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Friday, September 14, 2018
Episode 13,424
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Hope arrives at the loft to arrest Ben for trying to kill Ciara. She claims to have evidence. Ciara and Tripp are stunned ... Sami implores Rafe to release her so she can see Marlena before it is too late. If he ever loved her he will! Rafe starts to cave ... At the hospital John informs Eric how Justin is in court trying to appeal to the judge. He sighs to Eric they were not wed as they would have been if Kristen had not crashed the wedding. This could be goodbye for Marlena. He hugs him and Eric tries to keep the faith. John does too. But without Justin’s injunction time is running out. Eric will let everyone know. John remembers telling Carrie on the phone and crying. Claire comes and hugs him in sorrow. But Belle insists it is what Marlena wanted. When she adds she loves papa John he is silent ... As Ciara protests Hope cuffs Ben and warns he will never return. Tripp nods at upset Ciara ... Rafe claims he can do nada but Sami knows him as a man of action. He agrees to go to the hospital with her in his custody. She promises he will not regret it. He growls he better not ... John is sorry to say to Claire that the lawyer is a longshot. Perhaps they should prepare to bid goodbye to doc. Belle and Claire walk in her room as she deep breathes with the ventilator. John remains outside in tears. Claire calls Marlena wise and wishes she would have taken her advice. She promises to be a better person, weeps, and squeezes Marlena’s hand. Belle hugs her and then her daughter exits. Belle sits beside her mother and apologizes for the long distance there has been between them. She cries she loves her and hates what she has to do as her attorney ...

Outside the room Will joins John and updates him on Paul having tests. He shares his memory news and John hugs him, so happy for him. Will admits Sonny knows but nothing has changed. He is completely committed to Paul. Tough guy John is touched ... Eric and Brady remember their childhood together. Brady is reminded of Tate. Eric is pleased as punch that he and his brother made their peace. Marlena was over the moon when they walked her down the aisle together. The bros hug ... Meanwhile Belle blames her existence for causing chaos cos she was not Roman’s child. But she was certainly a product of John and Marlena’s endless love. She praises her perfect mom and cries she cannot cope without her. Will appears and agrees. Belle believes his return is a blessing. Will now gets his moment with Marlena as she sleeps. Violins play. He confesses he seems to cause chaos just like Sami and longs for her advice. Nothing compares to marvelous Marlena his confidant. She always suggested he simply be himself. He whispers he will do the right thing ... Back at the loft Ciara blasts Hope for being hard on Ben. Tripp counters he is a killer. She notes not any more ...

At the station Rafe, with Sami in tow, is surprised when Hope sits handcuffed Ben in a chair. She whispers she went back to the cabin and came across an empty can of accelerant. It happened to have Ben’s prints on it. Sami hurls insults at Ben so Rafe stops her. Hope wonders where they were headed. Rafe states he was taking her to her cell and they walk off ... Brady has a chance to say his own heartfelt farewell to Marlena. He is sorry he was such a terrible teen and calls her the only mom he ever knew. She loved him like her own and he thanks her. He loves her and leaves in tears. Eric sits at his mother’s side and wants her to know how very much he loves her. He holds her hand and adds he admires her strength and loyalty. He has leaned on her in good and bad times and weeps, overwhelmed by her love. His noble heart breaking he hangs onto her hand and concludes he is blessed to be her son ... John shares with Brady his regret over his and doc’s divorce. How can he live without her? Brady hugs him. John gets a faraway look in his eye ...

Ciara questions Hope’s sudden discovery and decides to go to the station for Ben. Tripp praises her but suggests she stay out of the police matter. Ben might be guilty as soap sin ... In an interrogation room Ben insists he is innocent. Hope gives him a hard time and leers he is certifiably sane so he is going down ... John walks off to get an update from Justin. He brushes by Belle, who complains to Brady he hates her. Brady assures her that following Marlena’s wishes, she did the right thing. Sami arrives, accompanied by Rafe, and voices her opposition. She accuses Belle of trying to kill Marlena and looking for her will in the first place! Eric breaks up the almost battling blondes and reminds them to adhere to the higher standard of Marlena ... Ben will not confess to a crime he did not commit and accuses the commissioner of planting evidence. Hope leers she will get him booked and goes ...

Sami has her moment alone with Marlena and apologizes. She blames herself and believes she deserved a better daughter! Marlena was like a castle than never crumbled until ... Sami smiles she knows she is fighting as they speak. She cries she needs her, they all do, and prays she can become as strong for her kids as she was for her. She sings a little lullaby of love. Then she puts her head against her and sobs for her mommy ... Ciara comes to see surprised Ben ... John comes into Marlena’s room and quietly closes the door. He recalls the last time she defeated death and raises his eyes to the heavens, asking for one more miracle. They have to be married so Marlena must return. He begs her to come back and holds her hand to his face ... Sami breaks down outside the room. Will reminds her she got through the tragedy of baby Grace. Sami suddenly realizes he remembers and rejoices with Rafe. Sami now believes in miracles again and hugs him. John saunters out alone. Kayla stands by him as he states the judge ruled against them. Kayla must now disconnect her. Only immediate family may attend. John excuses himself to pray at the chapel before. Eric and Brady follow. The clan later gather to see Marlena’s last moments. Belle sends stressed Claire home. John asks Brady to go tell Paul. Rafe gets a call from Hope, who snaps Sami is not in her cell. He sighs. In Marlena's room, Sami, Belle, and Eric watch with bated breath. Eric prays to the heavenly father to give her strength to fight and to give them hope. Sami says amen. So does John. Kayla turns off the ventilator and then ...

Hattie wakes up!  

All the drama in Salem on Friday, September 14