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Episode 13,723
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Rolf discreetly departs. Kristen coos she is all Brady’s …Gabi assumes Eli wants her to forgive Lani. Dangerous drums play … Rafe informs Lani that Jordan swore she would never harm Ciara. She wonders if he believes it … Ciara asks Jordan why she is in the hospital elevator with her … At the Kiriakis mansion Ben requests Victor get rid of his sister … Gabi refuses to forgive Lani for robbing her of happiness … Rafe reasons Jordan has no automobile. Lani reasons she has anger toward Ciara and suggests he follow his instinct. Rafe talks bad blood between brother and sister ... Ben states his case to Victor, who scoffs until he hears Jordan is gunning for Ciara … Jordan explains she used to be a physical therapist and might want to return to work. She smugly presses the stop button so she and Ciara can talk. Ciara looks terrified. Jordan argues Ben is wrong for she is not after her. Ciara points out he is protective. Jordan insists she came back to live a good life and accuses Ben of wanting her out of the picture … Ben assures Vic that Ciara is alright. The Greek tycoon talks police. They have no proof and cannot act, hence his visit. Victor believes he wants him to break the law. Ben reminds him he almost choked him and asks him to make Jordan disappear. Victor tells him if this is true he will take care of Jordan. He teases he might get rid of Ben as well. Ben argues he is fine but Jordan is far from it … Rafe states as per the medical staff at Bayview, Jordan is stable. Lani believes they have become cozy. Rafe just cares about Jordan and David. Lani knows he is a good guy who steps up for single moms …

Rolf announces to praying Hope he is the answer to her prayers. Sinister music plays … Brady snaps Rolf should steer clear of his kid, Anyway Kristen claimed she had an OB. It did not work out. Brady stands his ground. Kristen lists all those she has lost … Gabi is embittered when Eli updates her on Lani being cleared. She wonders why he is here. For Julie. Would she give her Stefan’s heart? Gabi’s eyes darken like a DiMera storm … Ciara wants to meet Hope but Jordan stops her from unstopping the elevator. Jordan wants her to listen to her warning about Ben. Ciara wants to see her mother. Jordan rants everyone gives Ben a second chance but not her! Ciara press the button but the elevator does not move. Jordan smugly states they are stuck together … Victor is no stranger to taking the law into his own hands … Rafe goes by the book and will just be keeping a closer eye on Jordan. He calls Lani a great detective. She still feels terrible. He sighs Gabi must accept Stefan is gone. Lani now updates him on Eli’s request … Brady is sorry about Stefan. Kristen appreciates it and gushes about the new generation of DiMeras. She talks to her tummy and smiles to Brady they might be having twins. He sticks to the doctor subject. She still believes Rolf is best but Brady asks her not to go ...

Rolf had heard Julie’s outlook was not good. Stefan had no spark of life left whereas Julie … Hope gasps he can help her??? … Eli updates Gabi on the heart of the matter. She is mad he would dare to ask and gets madder when he claims it would help her heal. A part of Stefan would live on. But only she can save fading flower Julie. Will she? Rafe is surprised Eli already approached Gabi. Lani laments Julie is on her last leg. Rafe has a bad feeling about Gabi’s reaction … Gabi rages she and Julie are arch enemies. Eli reasons she left Julie at the park … Rolf offers to extend Julie’s life until she gets a transplant. Hope asks why she should trust him. He is the only one who can work such brilliance so kindly accompany him to his lab. Hope hesitates. He asks what she is afraid of … Ciara tries to use her cell phone which does not work in the elevator. Jordan repeats she should fear only Ben … Ben waits for an answer. The Greek tycoon tells him he will take care of Jordan. Ben assures him Ciara’s love made him a good man. Vic wonders whether he really wants his own sister’s blood on his hands … Back at the square Kristen reminds Brady her pregnancy is high risk so she needs someone to take care of her. He offers to hire someone. She wants no stranger and states the father would be around but he is not interested … All of a sudden she faints for a few seconds. He catches her before she falls and helps her to a café chair. She claims she was dizzy and thanks him. He suspects she faked it … Ciara reminds Jordan they have been through this before and unlike her, Ben did not try to kill her! Jordan questions whether she really knows Ben and his deadly hands …

Ben does not want Victor to off his unwell sister since she is family. He loves her and credits her with saving him from Clyde. Victor talks Ciara’s safety. Ben snaps to send his sister somewhere far away … Rafe must go pick up David. Lani smiles his face lit up. He loves the little guy. Lani misses him in a good way and now Jordan is back. Rafe will keep an eye on them both. He grins to let him know how it goes with Eli … Rolf convinces Hope to come with him. Only science can save Julie … Gabi rages how can killing her husband benefit her! Eli knows she has compassion for Julie and makes light of any past bad blood. Gabi declares evil beech Julie does not deserve Stefan’s heart and wishes her demise. Her final answer is a resounding NO and she kicks him out. Then she breaks down by Stefan’s side … Rolf has Hope in his lab and shows her a new compound. Hope decides to meet Ciara first and see him in Julie’s room. Rolf stops her … Ciara believes in Ben. Jordan warns if the doctors did not do a good job … The elevator door opens. Ciara storms out as Jordan slyly smiles … Victor asks Ben about his sister’s child. Ben believes he should stay with legal guardian Rafe until she is cured. She should be locked in an institution. Victor warns it might get messy and there could be risks. If Jordan died could he live with it … Indignant Kristen walks away from Brady, hissing she might see him in eight months …

Ben comes home to Ciara, who admits she had a run-in with Jordan … Jolly Jordan comes home to David and Rafe after applying to get her old job back. Rafe is surprised. She sighs there was a small problem with the elevator … Victor has a plan for Jordan and informs his man on the other end of the phone to wait for his signal to go. After the call Brady enters with Kristen, who smugly states she is moving into the Kiriakis mansion … Eli updates Lani on Gabi’s hell no … Gabi hugs Stefan and vows no one can have his heart … Rolf has the syringe ready but Hope suggests they check with Kayla first. Rolf chuckles it is actually for her and stabs her in the arm. Hope cries out in hoodwinked horror, close to collapse …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, October 9, 2019