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Episode 13,718
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Julie is fading and alone with Doug in her room … Ciara is on a call with Ben in another room, saddened that Julie is slipping away. He is sorry and will see her soon after he attends to something. They exchange I love yous and the call ends. Ben now knocks on Jordan’s door and enters, much to her dismay … Kristen scoffs why should she protect Viv from the police? Madam gets a gun on her … Nicole has overheard Sarah ordering a fasttrack on a pregnancy test. Sarah heads to the lab with the sample and Nicole wonders if it is for her … Meanwhile at the Kiriakis mansion confused Xander asks Brady why Sarah needs anotha blood test as she already knows she is having a baby … Julie weeps she will miss her wonderful life and family. Hope arrives with Eric. Julie gushes she heard he got back together with Nicole. Eric smiles. Doug advises him to cherish every day with his love and jokes Julie is never wrong … Kristen asks Viv what the crime was this time. She admits she attempted to bury Kate but she just would not die and pointed her painted finger. Now Rafe is after her. She explains to curious Kristen she escaped via the tunnels. Kristen leers she could have led the cops to her too … Brady starts to babble about Kristen and then realizes Xander thought he was referring to someone else … Nicole ends up sitting near Sarah, who is sorry for Julie. Nicole suspects Sarah is also stressed. She asks her whether she is pregnant. Sarah soap stares …..

Jordan stands her ground in the kitchen but Ben grabs away her cell when she starts to call Rafe. He accuses her of sending him a not so subtle message she could get to Ciara anytime … Ciara returns to Julie’s room. Doug and Julie appreciate Eric’s words. Hope asks him to lead them in prayer. They all hold hands as he asks the Lord to help Julie through and fill all their hearts with comfort and peace for all the days of their lives. Amen … Sarah wonders why Nicole thinks … Nicole sighs she heard her on the phone about the test. Sarah informs her it was for Brady. Nicole is horrified to hear that Kristen claims to be having his baby … Xander sighs Kristen let it slip and made him keep his silence, He did not want to cross the wacko but wonders what it would mean to Brady … Kristen sweetly asks Vivian why she came. Cos she saved her alongside Rolf and put her up as well. She is her chosen savior cos she knows she must have some value to her. That begs the question, what does Kristen really want from her?

Jordan shouts Ben is the real threat to Ciara. He argues he loves her. Jordan insists Clyde’s evil is still inside him. Ben believes what his doctor said, that he is a better man. Jordan rages his evil will resurface and reminds him he was the necktie killer. He reminds her she was the one who offed their mother … Kristen confesses she believed Viv would be useful at some point since she is mother to Stefan. He stole the DiMera home and legacy. Viv hisses but she is no DiMera! Kristen disagrees. Viv smiles she did not use her so far. Why not?! … Brady stands up and scoffs he is not taking Kristen at her word and wants no baby with her. Xander suggests he make the best of the situation … Sarah updates Nicole on Kristen’s pregnancy claim. They both feel for Brady. Nicole apologizes for fearing she might be pregnant by Eric. Speak of the devil. Eric has just opened the door and gasps is Sarah pregnant? Negative. Nicole updates him on the misunderstanding. Sarah states the test is for Brady …. Eric begs God not to let it be positive … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Xander reasons Kristen could be telling the truth and teases Brady cos he will be the black sheep once Victor hears Kristen is carrying his baby … Vivian holds up her gun and hisses to answer. Why did she not offer Stefan a swap – the company for his mother. Kristen suggests she make nice since she is pregnant … Jordan claims mama died in a car accident but Ben knows better cos she confessed to causing the accident as mama was pregnant with another Clyde baby. He persists she did it on purpose so she blurts out mama deserved it … Sarah suggests they await the results and leaves for the lab. Nicole and Eric hope it is negative … Kristen suggests Viv aim her weapon elsewhere but wicked witch Viv will not back down …

Jordan calmly claims she had to stop another sinister child of Clyde from coming into the world. Ben counters she is the evil one and should leave Ciara alone. Jordan warns it is not her fault if Ciara gets hurt. She would not listen! Ben grabs her by the shoulders and issues her a warning. She smirks Rafe will be home soon so he lets go, repeats to leave Ciara alone, and storms out. Jordan gets a glint in her eye … Ben arrives at Julie’s room and Ciara jumps up. He assures her he will be waiting to drive her home. Doug asks him to stay. Julie is happy he is with Ciara. Doug is grateful he revived Julie for their time together is precious. Julie also thanks him. Ben wishes he had been there sooner. He would do anything for his sweet Ciara. Ciara gives everyone a kiss and goes with her guy. Julie asks Hope to fetch her rosary from the house. Doug and Julie are alone again. She planned it that way … At the Kiriakis mansion Sarah can confirm Kristen is pregnant but there was no paternity test run. Brady looks at the paper and now focuses on the unborn baby. Babies are a blessing. He thanks Sarah and goes to see Kristen. Sarah holds her tummy and tells her own baby they are a blessing but what to do next?

Julie insists Doug agree with what she is about to ask … Eric and Nicole kiss again and are about to head home. He wonders whether he should call Brady in case Kristen really is with child. Nicole thinks he should wait until he hears from him. Eric knows Brady would never turn away from his own child … just like him … Sarah sits sadly in front of the fireplace. Xander approaches asking if she is alright. She admits for a split second today she thought he might have told Nicole she was pregnant. Xander insists she can trust in him. She concludes the only way she can prevent Eric from finding out her secret is to leave Salem … Vivian warns Kristen to start scheming to save her or else! All of a sudden Brady knocks at the door but gun toting Viv will not allow her to answer … Ben and Ciara are outside the dark pub as she praises him for saving Julie. The clan can say goodbye … Ben is distracted and wants her to know …. Stefan starts to call so he takes the call and arranges to meet his sweetheart back at the car. Ciara steps away but then … a speeding car and her bloodcurdling scream! Ben cries out!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, October 2, 2019