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Thursday, September 13, 2018
Episode 13,423
1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ciara math scribbles and takes a call at the loft from Tripp. He hopes to come home with dessert and suggests they watch a show together. She ends the call in a good mood and stops in her tracks when she spies Ben holding a rag in his strong hands. He smiles he has a surprise. Meanwhile at the station Shawn seeks answers from Hope, worried about Ben being near his daughter. She tells him it will take a little time but they will bring him in ... Sami is with Rafe in a room, furious the judge considered her a flight risk. She plans to get answers about Kristen’s whereabouts and make her pay. When she mentions Marlena, Rafe is sorry to say she had a setback. Sami gasps is she going to be alright? Alas it does not appear so ... At the hospital John ends a call with his lawyer Justin. Belle warns him it is a done deal legally already. John growls his lawyer wants to save her mother – unlike her! Belle sniffles she must honor Marlena’s wishes and cries it breaks her heart. John eyes her and informs Isabella he does not give a damn about hurting her feelings. At this moment he is all about saving Marlena. Eric appears and suggests they stick together for what is best for mom. John refuses to accept Belle wanting to disconnect Marlena from the lifesaving machine and tells her to go away ... Hope apologizes to Shawn for being busy with the Kristen case. She admits there is no evidence against Ben for the fire right now. She hugs him and promises to remove Ben from all their lives once and for all ...

Sami asks about that setback and hears about the ventilator. She believes mom will get better. Rafe alludes to that being doubtful. Sami bawls and blames herself. Rafe ends up holding her. That is when Hope walks in ... Claire hobbles to the square café. Tripp helps her to a table. She is meeting Shawn here before they head to the hospital to see Marlena. Meantime she would love to spend time with Tripp, who explains he is supposed to see Ciara. She pretends to be stressed ever since Kristen grabbed her and thus guilts him into texting Ciara he will be a little late ... Ben realizes Ciara was staring at the way he was wringing the rag and apologizes for spooking her. Time for her surprise! She shares Tripp is on his way back and they have plans. Late Tripp texts her so she agrees to go with Ben to his mysterious surprise ... Hope stammers to Sami she is sorry and then notices she has had a change of clothes. Rafe brought them to her for the bail hearing. Sami wants to know about Kristen and gets impatient as she is to blame for Marlena. Hope tells her technically SHE is to blame. Sami protests so Rafe asks to be alone with her. Hope takes her irate leave ... Suited lawyer Justin meets with John at the hospital. He asks for a copy of the dreaded directive and steps away to ready the fine print. Eric returns with bad news. Kayla got the directive and has passed it onto the hospital admin. John places all his hope in Justin and implores him to help ...

Tripp gets flirty Claire an icepack for the ankle. She notes Ben always fills the ice trays and looks hot in a towel but bad boys are more Ciara’s style. She stammers of course Ciara is with Tripp and tells him she is here for him if ever he wants to talk. Shawn arrives so Tripp takes his leave. Shawn cannot help but notice Claire has a crush on Ciara’s guy ... Ben takes Ciara to Bo’s bike, which was totaled and which he worked long and hard to put back together. She calls him a miracle worker mechanic and asks why. He wanted to repay her kindness and remembered how much it meant to her. She gets emotional about it belonging to her iconic dad and thanks him with a big hug. Ben happily hugs her back ... Back at the station Hope gets herself tea. Rafe emerges and she gets sarcastic about poor Sami cos he always feels sorry for her. Eric arrives to see his sister. Hope points him in the right direction. Rafe wishes she would not be so hostile ... Eric has to update Sami on the situation with Marlena not wanting life support and the hospital having to take her off the ventilator. It means she will likely not survive ...

Justin is sorry to inform John that Marlena’s wishes were clearly stated. John wishes there was a way. Alas he can do nothing to override Belle as his wedding was interrupted and he is not Marlena’s legal husband. But Justin can buy them time by speaking to the hospital head ... Tripp returns home with a box of dessert but there is no Ciara in sight ... Ciara stops hugging Ben and calls what he did the sweetest thing. He teases she has a spot of grease on her face, licks his finger and rubs it off. She agrees when he suggests they take the bike for a spin. She takes the drivers’ seat and hands him his helmet ... Back at the busy station Rafe discretely asks Hope to have compassion for Sami. She morphs into cop mode and vows to get Ben Weston by the end of the day. Meanwhile he can stay here for Sami ... Sami states John as Marlena’s husband can stop the hospital. Eric points out he is not her husband and Marlena made Belle her healthcare proxy. For a second Sami is relieved until Eric mutters Belle wants to abide by their mom’s wishes. Sami scowls she wants to kill her ... Claire denies caring for Tripp and claims she respects his romance with Ciara. Father and daughter start for the hospital until Belle comes running. She cries on Shawn’s shoulders she should not have made things worse ...

Ben and Ciara comes back from their joy ride and she gushes to waiting Tripp he fixed her dad’s bike. Ben excuses himself to change. Ciara is ready to watch TV but Tripp grills her about how close Ben got on that bike. Ciara suspects he is jealous ... Peaceful Eric mumbles about Marlena’s wishes. Sami tells him to tell Belle that she is murdering their mother ... Belle cries to Shawn and Claire about her following Marlena’s wishes and John being mad. Claire snaps she understand why he is mad ... John ends a call with Roman assuring him he is doing his darnedest to be positive. Justin comes back with news. John waits with bated breath ... Tripp wonders how Ben was able to fix the broken bike. It was totaled and had to take long. He suspects he is sweet on Ciara. Ciara claims she is happy with Tripp and gives him a kiss to prove it. Ben emerges ... Rafe tells Eric how sorry he is. His heart breaks for Sami, Eric and all who love the good woman Marlena. That means him as well. He lets Eric know he is here ... Claire gets shrill when Belle talks ethics. Shawn believes Belle had no choice. Claire counters grandma Marlena might die. Belle believes Marlena is counting on her to carry out her wishes. Shawn guilts crying Claire into supporting her mother ... John groans when he gets an update from Justin about the hospital head being sorry but legally bound. He curses the hospital for not keeping doc alive. Justin argues it from a legal standpoint and is truly sorry. John assumes there will still be a little more time. Justin has to tell him they want to remove that ventilator today. Eric arrives and gasps why the rush! Justin is sorry to say the hospital is covering their ass. Eric hugs John and heads off to update everyone. John drawls he does not give a damn about the board cos there has gotta be something he can do ... Shawn updates Belle and Claire on the hospital decision. Sami gets the news from Rafe ...

Ben walks in and clears his throat so Ciara stops kissing Tripp. He offers to leave so they can be alone. Ciara sweetly suggests he stay. He explains he has errands and opens the door. There stands Hope. In light of new improved evidence she is here to arrest Ben for the attempted murder of Ciara! Ciara is bewildered. Tripp tries to hide his glee. Ben returns Madam Commissioner’s stony stare ...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, September 13