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Episode 13,720
1260 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Cocktail Eve answers her door to … Jack. She assumes the worst but he has come to apologize … Jen has Horton donuts at the hospital with weed as a special medicinal ingredient for Julie. Hope is surprised … Eli wonders why Julie’s room is empty … Doug wheels his darling in a wheelchair to the club. She believes this is best place in the world for her and they kiss … Gabi remembers Stefan with a smile as she waits in their big warm bed … Lani has just shot Stefan accidentally instead of defending herself from gun toting vicious Vivian. He leapt in front in the blink of an eye! Viv drops her weapon as ordered and screams at Lani for shooting her son. Stefan gurgles blood from his throat … Abe assures Eli that Julie was probably taken for tests and tells him to hang onto hope … Julie teases Doug did not have to close the place for her. He offers her something to eat. She would love a romantic dinner and dance but alas has no strength. This shall be their last night to remember … Gabi dreams Stefan comes back to her but he cannot stay and has blood on his throat. She wakes up alone in their bed with a deep feeling of dread … Viv tries to stop the bleeding and weeps why. Stefan gasps. He had to save her. Lani calls for help … Eve is not interested but Jack gets her to agree to five minutes. He enters to apologize as it was Henry who trashed the lab …. He also tried to off Jen but Jack saved her and is sorry for blaming her … Eve sighs he is not sorry he used her. Jack suggests it was mutual just like the old days. He recounts more details and she does the math with dread. He confirms he has his memory back …

Doug and Julie discuss the club. She admits last night she dreamt of the old Doug’s Place. He smiles the first time ever he saw her face he fell hard. She has one last request … Eli assumes dedicated Doug took Julie somewhere. Abe notes Eli has been around as well. Eli has Lani to thank for that and updates him on her going after Vivian … Stefan has lost a lot of blood and chokes on his words. The pilot is waiting. Lani puts pressure on his wound. Vivian leaves to escape and asks Lani to save him for she loves him … Kayla comes to Julie’s room and they all wonder where she is … Julie wants to put on makeup. Doug offers to help and they remember the time he was her pantomime hero who gave her his heart. She teases he could be a professional makeup artist as he brushes her face with blush. She will always be his most beautiful girl in the world … Jen and Hope arrive at Julie’s room. Kayla goes to check with the nurse. Eli fumes she fled but Hope gets a text from Doug. Julie asked him to take her somewhere … Gabi cannot reach Stefan on his phone. All of a sudden she hears it ring. Vivian is standing before her with his phone gasping to get to the hospital …

Stefan is wheeled in and starts to crash. Dr. Kayla takes over. Lani looks nervous … Eve asks how?? Did Rolf remake the serum? Jack replies his love for the fair Jen brought all his memories flooding back … The gang now realize they were hoodwinked by Doug and Julie. Hope has a good idea where they are … Julie tells Doug she could not bear to see so many teary goodbyes. They relive more memories of their lighthearted days including her wild rodeo ride. Doug smiles the laughter gave her color. She praises him for making her feel better … Viv sadly states Stefan was shot and needs Gabi so get dressed. Gabi is horrified to hear it and accuses her of only wanting to save herself. Viv cries she could not stay as she would have been arrested and tell him she loves him. Gabi hisses she should have been the one shot … Gabi goes running to see the man she loves but Kayla is now dealing with a flat lining DiMera …

Embittered Eve reminds Jack he wed her and threatens a long divorce. He warns the woeful woman he will never lose the fair Jen again. He loves her … Abe has to take his leave. Eli knows Julie does not want to be dragged back to her bleak room. Hope decides they will have donuts and celebrate her life. Jen will remain while she waits for Jack … Julie marvels how gloriously she and Doug loved one another … Romantic flashbacks ensue … until death they do part … Their first kiss is shown … poetry at their wedding … a classic couple as romantic as Scarlet and Rhett … He gushes she has been the best wife and they kiss. Then she closes her eyes and he sees her slipping away … Vivian cries in her room about the state of her son and gets the call. The plane awaits. Still there is one more thing she must do before she departs … Abe is stunned to see Lani at the nurse’s station with blood on her shirt and hands. She stammers she shot Stefan but she did not see him. He leapt in front of Vivian. Here comes Gabi, who glares daggers. Lani is sorry. Abe calls it an accident. Gabi hisses she shall pay and storms off … Lani breaks down and cries on Abe’s shoulder … Gabi appears as Kayla zaps Stefan back to life. She thanks God but he is not out of the woods … Doug twirls Julie around as she wants to dance again. She fades and he kisses his bonny lass. He will love her always. She sings Always and then goes silent…

Jack joins Jen and fears the worst. She explains Doug sneaked Julie out of the hospital and Hope and Eli are looking for them. She asks all about Eve. He explains he apologized and tried to make her see revenge is not the way … Eve curses when she runs out of alcohol and then picks up her framed picture of Paige. She sighs Salem holds only sad memories so why should she stay … Jack and Jen agree no one will ever come between them. Together they are against the world. He weeps he wants to be able to thank Julie for everything and holds Jen close … Hope and Eli find Doug and his face flooded with tears the club. Julie’s eyes are closed. He laments it is too late … Lani cries about all the blood. Abe ignores another call. She points out he is the DiMera PR guy and they need him now. She shall be fine as Eli is around. Abe is just a call away and hugs her. Lani worriedly waits for word. Stefan simply must make it … Kayla explains to Gabi that Stefan lost a lot of blood. While they worked to revive him his brain was deprived of oxygen. Alas he is brain dead. Gabi gasps in horror. Disguised doctor at the door Vivian covers her mouth ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, October 4, 2019