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Episode 13,717
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kristen wants Brady but finds Xander at her door instead, warning to keep her silence about Sarah’s secret … Sarah remembers pouring out her heart to Xander about keeping her baby. Brady interrupts her reverie and asks if she is alright. Sarah soap stares … At the café Nicole and Eric have done the paperwork and he welcomes her back to the Horton Center. She finally has her life back that Kristen stole. They become suspicious when Rolf suddenly appears announcing good news … Kate cries for help and accuses Kayla of trying to kill her … Stefan warns Rafe has no warrant to enter the secret DiMera tunnels. Rafe counters he has probable cause and he could come back with the entire police force. Stefan and Gabi gulp … Back at Kiriakis mansion Brady reminds Sarah they made a pact to lean on each other. He senses she needs him now. She changes the subject to him. He just deleted a voice mail from Kristen. Now he asks Sarah to share her woes with him … Kristen has no interest in Sarah. Xander explains she is still having Eric’s baby … Rolf exclaims how great it is that Kate, the ex-wife of Stefano DiMera, came out of her coma. Nicole and Eric doubt his benevolence so he boasts he also refused to perform a certain procedure today, madman of ethics that he is. Nicole wonders what he means. Rolfski smiles smugly …

Back at DiMera mansion, Stefan hopes Vivian got a good head start. Gabi assures him they are in this together. He calls his lawyer … Kate continues to give Kayla a hard time and accuses her of attempted organ theft. The good doctor reminds her it was Lucas’ ultimate decision. Kate is just relieved Dr. Rolf saved the day … Nicole gets nervous. Rolf reasons he refused to end a pregnancy. Eric is surprised. Rolf claims to have a clean conscience. Nicole lists his other evil deeds. Eric rages about the Kristen mask that ruined Brady. Nicole is relieved Brady and Kristen are history. Rolf alludes to a different scenario and departs … Xander assures Kristen the doctor can prove nothing and adds Sarah decided to keep her baby. She wonders what next. He knows not whether she wants to tell Eric but Kristen better not tell … Kristen smiles all she cares about is her baby with Brady … Kayla feels badly about what happened but she gave Lucas the facts. Kate counters she was wrong. Kayla admits her waking up defied all logic. Kate accuses her of wanting revenge given their history. Kayla defends her doctor’s oath. Kate talks bad blood. Kayla suggests she go after vindictive Vivian. Kate plans to and boasts she must be arrested by now …

Stefan ends a call with lawyer Robert, who will meet them at the station. Gabi sees Rafe return alone and deduces he found no Vivian. He did find her gaudy initialed scarf and wonders where she went to … Vivian comes out of the DiMera crypt wondering where her scarf went. She speaks to a cherub statue and takes off to hide but here comes Rolf … Nicole admits to curious Eric she is concerned about Rolf. Who would have asked him to perform an abortion? Eric wants to leave him in the past. All of a sudden Xander approaches, sarcastically asking about the happy couple … After a biz call Brady gets back to hesitant Sarah. He assures her she can tell him anything. Kristen waltzes in, gushing she has great news. Brady kicks her out. She announces she is having his baby … Vivian flirts with Rolf. He deduces she is in trouble. She begs him to hide her. He suggests she leave Salem where she is wanted for attempted murder. She complains Kate woke up! Rolf informs madam that he was the one who saved her …Kate recounts her run-in with Viv to Kayla and how she made it here. She blasts Kayla for giving up but Kayla explains she went into a vegetative state. Kate snaps she is now in a suing state. Kayla intends to find out why she was wrong. Kate accuses her of only caring about Julie and rages she recovered. She now asks whether there is any hope for Julie … Eric stands up and suggests Xander scram. Xander sweetly hands Nicole her divorce papers. She notes now nothing will come between her and Eric … Brady refuses to believe it. Kristen insists they slept together several times and Rolf had given her fertility treatments in Nashville. Their love created a life and Rolf confirmed … Dubious Brady demands a test from another doctor. She slyly suggests Sarah, who has been standing by in silence …

Rafe has just called in an APB on Viv. Stefan and Gabi act like they know not what happened. Rafe accuses his sister of helping Stefan and warns they will go down together when he catches Vivian. Stefan warns him the tunnels weave all through Salem. Rafe plans to catch her when she comes up … Rolf knew not he would come across half dead Kate and decided to revive her. Viv wishes she had been left with amnesia but he boasts his serum was perfected. Viv asks why he did it. He had a soft spot for Stefano, who loves his wife dearly. Vivian wants to know were Stefano the great and powerful is cos he would be the perfect person to conceal her … Nicole and Eric end up discussing the drama that affected both Kate and Julie. Eric suggests they head to the hospital to see Julie together … Brady protests. Kristen dares him to settle his doubts now with a little blood test. Sarah flashes back to taking her own blood and states it is simple. But does Brady want her to? He calls Kristen’s bluff. Sarah gets her bag. Kristen cannot wait …

Kayla confirms Julie’s state is heartbreaking. Kate decides not to sue and asks her to tell Julie she is in her thoughts … Viv exclaims to vite get the phoenix on the phone! Rolf wonders why she thinks he knows his whereabouts. Even if he were able to reach him he would not be able to help her so fast. But there is someone else … Kristen thanks Sarah, who will fast track her test results at the hospital. Kristen stands up and gushes she and Brady are getting their miracle baby. She senses he will stand by them and quietly leaves. Brady blinks … Rolf visits Kate will a bouquet of flowers. He calls her recovery remarkable. Stefano would be so proud! She thanks him and when he walks out, she wonders …Back at DiMera mansion Gabi gets worried. Stefan reasons Rafe can prove nothing and praises her for protecting Viv. She admits she hates her but loves her son and kisses him … Rafe wonders where the heck Viv went, having followed the path she took out of the DiMera crypt. Meanwhile Kristen comes home to Vivian in dark sunglasses. Madam needs to be hidden from the law … Brady remembers his romance with Nicole, who was really Kristen. Could it be true? Xander arrives asking after Sarah and the mess on the table. Brady sighs Sarah took a blood test. Xander is stunned that she told him. Brady looks bewildered … Eric arrives at the hospital with Nicole and goes to ask a nurse about Julie having visitors. Nicole now overhears whispering Sarah order a rush on a pregnancy test as a personal favor. Oooo ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, October 1, 2019