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Monday, September 10, 2018
Episode 13,420
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Belle updates Eric on finding Marlena’s advance directive aka her official voice. She wanted her life not prolonged artificially. Eric gasps she needs the ventilator. Belle notes the need to have it turned off ... At the club Chloe complains to Maggie Lucas would not let her accompany him on his visit to jailbird Bonnie ... Bonnie calmly claims to livid Lucas she had his baby ... Paul asks Will what his memory means for them. Will suggests he rest. Paul ponders whether they have a future. Will remembers kissing Sonny and promising they would always be hubbies. He promised to tell Paul somehow! Paul now asks him to answer whether they are alright ... Roman meets with Kayla, who stammers what did Shane say! Roman replies he is on it and on Steve’s side. He advises her to be patient. She unhappily agrees and he gives her a hug ... Lucas snaps he never slept with Bonnie but she begs to differ ... Will sighs and starts to say ... Here comes Dr. Kayla, who calls Paul lucky. She now hears about Will’s memories returning. Will forces a smile, though he feels the stress ... Back at the club Chloe is reminded by redhead Maggie that Lucas is stronger and sober. Bonnie will not be able to bother him ... Lucas ain’t buying it! Bonnie claims she could not resist him when he came after “Adrienne” drunk, hence their baby girl ... Will admits he feels overwhelmed. Kayla is happy especially for Ari. Will declares his love for her is wonderfully different. Kayla wants to run some tests but Will would rather focus on Paul. She now gets to the Salem patient ... At the pub John hates he had to leave the hospital. Roman assures him they know he is here and insists the doctors will keep Marlena alive. John should eat ... Eric does not want to believe it. Belle cries they cannot challenge a legal document. Eric gasps she is her daughter. She wishes it was not real and breaks down on his brotherly shoulder ...

Maggie believes there is nothing Bonnie can do to make Lucas fall off the wagon. Chloe still worries. Maggie notes he needs them all to have faith ... Lucas knows he was passed out drunk and did nothing with Bonnie! He leers she is going to jail. Bonnie recalls but when he woke up he was with one dead Angelica Deveraux! Now she has his full attention ... Eric wants to have hope and wishes Belle would work with him for a solution. Belle falls apart about her mother so he hugs her again and apologizes. He has never heard of such a thing. Belle admits she actually advised Marlena to have such a document and regrets not following up after ... Back at the pub John gets upbeat about Marlena and also Paul making it. He wants to call Steve so Roman stops him. It seems Kayla accidentally turned him into a traitor. John peers at him ... While Will watches, Kayla tests Paul’s arms and hands. So far so good. But when she touches his feet he talks to Will, feeling nothing. She knocks on his knee. He can feel nothing and now realizes he has no feeling whatsoever in his legs. He looks at Will. Paul starts to panic. Kayla tells him it could be temporary. Will wants to stay. Paul would rather let Kayla do her job. Will kisses him on the head and promises to come back ... Belle hopes to Eric that God will bring their mother back. But meantime they cannot hide her official wishes ... John drawls Steve sensed Kayla was keeping a secret. Roman assures him Shane is on the case. John curses Stefan DiMera. Roman replies like father like son but they will beat him at his own game ...

Chloe agrees Maggie is right but remembers the time Lucas told her about dead Angelica Deveraux being in the bed ... Lucas gasps how did she know?! Bonnie boasts Hattie hid dead Angelica in her bed where he was lying passed out, after they had done the deed. Lucas does not want to believe it. She purrs he even got HER preggers. He insists it is impossible. She coos she could not help herself after he kissed her. Lucas now has a flashback of Adrienne acting different in bed and telling her she was not like herself ... Chloe alludes to Lucas getting in trouble before when he was off the wagon but does not elaborate. His one day at a time approach is still cause for concern ... Sonny meets Will at the park in a hurry ... Roman wants John to trust in Shane for Steve's sake. He will and wants to head back to the hospital. Roman comes with ... Belle notes if Marlena’s doctors had seen the document they would not have put her on the ventilator. Eric gets more upset. Belle adds she also made her proxy so she is obligated to hand the document to Kayla. Eric stops her from doing so in his strong silent manner ...

With Bonnie boasting they went all the way, Lucas remembers more and gasps they did sleep together. Bonnie smiles smugly ... Will updates Sonny on Paul waking up. He informed him he got his memory back and remembered his life and love with Sonny. But before he could let him know his plan to leave Paul for Sonny, Dr. Kayla came in. Pause. Sonny sadly hopes Paul will be alright. Will cannot give him that assurance so Sonny throws his arms around him ... Roman goes to see Paul, who is alone in his room. He tries to hide his frustration and talks baseball, how painful it could be. This is way worse. Roman is sorry and asks if he is alright. Paul knows not and expects Kayla soon. Enter Kayla. Roman wonders what is happening. Paul explains he has no feelings in his legs and asks Kayla for the prognosis. Kayla soap stares ... Chloe cannot shake a bad feeling as she has not heard from Lucas ... Meanwhile Lucas tells Bonnie being with her is a horrifying memory. Bonnie boasts he had a good time too. Lucas accuses her of lying about having his baby. She screams she spoke the truth. He stands up to storm out. Enter Sheila carrying the pink bundle. Bonnie takes her baby girl in her arms and introduces daddy. Lucas is not sure what to make of it ... Sonny is so sorry Paul cannot feel his legs and gasps to Will he has to be okay ... Paul would like Roman to remain and asks for the test results ... Alas Kayla bears bad news ... Eric urges Belle to speak to John before Dr. Kayla. She agrees. Eric unhappily notes he needs to know. John appears and growls what has he got to know! He raises a bewildered eyebrow at Belle ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, September 10