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Episode 13,721
1260 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eve is clad in her red coat, ready to leave the town she loathes … Jack assures Jen that Julie is alright with Doug. She wants to call Hope and Eli and asks to do so alone. Jack gives her her privacy. Jen gets Hope’s voice mail and is relieved as it must mean she found Julie … At the club Doug and Hope cry over Julie but Eli finds a pulse. The diva ain’t dead …JJ arrives at the hospital and assumes Lani’s long face is about Julie. She laments Stefan was lost cos she shot him … Gabi wants to believe Stefan will overcome but Kayla explains he is brain dead. Horrified disguised Vivian hears it all. Gabi begs him to come back to her … Vivian returns to the scene of the crime and sits down with her suitcase sobbing for her son who saved her. She breaks down over the sight of his blood. Eve appears and asks if she is okay. Alas she is not … Lani tells JJ the whole tragic story. Viv would not drop her gun …. Then she pulled her trigger to defend herself but Stefan jumped in front and he was the one who took the bullet. JJ solemnly states she went by the book and is not to blame … Gabi argues Kayla was also wrong about Kate. Kayla reminds her Kate was in a coma but Stefan’s lack of neurological inactivity is irreversible. His weeping widow breaks down … Julie still has a weak pulse but Doug promised she could slip away here. Hope cries there could be a chance if they return her to the hospital … Jen dumps her donuts in the trash and weeps for Julie. Hopelessly devoted Jack comes back with a bag but she is not hungry. He teases she kicked him out and remembers how she cutely covers up when times are tough. He asks her to look in the bag and she gets teary about the jade plant. She is touched. He wanted to remind her … they are a team against the world. She hugs him …

Viv weeps about Stefan’s sacrifice. Eve places her hand on her heart and is deeply sorry. Viv laments he is brain dead and beyond reviving. Eve sympathetically sits at her side and is so sorry. Viv weeps her time with her sweet boy was brief and now he is gone. Eve has been there and advises her to go be with him at the hospital. Alas she cannot … Gabi cries and accuses Kayla of trying to kill her husband. She hisses she will get a second opinion and screams she will sue if she does not get out. Kayla quietly goes. Gabi places her head on Stefan’s chest, close to his heart … Doug made a promise but not Eli and Hope so he agrees they can return fading flower Julie to the hospital … Gabi cries why did Stefan play the hero for Vivian! They had such plans for their perfect life! Viv should be lying here instead of him … Viv wishes she could see Stefan one more time and complains Kate claimed she shot her so she must stay scarce. She had been heading to a meeting with Stefan, who arranged for a private jet to fly her away. Eve is stunned she pulled her gun on a cop. Viv recounts the rest and almost feels it was unreal. Eve wonders where she goes from here. She will leave Salem as her son wanted. The pilot awaits. Eve asks to accompany her …

Lani informs JJ that Gabi threatened revenge. JJ gets she is upset right now. Kayla appears with an update. Stefan DiMera is brain dead. Lani takes off. JJ tries to stop her but here come Jack and Jen with an update on Julie … Gabi cries Stefan promised he would take her on a honeymoon anywhere in the word! They will get the best specialists. Meantime she shall sue the Salem PD and the hospital. Lani enters to apologize. Gabi hisses Stefan will make it but she shall be destroyed … Eve informs curious Vivian that Jack is back with Jen and she has no job so she is leaving Salem. Viv argues revenge. If she could she would go after those who did her son wrong but she must leave. She gives her a pep talk to stay in Salem to take down Jack and Jen … Jen and Jack try to be upbeat about Julie. Eli has an update. Hope and Kayla are with the matriarch in the ER. More to follow. Eli now wonders where Lani went. JJ knows not and notes she needs him now …

Lani sadly states she did not see Stefan until it was too late. Gabi rages she will never forgive her and kicks her out, still wanting to believe the man she loves will make it. Lani, however, does not leave and repeats she is sorry. Gabi shouts to shut up. She shall sue them all! Eli enters and escorts Lani out as the weeping widow screams. Then she strokes Stefan’s face … Viv gives Eve a pep talk about being a fighter. Eve exclaims she lost Jack to Jen. Vivian smiles to go get him back with a new plan. Eve is listening … Doug is at sleeping Julie’s side as Hope stands behind him. Jack, Jen and JJ are there as he marvels over their memories. Enter calm Kayla, who confirms Julie is in a deep coma. However, they will continue trying to bring her back. She spoke to Belle and the top cardiologists. Doug would like a moment alone ... Lani cries to Eli that Gabi was right but he feels it was not her fault. Lani weeps Gabi’s life will never be the same. Eli states he is on her side as are others. She asks about Julie and he admits with no donor there is little time. They agree to take care of each other and exchange I love yous, a sweet kiss and hug …

Viv is texted by the impatient pilot. Eve asks about her destination. Viv notes it matters not for her sorrow shall follow. Eve assures her it will ease a little. Maybe she shall find happiness again. Viv points out happiness might not be an option for people like them. Eve thanks her for giving her hope. Today is the first day she will begin anew … Outside Julie’s room Hope and Jen hug. Kayla updates Hope on Stefan being legally dead. Perhaps he could be Julie’s donor … Eve has checked and the coast is clear for Viv. She wishes her luck. Viv hands her a bag to dispose of for her, including a credit card and disappears into the night. Eve goes her own way … Jen and Hope have high hopes. Hope admits to Jack, JJ et al tis too soon to tell Doug. Kayla explains Stefan’s heart would have to be a match … Doug asks Julie to squeeze his hand if she can hear him and kisses it … Eli has heard the news. Jack talks miracle but Eli warns the gang Gabi is not likely to agree … Meanwhile Gabi vows to get someone who can save Stefan and holds the necklace he romantically gave her, remembering the last time they touched. She wishes him sweet dreams and assures him she will be here when he wakes up to live the rest of the days of their lives ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, October 7, 2019