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Tuesday, October 9, 2018
Episode 13,441
1333 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Replay of Sheila realizing the exec assistant position is with Abe! She calls him a name. Eli is amused. Meanwhile said mayor joins Val at the pub and complains about Sheila ruining his day ... Eli can still help Sheila who repeats her Abe insult as Lani appears at the door ... Brady and sunglasses Kristen enter their motel room. She gets frisky. He wonders how far south they are headed. She poses on the bed and refers to their own journey ... Marlena and John know who that shooter is. XANDER the black sheep Kiriakis ... Xander interrupts Nicole and Eric’s moment. Eric rages what the hell and gives his best death stare. Xander taunts. Nicole cringes ... Brady has food for himself and Kristen. She is happy he remembered she liked licorice. He claims he had no real reason to stay in Salem. She wonders what his real end game is and questions his sincerity ... Sami has heard of the illustrious and evil Xander. John adds he was against her brothers. They all wonder why he would target Marlena ... Eric demands to know how Xander found them and attacks him. He gets him in a headlock. Nicole blinks ... Val notes Sheila was not charged with a crime but Abe is convinced she is a menace ... Lani overheard Sheila trashing the mayor. Sheila lists more insults and complains he wrongly accused her, then towed her car. Lani adds he is her dad. Eli agrees. Sheila stops her tirade ... Brady acts like he is on Kristen’s side as they were both damaged. He can let go of the past if she lets go of her anger toward his family. He reminds her he could have turned her in and lies he cares for her still. However she has to end this obsession of John and Marlena right now ... Sami starts to hypothesize. John wonders whether Xander was Kristen’s back up bad guy ...Xander assures Eric he is in Nashville for a good time with Nicole, who is here of her own free will. Eric rages on. Nicole suggests he let the guy go. He gasps why? Because he knows everything ...

Abe takes a drink at the pub. Val refers to Sheila's checkered past. She was so relieved that Eli grew apart from that girl and her brother. Abe now tells her they seem tight these days. Val looks worried ... Eli politely introduces Lani to Sheila. Lani knows all about the ex con. Sheila calls her judgmental just like Abe and accuses her of breaking Eli’s heart ... Kristen claims the nuns taught her about forgiveness until ... Brady knows, seeing Stefano brought back the dark side. She declares all she needs now is Brady’s love. Is there any hope for them? Brady sighs and lies he has loved her all this time. He can’t fight the feeling any longer and kisses her like he means it. Then he carries to the bed and they give into their passion ... John suspects Kristen might have just gotten Xander as a gun for hire and updates Sami on the last time he was seen in Salem. Sami sighs now there are two homicidal maniacs in their midst ... Eric lets go of Xander in horror. Nicole confirms he knows that she killed Deimos. Xander admits he was after a few gold bars from the safe and found Nicole’s recorded confession instead. He places his possessive arms around her and taunts Eric he made her marry him. Nicole does not deny it. Eric cannot believe what he is hearing ...

Val wonders whether Eli feels he owes Sheila cos of something in the past. Abe warns he seems vulnerable right now. She quips cos of his daughter ... Lani is less than thrilled to hear that Eli and Sheila are old friends. Sheila calls him family and accuses Lani of loving and leaving him. Tis her loss. Lani gets very testy after she hears he told her about the baby, snaps to mind her own business, and takes off. Eli is unable to stop her ... Marlena wonders whether Xander is now in Salem. John will check with Hope but believes him to be gone. Marlena adds he could be hiding with Kristen. Sami points out there are many places to hide at the mansion but Stefan would have kicked them both out by now. John hopes they are both long gone ... Nicole confirms she had to marry Xander so she would not be separated from Holly and sent to prison. Xander complains she has yet to consummate. He wants her of her own accord and admits he tried to kill Eric, who moved in the last unexpected second so he hit Marlena instead. Eric gives him a murderous look. Nicole is shocked ... Brady admires Kristen’s tattoo and calls it beautiful. They bask in the afterglow and she giggles when he suggests she get his name tattooed on her arm with a heart. She has missed him. He wonders whether she was really with EJ unless she was just lying about that ... John checks back in with Sami and Marlena after updating both Hope and Victor. All are now on the lookout for Xander. Sami notes she needs to know where EJ is and believes she is on the right path.

Nicole is livid that Xander went back to Salem to shoot Eric at his mother’s wedding so she would be over him. Eric calls him sick and wants him behind bars where he belongs. Xander the assassin whips out his gun and decides to finish the job. Nicole panics ... Val reasons that Lani rejected Eli. Abe explains she wanted them to wait with romance as both were still suffering from their loss. Val thinks they could make it now. Abe calls it none of their business. She keeps going so Abe gets annoyed. If she keeps passing judgment on his beloved daughter then they might not make it either ... Sheila apologizes to Eli for butting in. He tells her to do something and get a job ... Brady tenderly asks Kristen if she was deceiving Sami by declaring EJ was alive. She would rather focus on them and feel his arms around her again ... Nicole tells Zanimal to put the gun down. He tells SWEETHOT he holds all the cards. She declares if Eric dies then their relationship dies. But if he lets Eric go she will side with him. She gasps to let him go. Eric grimaces as he hates what he is hearing ...

Abe stares into his glass. Val suggests they agree to not allow their kids’ differences affect them and admits she is not perfect. He accepts her apology. She now asks to kiss him in public. He likes the sound of that ... Back at the station Sheila assures Eli she will continue her job search and thanks him for getting her her home back. Eli had no idea she was living in her car and invites her to stay at his place. They walk away arm in arm. Lani woefully watches ... Brady watches Kristen sleeping and tells himself he will have all her secrets soon, including the big one about EJ ... Outside in Salem, Sami ends a call with Sydney and assures her she will be home after one more thing. Following the call she vows to find her EJ wherever he is ... John gets the woman he loves comfortable in her bed and makes a double promise. He shall get Hattie out of their way and track down the dastardly Kiriakis ... Xander kicks Eric out but he refuses to leave. Nicole begs him to go for her sake. He promises it will be alright and exits. Nicole now threatens to kill Xander herself if he ever does anything to Eric. Outside the door Eric vows to free Nicole and Holly even if it is the last thing he does. Dangerous music plays ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, October 9