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Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Episode 13,422
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


In their room, Eve sighs to Brady she is so sorry about Paul being paralyzed. He quips he is sorry that Will has now decided he loves Sonny! He warned Will not to hurt his brother ... Meanwhile at the park Sonny sadly states to Will this has to be the end because of Paul. Will tries to protest until Sonny makes him do some soul searching ... At the hospital Jen woefully wants to tell Eric something extremely important ... John joins Roman in Marlena’s room. No news on Steve but sad news on Paul. Now they discuss a specialist for Marlena. John bitterly mutters it might be too late thanks to their daughter ... Belle shows Kayla the document. Kayla reminds her her mother is on a ventilator. Belle cries they must correct it legally ... John discusses the directive with Roman and gets upset about Belle going all legal on him, practically signing a death warrant ... Kayla is surprised to see Marlena listed Belle as her proxy and wonders whether John knows. Belle notes he does and sniffles they do not see eye to eye ... Stressed Lucas catches up with Chloe at the club. Bonnie wants his help staying out of the slammer and claims they have a kid! Chloe soap stares ... Will agrees he cannot abandon Paul now. Sonny smiles he still loves him but Paul needs him. Will weeps and declares Paul deserves this much ... Eric interrupts Jen. He just wants her support in this hard time. He hugs her and she assures him she is here ... John notes Marlena could not have known what would happen. The ventilator means there is hope for her! Roman looks down. John wonders what is on his mind. Roman thinks they should respect Marlena’s wishes. John snaps he seems to want to finish off what Sami started ... Kayla quietly states she can only listen and give Belle information. Belle cries she feels so guilty for telling Marlena to fill out that form. Kayla asks about the others. She replies Eric is upset but supports her decision, Sami knows nothing yet, and John is against it. Belle now asks Kayla whether Marlena might have to spend the rest of her life lying there with a ventilator. Kayla admits it is possibile ...

Chloe laughs Lucas never made love with Bonnie. He updates her on Bonnie making him remember he was with her one night he got drunk and believed she was Adrienne. Chloe points out but she might not have become pregnant. Lucas blurts out he met baby Bonnie ... Eve blames Kristen for all the evil in Salem. She destroys everything! Brady gushes not them. Eve gets it. They hug and exchange I love yous ... Roman holds Kristen responsible but John blames Sami for doc being on life support and Paul getting shot. John refuses to accept Marlena's life support being cut off and gets mad when Roman implies he is wrongly blaming others ... Protocol requires Kayla give the document to the board. They would immediately honor it to avoid a lawsuit or bad press. Belle gasps then they will turn off the ventilator and her mom might die. Compassionate Kayla gives her a chance to withhold it and hands the paper back ...

Roman assures John he is on his side and agrees Marlena could not have predicted this situation. John pats his shoulder and appreciates it. If only Belle would come around. Roman believes John’s opinion should count and he should give Belle time to think. John fears the clock is ticking but if they pull the plug he will never forgive his daughter ... Legal eagle Belle decides to play by the book and orders Kayla to give the board the directive. Kayla asks if she is certain. She sniffles she is ... Sonny recounts to Will how selfless Paul has been since Will came back to Salem. Will recounts how kind he was. They both believe Paul deserves Will's support. Will decides to lie that his memories of his life with Sonny did not change his love for him. Sonny will let him know he is here as a friend. Will sadly kisses Sonny goodbye. That is when Brady arrives with Eve. Sonny stands. Eve goes ahead to the hospital. Will stands and starts to explain ... Brady blasts them for not caring about Paul and brazenly making out at the park. He raises his voice. Will rages he remembers well that Brady is no saint and states Sonny made him see they should not be together. Brady bellows about that kiss! Will snaps they were saying goodbye ... Roman bears news about Steve for Kayla. Shane is confident he can convince the feds that Steve did not intentionally do anything against national security. They must be patient. Now about Marlena ... Kayla is sorry to say Belle wants her to give the board that directive. Roman states as per John that is signing doc’s death warrant ...

Eric feels better from the hug and tells Jen to tell him the important info. She says to go to his mom instead so he does. Eve appears, having overheard, and assumes Jen was about to tell him the truth about Nicole ... Lucas agrees with Chloe it might not be his baby so he wants proof. Bonnie is open to a paternity test ... Jen stands and suggests Eve mind her own business. Eve blasts her for wanting to throw Brady under the bus. She argues Eric is already suffering enough. Jen hisses she only cares about herself and Brady. Eve warns her it will blow up and she will lose Eric. Jen wants to do the right thing even if she has to take that risk ... John is holding sleeping Marlena’s hand. Eric comes in and John hopes Belle has had a change of heart. Eric only knows she went off to do some thinking. John hopes he told Belle to give Marlena a chance to come back. Eric reasons Marlena trusted Belle so he believes she will carry out what she would want. Belle enters ...

Kayla feels caught between a rock and a hard place with the directive she has to hand over. Roman would like a little more time for Marlena. Alas she can do nothing. He will be in touch when he has spoken to Shane again, hugs his sister, and leaves. Kayla sits at her desk and proceeds to call Seth Burns, head of the hospital ... Lucas admits to Chloe that seeing the baby made him wonder. He needs to know if he is the daddy of baby Bonnie ... Jenny turns away. Eve implores her not to do this to the brothers who have happily moved on. Jen warns her once the drama in Eric’s world is over she will come clean. Nothing and no one is going to stop her ... Having heard Will and Sonny’s honorable plan to do right by Paul, Brady apologizes and heads to the hospital. Alone again. Sonny sadly states Will is the love of his life. He will have his heart forever even though they cannot be together. Will feels the same and wistfully walks away ... Kayla ends her call with Seth, having agreed to give him the document and take steps to remove Marlena from the ventilator that is keeping her alive ... Belle announces she handed over the directive. John accuses her of trying to kill the woman he loves, takes out his phone and vows to stop it ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, September 12