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Tuesday, September 18, 2018
Episode 13,426
1440 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the station Rafe calls out Hope on the convenient discovery of her new evidence ... Ciara sarcastically asks Tripp and Claire if she interrupted. They stop kissing ... At the square Belle hugs Shawn, happy Marlena miraculously woke up. Meanwhile at the park Kayla updates co-conspirator Roman their Hattie plan worked like a charm ... Hattie gives John a hard time. He begs her to be like Marlena and give the girls a chance! Now that she is speaking she should try and be more like the Marlena he loves. She advises him to at least show some appreciation. John sits and sighs the stakes are high but he is grateful. He explains all are thrilled but they will become suspicious unless she can play her part to perfection. Hattie blames him for hurrying her. Flashback to Roman approaching prisoner Hattie to take Marlena’s place. Back to the present. Hattie feels sorry for Marlena cos of those daughters. John calls it complicated. She says the same about guilt. She felt badly about what she did before and wanted to get some good karma back with her good deed. She assures John she is in and spits in her hand. He spits in his and they shake on it ... Claire and Tripp tell Ciara about her great Marlena news. Claire claims she was over emotional so Ciara suggests she splash her face. After she is gone Tripp assures Ciara that he was the one who got kissed and bugs her about running after Ben ... Hope acts indignant. Rafe knows she has bent the law before sooooo ... Belle woefully updates Shawn on her argument with Sami. Shawn praises the miracle of faith but Belle feels badly she had no hope and made the hospital remove the ventilator while the others believed. Shawn hugs her ... Hattie remembers reminding Roman she was serving a sentence. Roman made up a story to the warden about Hattie being in danger with Bonnie about to come back. She was thus transferred over to Roman’s custody. Hattie now praises John for his plan and wants to know when she can get out with her loving hubby to be. John pauses. Hattie is a handful...

Ciara does not deny going to help Ben and sighs she saw the truth. Tripp is all ears. She pouts a part of her wanted to believe in him but the proof says otherwise. He had no spin this time. He even accused Hope of setting him up. However his fingerprint says it all ... Hope woefully wishes Rafe would not bring up Stefano. Rafe exclaims Ben was in the clear and declares she must have been desperate enough to ... She snaps she would not make the same mistakes she made with Stefano. Rafe urges her to trust in him and tell the truth ... Kayla gushes to Roman they got away with it. Roman grins thanks to her and they remember Kayla helping John move the real Marlena in their mission. Roman had disabled the security cameras for the few seconds they needed to sneak their precious covered cargo into the service elevator. They all wanted Marlena to make it. Back to the present. Kayla reminds Roman she is still on the ventilator. Her recovery could be a longshot. Roman adds they have got to pray and prefers to stay positive ... Ciara hates how she fell for Ben the bogus good guy. Tripp tries to make her feel better. She asks him to forgive her for ever doubting him ...

Hope gets upset and turns down Rafe’s offer of assistance. She mentions his own wrong doing cos he broke protocol by sneaking Sami out. There are procedures in place plus he lied to her! Rafe exclaims the clock was ticking and there was no time to do paperwork ... Roman grins they should ask the guy upstairs to make Hattie stick to the script. Flashback to Roman sneaking Hattie in with a laundry bin. He ordered her to hurry as she got into Marlena’s bed. She got ready for her miracle and shut her eyes. Now Roman admits to Kayla he is concerned about how long Hattie will be able to keep up her deception. History could repeat itself as it usually does ... John reasons Hattie is supposed to have just come out of a coma. She asks for some food from the Brady pub along with a hot cup of steamy Roman. John stares in disbelief as she lets out a giggle ...

Belle informs Shawn that Kayla assured her that Marlena was disoriented, hence her accusation. Shawn concludes all is well and announces mama Hope arrested Ben, who is in jail where he belongs ... Tripp tenderly tells Ciara she has nothing to be sorry for. She wonders whether he would rather kiss Claire than her ... Rafe senses this is really about him sleeping with Sami. How many times does he have to apologize! Hope snaps he jumps however high Sami says every time ... Kayla assures Roman she intends to stick close to Hattie and keep a watchful eye. Roman reminds her she could lose her license if caught. Yes but she is doing it for Marlena and John. Roman assures her Shane is working hard to bring Steve home. He would want his Kayla to stay safe and strong. Brother and sister hug ... John agrees to get Hattie something from the pub. She negotiates a burger and fries. John begs her to be careful and explains the deception will only last until Marlena gets better. Hattie notes the hospital was not expecting her to recover so what if she doesn’t? John declares doc WILL come back to him. Enter Roman and Kayla. Hattie asks for hospital pudding and steak. Kayla ushers John out with her to get something that adheres to dietary protocol. Hattie gets a moment alone with Roman and invites him to lie in her bed and keep her warm. Roman looks amused ...

Tripp tries to talk his way out of kissing Claire. Ciara adds he always lets the girl jump him. Tripp just wants to be friends with her and assumes he may have sent mixed signals. Ciara says to stop sending signals. Tripp tells her she is the one that he wants and kisses her ... Belle thinks the evidence find is an excellent development. Shawn shares his doubts and wonders whether he pushed Hope into crossing the cop line ... Rafe scoffs as Hope screams at him for doing anything for Sami but always doubting her! He cannot comprehend what happened. Hope accuses him of being under Sami’s spell. Rafe reasons it was a judgment call and it was under control. She reminds him Sami escaped from him earlier. He dares Madam Commissioner to suspend him or fire him. He sits on the table and tells her to punish him. Hope replies her top priorities are tracking Kristen and keeping the case against Ben cos he cannot get near her daughter ever again. She picks up the evidence bag. Rafe plants a passionate kiss on her to prove a point. Afterwards she walks out with her proof and slams the door. Rafe soap sighs…

Post kiss Ciara excuses herself to move Bo’s bike before it gets a parking ticket. After they will snack and watch their fav show together. Exit Ciara. Claire appears and apologizes. Tripp tells her he kissed her as a friend and is Ciara’s guy. She sarcastically states until Ben makes another move. Tripp believes she is done with Ben but Claire counters he could be the one being played. Tripp stops smiling ... Belle wants to believe in the proof against Ben and suggests Shawn do the same. He smiles and suggests they head back to the inn for some time together. Agreed - after she makes things right with Marlena ... Back at the hospital Roman advises cold Hattie to get the covers on. She prefers body heat but understands and pouts she has pride. She now gossips about Andre deserving to be killed by Abigail and gushes she should send the girl a gift! Roman reminds her she is Marlena so no can do. Hattie gets more bored by the minute. Meanwhile at another part of the hospital Kayla takes John to sleeping beauty Marlena’s secret room. He thanks her and she assures him no one will find her in this wing which is closed for renos. He sits at Marlena’s side as she sleeps and vows to do whatever possible until she fights her way home. He and doc have done so many times against all odds. He clenches his teeth and tells Dr. Kayla their secret. YA JUST NEVER GIVE UP! Marlena takes another deep breath ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, September 18