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Tuesday, September 11, 2018
Episode 13,421
1240 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Replay of Sheila bringing Bonnie the baby in pink. Lucas watches as she tells her meet daddy. He gasps it is not his ... Will and Sonny have a heartfelt talk at the park about Paul’s predicament, how they want to help him ... Kayla explains to Paul he has a spinal cord injury. Roman listens in stunned sympathetic silence. Paul wants to know if he is paralyzed ... John suspects Belle knows something about Marlena so she hands him the directive document and states such were mom’s wishes. John drawls they are sure as hell not his and Marlena never mentioned it. Belle admits she had given her forms to fill out but was unaware she finalized it. John deduces it was when they were divorced and worries about Belle being her proxy. Belle as a lawyer lets him know she must show it to Kayla. The spy who loves Marlena has a better idea ... Bonnie dares Lucas to do a paternity test but it could be too late cos the baby will be gone when she goes back to the slammer ... Dr. Kayla cannot confirm anything good or bad. Paul realizes the odds are not in his favor. Kayla feels the best treatment and therapist could do wonders and gets paged. Before she leaves she whispers to Roman to let her know if there is any news on Steve. Roman sits by Paul and urges him to be positive. Paul takes a deep breath. Roman tells him this fight is gonna be tough but Will the good man is there for him ... Will and Sonny have put their announcement to Paul on hold until the timing is better. Will heads for the hospital but first he reminds Sonny that he loves him a lot. Sonny loves him right back. Will walks away as violins play ...

Bonnie panics their baby will end up in foster care! Lucas is not buying it and bellows he is getting a paternity test. Bonnie breaks down about Patch the pirate bringing her back here. Lucas is appalled to hear she even named the baby after herself ... Paul agrees Will is amazing but fears his future in a wheelchair would be too much. Roman assures him his man Will is committed to him, through good and bad times. Recently returned Will overhears and looks ready to cry ... Jen asks Kayla about Steve in her office. Kayla covers he is out of town on biz and asks about Eric. Jen explains Eric called Kristen evil cos it would be cruel to keep two hearts that were true apart from one another. She claimed to stressed Sami she knew where EJ was! Jen believes she is equally bad for hiding the truth about Nicole! Kayla thinks the two scenarios cannot be compared. However she sees how upset Jen is so ... Belle is stunned. John states the hospital need not know so Marlena can stay on the ventilator until she wakes up. Belle thinks that is wrong. John rages he will never give up on Marlena and orders Eric to tell his sister to rip up this paper now. Lawyer Belle lets out a little cry ... Lucas has heard enough. Bonnie begs him to help his family. First he will find out if it is even his! The baby gurgles so Bonnie gives her to Sheila and asks for a word with Lucas. She urges him to get Adrienne to give her a break cos she owes him. She would like Adrienne to ask the D.A. to drop the charges against her so she does not lose her little bonbon ... Will walks into Paul's room. Roman was just telling Paul how fortunate he is to have him on his team. He heads out. Paul now warns Will his injuries are worse than they suspected and he might never be able to walk again. Will sits at his bedside, sorry. He stammers they will have a second opinion, the best specialists and more. Paul gasps he is so scared this could be for life ... John repeats to Eric to make Belle destroy the document. Eric claims he cannot cos it would not be right. Belle adds she believes Marlena knew what she was doing and cries she has to give it to Kayla. They are legally bound. John argues he is her husband. Belle notes he was not her husband when she signed those papers and he is still not. He asks for at least a little more time. Belle tells him she cannot ...

Kayla reminds Jen that Eric really wants her. She notes he does not know the whole Nicole story and might want to go find her the same way Sami wants to find EJ. She thinks that she was his second choice. Kayla begs to differ but understands her fear of losing the man she loves. Jen now mentions Steve and the fact that Kayla’s little secret would never turn him against her. Kayla gets a haunted look in her eye ... Roman runs into Sonny at the park and updates him on Paul’s situation. But he is young, strong and surrounded by love. Roman points out Paul is lucky he has Will in his time of need ... Will gives Paul a pep talk about his unbelievable bravery. All his friends and family are on his side. Paul weeps that with Will by his side he is not scared. Will promises to see him through and kisses his forehead ... Bonnie insists Lucas get Adrienne to help. He refuses to buy her bat crazy story and snaps she is all on her own. She screams and urges him to take responsibility at least for his daughter’s sake ...

Sonny hopes there is hope for Paul. Roman agrees there is always hope but either way he faces a long hard road. Sonny asks after Marlena and urges Roman to tell John she is in his prayers. Roman sighs so much sad news for John ... Kayla knows Steve knows she loves him and will trust in that. Jen gasps but Eric could go after Nicole. Kayla warns a secret can come back to haunt. In Salem they always do ... John reads the printed directive and weeps for the woman he loves. Belle explains by law she must share this with Kayla. He cries he loves his Izzybee but she is surely disappointing him! He exclaims they were about to be wed and he will hold onto hope for her recovery. He adds if she really loved her mother she would forget about the dang document. He leaves it and storms off. Belle cries to brother Eric, who states their father is simply scared. She sniffles and steps away with the crumpled paper ... Bonnie hangs onto Lucas’ collar and claims the clock is already ticking. Their daughter could be sent to anyone ... Lucas walks out. Sheila asks whether he wants to hold the baby. He brushes by and Sheila feels for the poor baby about both her parents. She now returns to Bonnie with the baby she did not know even existed before. Bonnie believes Lucas will do the right thing cos he is a good guy. She holds the baby ... Will meets Sonny at the park again. Sonny already knows about Paul. Will woefully states he still loves and wants to be with Sonny so this does not have to be the end. Sonny disagrees ... John enters Paul’s room and greets him. He tells the sleeping patient that Marlena is in some trouble he cannot seem to fix. He is sorry about his legs and suddenly declares he will do whatever it takes to get Paul walking! By God he will get doc to wake up as well! He sighs and raises his eyes to the heavens ... Jen joins Eric in the waiting area and has something to tell him. Meanwhile Kayla leaves Roman another anxious message seeking an update on Steve. Knock knock! Tis bawling Belle. She is here about Marlena ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, September 11