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Monday, September 17, 2018
Episode 13,425
1240 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Tripp opens his door to Shawn, who came for Ciara. Tripp updates him on Hope arresting Ben. Ciara is at the station. Both men hate that she is with Ben ... Prisoner Ben asks why Ciara came. She could only leave his absent attorney a message and asks for the truth. He hopes she does not believe Hope ... Phone Hope hears from phone Rafe that he brought Sami to hospital to bid mama Marlena goodbye .. Marlena has no more ventilator. Eric, Sami, Belle, John and Kayla wait to see what will happen ... and wait a little more ... Shawn fears sister Ciara will never stop believing in Ben. Tripp points out the proof might work this time ... Hope is sorry to hear Marlena might not make it. She asks Rafe to tell Eric, John and Sami that she is praying for her. Rafe turns back toward the room ... Belle tenderly tells Marlena it is alright to let go. Sami gets mad at Belle and blames her for pulling the plug. She begs Marlena to fight for her life. They need her! She argues again with Belle. Eric snaps at the sisters to stop and leave it in God’s hands. Sami calls that bull and blasts Belle, who blasts her for shooting her. All of a sudden Marlena gasps to keep it down. John rejoices and kisses her face. She gives him a strange look ...

Hope ends a call confirming Sami will soon be in her cell. Shawn appears asking about her evidence against Ben, still doubtful it will deter Ciara ... Ben hopes Ciara does not regret helping him. She explains there is evidence he set the fire but he swears he is innocent and implies he was set up by ... Claire comes home crying and tells Tripp she just said goodbye to grandma Marlena, who must be gone now. She breaks down and dependable Tripp hugs her ... John hopes doc can hear him and chuckles when she speaks his name. Kayla wants to examine the Salem patient and points out her pulse is stronger. “Marlena” has something to say to her kids. She smiles to Sami she will be alright no thanks to HER ... Ciara sadly states how much she will miss Marlena her hero. Tripp assures her she will be alright. She cries she cannot call her anymore and feels alone. Tripp promises she will always have him and they hug again ... When Hope hears from Shawn that Ciara came to the station to see Ben, she goes to see the prisoner, who has just accused her of trying to make him look guilty as soap sin to Ciara ... Marlena is mad as heck that Sami shot her. Sami tries to explain and begs for forgiveness. Marlena asks John to remove her from the room before she finishes what she started ... Tripp tells Claire about Shawn coming to see Ciara and declares Ben is gonna get his comeuppance ... As Shawn watches Ben hounds Hope about conveniently coming across evidence that was never found before. Ciara wants to know how it happened. Shawn defends Hope but Ben calmly claims to stressed Ciara he has been framed ... Eric assures Sami he is on her side. Kayla informs her that her mother is not really herself. Sami is pushed from the room protesting to Eric. Outside the room Rafe is relieved to hear Marlena woke up and wonders why Sami does not seem happy. She cries she thinks she tried to kill her ...

Claire assumes Ciara is crushed. Tripp complains she actually called Ben’s lawyer for him. He wishes she would understand he poses a danger. Claire offers to speak some sense into her. Tripp sighs she is with Ben as they speak ... Hope angrily whispers Ben was and is a natural born killer. Ciara is confused. Ben wants a word alone. She says to state his case now so he does. He reminds Ciara how Hope tried to run him out of town but had no luck. Now this! Hope argues she respects the law. Shawn still believes Ben is a bad guy. Ben continues but Ciara has heard enough and walks out. Then she demands Hope stare her in the eye and swear she did not set him up. Hope gasps she swears on her life. Ciara hugs her ... Rafe is surprised when Sami repeats what Marlena said. Eric declares she was disoriented at the time. Sami thinks she should be punished and asks to return to her cell. She regrets coming here and apologizes. Eric loves his twin and promises they shall overcome. All that matters is their mom woke up ... John wants Belle to go for now but she insists on having her minute with Marlena. Marlena smiles to stay. She is happy Sami is gone. Belle now admits as her attorney she had her ventilator turned off as per her living will wishes. Kayla calls it a hard decision for all. John looks worried. Marlena now denounces daughter number two for trying to pull the plug on her own mother! Then she turns away ...

Back at the loft Claire deduces Ciara cares too much for Ben to believe anything against him. Tripp is at a loss. Claire tells him he deserves someone more worthy ... Ciara sighs she trusted and believed Ben. Hope adds as Abigail once did. Ciara hugs her and heads out. Hope orders Rafe to return Sami to her cell. Sami gushes her mom rallied. Rafe praises her recovery. Hope is elated for the family. Sami still wants to return to her cell ... Belle believed she was doing right by Marlena, who coldly replies she did not wish to die. John drawls dooooooc. Kayla orders Belle out cos there are tests to be done. John sits by Marlena, now miffed. Did she have to be like that?! Hattie casts him a sweet and sour smile ... Alone with Ben, Shawn shares how glad he is he will no longer be able to get near his loved ones. Ben suggests Hope is no saint and urges smart Shawn to do the math. The timing was too coincidental and Hope wanted him gone so she planted that proof. Shawn pauses and remembers her vowing to protect Ciara, promising to remove Ben the problem ...

Rafe returns and asks Hope if she forgives him. She talks protocol but Rafe believes he did the right thing regardless of the consequences. He asks about Ben. Hope shows him the new improved proof that was just found. Rafe gives her a dubious stare ... Claire is thrilled and gets off the phone, gushing to Tripp they got their miracle. Marlena woke up! She hugs him and then kisses him on the lips. Ciara opens the door and shakes her head ... Back at the hospital, Belle updates Eric on their mom blaming her for pulling the plug. Eric notes that does not sound like her. Belle steps away to share the news with Shawn. Eric emotionally thanks God for bringing his mom back. Meanwhile Hattie makes it clear she harbors no regret about blasting the two girls. John reminds her they had a deal. She asks about Roman and he gets exasperated. She sits up and pouts next time John wants to save his precious Marlena, don’t come asking Hattie Adams for a favor! And that’s the way it was ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, September 17