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Episode 13,722
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ben dreams that Rafe confirms arrested Jordan attacked Ciara with her automobile but they were too late. Ciara was killed. Shirtless Ben wakes up with a start. Ciara rushes to his side. He is relieved she is alright … Jordan listens as Rafe ends a call about the tire marks, the fact that nothing was tied to her. She sighs he suspects her … At the Kiriakis mansion Victor is gleeful about Stefan’s demise to Sonny and Will, who point out Gabi aka Ari’s mother is married to him. He makes a snide remark about Gabi as well. Brady silently obsesses over Kristen, who is elsewhere, reading the online news about her brother … Eli informs Lani that Julie making it through the night was a miracle. Lani is back from internal affairs … Rolf rages at Gabi’s interruption as she hauls him into Stefan’s room. She orders him to save him. Rolf realizes she expects a miracle … Vic wishes Sonny and Will would celebrate since this is also good news for Vivian. He should thank her. Will is appalled as Viv tried to kill Kate. Brady stops them from leaving and would like them to listen so as to buffer the bad news he is about to tell grandfather … Kristen tells herself she never wanted Stefan dead. T’was the mother child bond that he saved Viv and she feels the same with her baby. May Stefan rest in peace and look over them all … Eli is relieved pretty Lani was cleared. She still feels to blame. Eli muses there might be something good from this since Stefan could end up saving Julie with his heart – provided Gabi agrees …

As Gabi complains about Kayla being wrong, Rolf examines the patient and is sorry to say there is nothing he can do … Back in their little love house, Ciara gives Ben a glass of orange juice. She bears bad news. Stefan was shot and declared brain dead last night … Rafe claims he was only after an update and a suspect in Ciara’s case. Jordan swears again she did not do it. He believes her. She invites him to come on David’s walk with her. He has to check on devastated Gabi … Over hospital coffee Eli admits to Lani that Gabi is hanging onto hope Stefan will come back, which makes Julie’s window of opportunity tight … Gabi gasps Rolf can bring back people from the dead with his magical serum. The mad scientist explains he can only bring back people from the brink of death. Alas tis too late for Stefan. She hisses he is lying for Kristen … Eli and Lani wonder who would be the best person to appeal to Gabi. Eli deduces Doug is in a bad place so it has to be him … Rafe interrupts Gabi threatening Rolf, who calls her brain dead as well. Rafe kicks him out and attempts to calm her down. She refuses to accept reality … Ben goes silent. Ciara is sorry. Ben sighs Stefan helped him turn his life around. Now he will never be able to tell him. Ciara holds him close …

Jordan sits with the baby by the pub as they await his sitter and she whispers she has a secret. Kristen appears, cooing she looooves secrets … Sonny agrees to stay for Brady. Victor deduces he botched a deal. Nope. Vic scowls his coffee is getting cold. When Brady blurts out Kristen is having his baby, the Greek tycoon cackles and then calls him an idiot. Sonny and Will listen. Brady points out she agreed to a paternity test. However he believes she was truthful. Victor growls to terminate it … Kristen apologizes for intruding and the gals introduce themselves. Kristen admires baby David and smiles she is having one. She would be happier if not for losing Stefan. Both women had close but complicated relationships with their brothers. Jordan complains her brother now believes she tried to run over his girlfriend. Kristen casually asks if she did … Ciara informs Ben that Gabi would need to agree to give Julie Stefan’s heart but is now in denial. They both feel for the girl. Ben admits last night when Ciara was almost run over he felt for a split second he had lost his everything …

Eli and Lani discuss the powerhouse that is Julie. He vows to fight for her the way she has fought for him … Gabi cries Rafe can go and accuses him of being against them. Rafe reminds her he accepted their happiness. She screams she loves Stefan more than anyone and refuses to let go … Ciara assures Ben the driver might not have been Jordan but he has a bad feeling. She wants to head off to see Julie. He wants to drive her. She assures him she will be alright and walks out … Kristen is not a woman who wastes time and offers to be Jordan’s sounding board. Rolf interruptus about ze baby. Kristen leaves with him assuring Jordan they will get together soon. Jordan smiles … Sonny sides with Brady, who refuses to ask Kristen to get rid of the baby. Victor gets sarcastic. Brady argues he will not turn his back on his kid and storms out … Rafe talks false hope as Stefan breathes on life support. Gabi reasons it is real. He urges her to let him go and think of the good times, the happy days. She weeps she wants him to come back, realizes he never will and breaks down on big brother’s shoulder …

The sitter has taken David. Ben appears and accuses his sister of returning to the scene of the crime. She gets snarky so he warns her away from Ciara. She warns maybe next time she will not be so lucky. Bad things happen … As they stroll through the square, Kristen gets miffed when Rolf acts surprised she is sad about Stefan. He insists she stay stress free and suggests regular reports with him. After all t’was his fertility treatment that brought the miracle baby into being. The doctor is dedicated to her having a healthy child. Here comes worried Brady … Lani warns Eli that Gabi will not want to give up Stefan’s heart since she has hope. Rafe returns from the room and assures remorseful Lani she was just doing her job. Gabi has now accepted Stefan is gone. When he leaves Lani wonders. Eli decides the time has come to have a discussion with Gabi … Grieving Gabi knows not how to say goodbye to Stefan. This was supposed to be their beautiful beginning. How to let go? She sobs her heart out … Kristen explains all is well, Rolf was rather overly cautious. Brady agrees the weekly appointments are a good idea. Kristen suggests the scientist move in with her. Over Brady’s dead body … Will quips what fun! Victor growls at Sonny to get him out of here. Sonny stands and suggests they go check on Julie and Gabi. They take their leave. All of a sudden Ben bursts in, demanding old man Vic help him cos he owes him … Rafe runs into Lani outside the pub. He admits he is still searching for clues on who wanted to run down Ciara. She asks if he suspects Jordan … Meantime at the hospital Ciara gets in the elevator and Jordan smugly joins her. The door closes. Ciara gulps … Gabi agrees Eli can enter. She woefully watches her sleeping husband and thanks him when he states he is sorry. He is here with an extremely important question. Gabi gives him a dark DiMera stare …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, October 8, 2019