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Monday, October 8, 2018
Episode 13,439
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Marlena works on her memory. Enter John, who loves tasting her lips. He breaks the good news that Sami was proven innocent. Enter Sami the non shooter. Mother and daughter share a heartfelt reunion ... Sheila pays old pal Eli a visit with a Baltimore snack. Raging Abe comes in and gets mad at a cop. Eli wonders. Abe is furious someone used his mayoral parking spot. Turns out to be Sheila ... Mimi is madder than hades at Bonnie for letting Lucas walk away with her baby. Meanwhile at the club Chloe and Lucas are with the baby he believes to be his ... Eric gasps it is good to see Nicole. She gasps how did he find her and then tells him to go ... Sami, John and Marlena are amused how Sami realized Hattie was not her mom. John is sorry for the deception but she praises him for saving Marlena. Sami also has an idea on how to find the real shooter ... Nicole closes her door to Eric. He implores her to hear him out. The baby is sleeping. He promises to be quiet and refuses to go. When she laments she loves him not he calls it a lie. Anguish is in the air ... Abe accuses Sheila of a crime so she calls him a fool. He counters he had her towed ... Lucas feels like a new man. Chloe tries to be upbeat but not about Bonnie cos she went to school with Mimi. Bonnie the sociopath will try to extort money from him ... Mimi snaps her baby is with a stranger. Bonnie replies not exactly. She reasons mini Bonnie will be alright. Mimi snaps that is not even her name and wants to go find her, her bunny in hand ... Sami suspects Kristen hired a secret shooter. John counters it is considered conjecture unless they can discover their ID. Sami suggests Marlena try self-hypnosis. John claps his hands cos he has just had an epiphany ...

Lucas agrees the baby in as angel and hopes he will be an influence in her little life. Chloe warns him Bonnie will want child support or worse ... Mimi shouts she wants her baby back. Bonnie begs her not to reveal the truth. She is her only ticket to freedom and asks for more time. Mimi turns her down ... John plans to check out the security footage the city has around the square. He is on it. Sami thanks him for saving her mom’s life again. He gushes she is his salvation. Sami now gets emotional about their happy ending. She breaks down about wanting to find EJ. Marlena is sympathetic ... Eric whispers he knows the truth. Nicole opens the door and agrees to afford him 5 minutes. He enters. He reveals that Brady admitted everything to him, that he destroyed them by forcing her to choose between him and Holly. Nicole believes it is too late. Eric looks her in the eye and reminds her their love was forever. She lies it was only physical and turns away in torment. He still sees his true love standing before him and asks if she is afraid. There is no need for they can be together as they dreamt. The future can be theirs. He turns her around and tells her he loves her. Does she feel the same way? She takes his hand and starts to cry she loves him and never stopped. Their faces come closer ...

Back at the station Sheila bickers with Abe. She has no money to get her car back. Eli takes her to the impound. They leave as John arrives, asking Abraham for assistance ... Bonnie wishes Mimi would stop threatening her. Mimi reminds her it was supposed to be a brief deception and opens the door to go get her baby. Bonnie declares she did all that time for her cos she was the one who killed her deadbeat dad! Mimi is sorry she suffered. Bonnie insists she has everything under control so Mimi warns her Chloe is with Lucas. Bonnie believes she can handle her. Mimi has serious doubts. The songbird is smart ... Lucas thinks that he will be able to get sole custody given Bonnie’s history. Chloe argues she got a pass on her recent transgressions and the judge always favors the mother ... Nicole apologizes for breaking Eric’s noble heart. Eric tenderly takes her face in his hands and assures her he blames only Brady. He never stopped loving her. They passionately kiss like there is no tomorrow …

Bonnie promises to get the baby back. Mimi fears Lucas will not give up and Bonnie always gets caught in the end. Bonnie refuses to return to solitary and suggests they bond. Mimi wants her daughter now. Bonnie stops her and threatens to tell the cops she killed her father with a fire poker ... John informs Abe he has a hot lead on the possible shooter as Marlena remembered seeing someone. He seeks access to the city cctv footage of the town square so they can officially ID the fiend who shot doc ... Marlena is so sorry for Sami’s pain. Sami claims Kristen insisted EJ was alive. It is what she feels – that her EJ is out there just waiting for her to find him. Marlena’s kids mean everything to her and admits when her life flashed before her eyes she regretted her choices leading her away at times. She suggests Sami not spend time away from her children so she does not have her regrets. Sami promises no regrets and they emotionally hug ... Eric feels like he is in a dream. Nicole is his everything and he will not let go. She woefully shakes her head when he tells her all the time in the world is now theirs. She gasps no and orders him out ...

Sheila returns and orders Abe to reimburse Eli. Abe counters she can get a job. He hands her a list of city openings and walks away. Sheila fumes. Eli insists he can cover the cost of the impound. Sheila will do it and is determined to get a job ... Lucas holds the baby in his arms and reasons he is within his rights to keep her. She needs him for her future ... Mimi is appalled by Bonnie threatening to throw her under the bus. And she knows she would do it in a heartbeat. Bonnie promises her predicament is temporary. She boasts the paternity test was easy as Lucas has a link to the real baby daddy. Mimi rolls her eyes ... Nicole insists Eric leave right away. He refuses to let her go again and reasons they can live anywhere. Nicole nervously notes HE will not let it happen ... Back at the station Sheila looks at the job ads and finds one for a self-starting exec assistant. She reads the description to Eli, who offers to help with her resume. She now reads the person she would have to report to would be Mayor Abe and scoffs ...

Mama Mimi will let baby stay with Lucas for one night only. Bonnie gushes in gratitude ... Back at the club Chloe praises Lucas as a papa. He vows to keep Bonnie away from his daughter ... John, Marlena and Sami watch the CCTV footage together. Marlena sees something so he zooms in. Sami gasps oh my God. John declares they have their shooter ... Nicole informs Eric she was not referring to Brady as their problem. Eric asks then who. Enter dangerous Xander, who drawls hello mate, his eyes cold as ice, his voice oozing with irony ...

COMING UP: Xander is now Mr. Nicole Walker!

All the drama in Salem on Monday, October 8