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Episode 13,719
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the Kiriakis mansion Xander refuses to accept Sarah’s decision to depart Salem … Viv threatens Kristen with her gun as Brady bangs on the door … Outside in the dark Rafe informs phone Lani that Eli was supposed to keep searching for Viv. Lani is replacing him tonight due to his family emergency … Rafe returns home to an empty house …. Replay of the sound of a speeding car aiming for Ciara, Ben watching helplessly with his phone in hand. Ciara screams. Ben comes running. Ciara is alright having jumped out of the way. The driver sped away. He suspects Jordan. Alas she only saw the headlights … Kristen convinces Vivian to let her open her door to Brady. Viv warns no funny stuff or she will off them all. She hides and Kristen opens her door. Brady heard two voices … Ben takes rattled Ciara into the pub. He is convinced Jordan was the culprit and goes to confront her but Lani stops him, having gotten his attempted murder call. Ciara states Ben suspects his sister … Rafe is about to have a frozen dinner. Jordan stops him, coos she was with the baby but she has his dinner ready. Rafe worked up an appetite trying to track Vivian … Kristen fibs she was on speaker phone with a doctor. Brady has seen the test results and accepts she is pregnant … Desperate Viv calls Stefan, who already has an address to a private airfield. He has arranged her escape … Sarah knows what is best for her baby and it is so hard seeing Eric and Nicole. Xander refuses to let her throw away her life … Brady taunts Kristen’s baby daddy could be Xander so she slaps him …

Xander argues Sarah has someone who cares in Salem. She assumes he means Maggie but he means HIM …Kristen offers to get a paternity test when it is safe to do so and swears he was the only one. Brady coldly claims he will step up if it is his baby but it will not bring them back together. Kristen marvels he can share his life with the mother of his child. He accuses her of trying to trap him … After the call with Viv, Gabi hears from Stefan that he is sending Vivian out of their jurisdiction. Gabi wants her far away so they can live happily ever after. He presents her with a heart necklace. She has his heart now and forever … Ciara has given her statement to Officer Bobby at the pub. He offers her a ride but she will go with Ben. Ben sighs and blames himself for what happened … Rafe is impressed by Jordan’s fancy feast. She giggles and he toasts to the chef. They sip their red wine. Knock knock! Here comes dedicated Detective Lani to question Jordan on an attempt on Ciara Brady’s life. Jordan soap stares. Rafe was not expecting this …

Brady does not let Kristen touch his hand. She understands his hesitation. He promises to be a good papa but this changes nothing between them. He storms out and Vivian emerges. She suggests she focus on her child. Just like her loyal Stefan a child will put mama first … Stefan holds Gabi’s hand and tenderly tells her how much she means to him. He is hopelessly devoted until death do they part. From this moment she will love him like no one else. He places the necklace around her neck and they kiss like there is no tomorrow on the luxurious bed … Jordan argues she has been at the house all night with the baby. Lani realizes Rafe got home an hour ago. Jordan notes she has no car. Rafe probes and finds out there was no car found and no ID on Jordan. The parking lot is not well lit so … Lani leaves. Jordan suggests more wine. Rafe suggests she tell him the truth. Did she try to run over Ciara … Back at the pub Ben shares Jordan’s veiled threats with Ciara. He hates that being with him has put a target on her back. He admits he confronted her over offing their mother and this was probably her way of payback. Ciara gets more spooked by the Salem second … Brady runs into Marlena at the square. She can see he is troubled and is horrified to hear Kristen is having a baby that might be his …

Sarah tries to let down Xander gently. He still wants her in his life to keep him honest! He would hate to go back to his wicked ways. She wonders what he did. He sighs Kristen knows a lot about him and made him do some things. He is convinced with Sarah in Salem keeping him on the straight and narrow he will be able to stand up to her. Can she stay in Salem for him? … Sympathetic Marlena suggests a paternity test. Brady repeats what he told the she devil – that even if it is his child she is not in his life. Marlena wonders … Kristen orders Viv out. Viv starts to ask if Stefano is still the man to answer to since the Chicago goon alluded to someone. Kristen screams to leave … Marlena advises Brady to file for full custody. She and John are on his side. Brady agrees and thanks her … Marlena suddenly spies a hooded woman walking past and calls Vivian’s name. The hooded figure keeps going … Back at the pub Ben is livid to hear from Lani that no one can lock up Jordan. He holds Ciara close … Rafe grills Jordan and argues she could have come back through the other door. Jordan begs him to believe her ...

Sarah agrees to wait with her decision at least until after she eats and has a good night’s sleep. Xander offers to make anything. She giggles a peanut butter and bacon sandwich … Rafe sips his red wine with a scowl. Jordan argues Ben is the bad guy. Before he can reply the baby cries. Rafe is left alone with his doubt. He drinks more wine … Ben cuddles Ciara back at his place. She cries Jordan could come after her again. He swears he will keep her safe and kisses her … Lani orders the officer helping with the investigation to check all car rentals and if anyone matches Jordan’s description. She is still standing outside the pub when Marlena approaches about a possible Vivian sighting … Stefan exits to help Vivian and leaves smiling Gabi in their bed. She will be waiting … Lani comes up behind Vivian in the dark park. Gun drawn, she orders the fleeing felon to freeze … Ben watches over sleeping Ciara … Rafe watches Jordan tending to the baby … Kristen reads a book of baby names … Brady sits on the dark Kiriakis mansion stairs with a sigh … Sarah is asleep on the sofa. Xander comes back with her tray. He gently covers her and tries the bacon and peanut butter sandwich … Gabi is alone in the luxurious bed waiting for Stefan to return … Stefan walks through the square on his way to …. Vivian is ordered to turn around by Lani and does. Lani orders her to drop her weapon but Viv points out her personal matter with Kate is done. She has plans the police will not stop! She raises her gun. Lani fires her weapon but in a split second Stefan jumps in front. Vivian screams. Stefan falls to the ground, clutching his throat as blood flows from his mouth. He gasps. The end is near ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, October 3, 2019