffee. She hears her returning and runs upstairs. Abigail picks up the blanket she forgot and pauses to finish her coffee ... Lani has met Eli to talk about ... Abe stands up to take a call at the pub from John, about Paul. At the next table broke Sheila spies his credit card and picks it up. Abe comes back and drawls what the hell is she doing ... Bonnie cuddles her baby and grins the bomb is about to drop .... Lucas and Chloe wait with bated breath. Kayla comes with the paternity test results ... Chad waits at the square but there is still no sign of Abigail. She is fast asleep on the sofa, drugged by Gabi, who stands triumphantly over her rival ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, September 19