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Friday, October 5, 2018
Episode 13,438
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kate has coffee at the square. Roman wonders why she is alone. She wanted to see Marlena at the hospital but had no luck. She says to congratulate the bride. He sits down with a proposition ... At the hospital Abigail is with Stefan. She gasps to Kayla she has got to see Marlena cos she could be sick again ...Heartbroken Chad has found the dark wig and deduces Gabby is back ... Jen sighs about all her bills and then opens another envelope. The wedding invite for herself and Eric. She remembers handing back the engagement ring and shuts her eyes ... Club Maggie tells Eric she was not truthful. He deserves to know where Nicole now is. Eric blinks, not believing his good fortune ... Bonnie is belligerent with Lucas at the station. He reminds her she was supposed to let him have the baby but Bonnie claims she knows not where she is ... At the club Chloe excuses herself. Maggie updates emotional Eric on Nicole swearing her to secrecy but since then Victor filled her in on Brady’s blackmail. She therefore knows Nicole needs help and Eric is her hero in waiting ... Chad comes downstairs to Jen, hiding the wig in his jacket. He asks whether Abigail is back from the doctor and then decides to produce the dark wig. Jen stares with dread ... Roman brings up Kate’s involvement with Leo and states he has seen the photos of them conspiring. He suspects Stefan used said photos against her. She wonders how he knows and remembers Kayla appearing in her room one day. Someone must have sent her to spy. Roman reasons it was in fact Stefan and wants to help his sister, who is sorry she caved. He offers Kate assistance ... Abigail cannot ignore the signs that Gabby could be back and complains to Kayla. Kayla offers to ask Marlena her opinion and she will be in touch. Stefan wants to drive Abigail home. She haughtily turns him down and departs. Kayla wants a word with Stefan right here right now ...

Jen tells Chad not to trust anything Stefan says! But he thinks there is only one way to explain the dark wig ... Bonnie argues with Lucas she knows not where the baby went. He does not believe her. She screams she needs a phone call so he hands her his cell. She wants privacy. Lucas warns he will be waiting and walks out. Bonnie now calls a certain someone and demands she bring the baby back. Otherwise she is going back to the slammer ... Lucas updates Chloe over the phone about Bonnie’s deception. He has no idea what she did with the baby but he will not take it sitting down ... Maggie hands Eric Nicole’s new address. She is renting her daughter Sarah’s Nashville apartment. Sarah is now a doctor in Chicago. Eric thanks her with a warm hug. She is praying for him. So is he. Our hero is on his way!

Chloe comes back. Maggie the hopeless romantic glows Eric has gone after Nicole. Chloe is curious. Maggie will only say she has missed Holly and hopes they return. She asks about Lucas and Bonnie ... Bonnie hides the number she called from Lucas and lets him know she can take him to see his baby. He has his doubts ... Roman reasons to cross Kate that Stefan blackmailed Kayla as well. He suggests they work together to stop the s.o.b. Kate considers ... Kayla regrets she ever gave Stefan any medical records of Abigail and talks tough. He acts innocent when she accuses him of ruining their lives in another way. She remembers Roman warning her not to reveal anything to Stefan so she covers and dares him to flip the switch on Steve’s sight. He will never win against them ... Chad gets agitated about Abigail’s missing time and wonders why she would go back to a shrink. Enter Abigail. Chad admits he was worried. Jen woefully holds up the wig. Chad gives her a dark look ... Maggie is sympathetic about Bonnie wreaking baby havoc. Chloe worries Lucas could fall off the wagon again. Maggie, however, feels he is fine. Besides he has Chloe and her on his side. Maggie wants to believe ... Bonnie and Lucas burst into a hotel room. He assumes there is no baby until they hear her gurgling ... Ominous alter music plays. Abigail insists she has nothing to do with that wig and the original is held as police evidence. Jen sadly states Gabi heard from Stefan that Gabby could be making a comeback ... Maggie asks Chloe if she is apprehensive about baby Bonnie. Chloe brings up Parker. Maggie muses he might like being a big brother. Chloe now confesses she loathes the idea of being connected to any Lockhart. She remembers how rotten Mimi was to her once upon a time and little Bonnie might be like her. The redhead reasons Mimi must have had an unhappy childhood with Bonnie whereas little Bonnie will be lucky to have her and Lucas. Chloe realizes she is right and smiles ...

Lucas lifts the baby bassinet and calls his pink girl cute. He promises to never leave her. Bonnie insists she was only alone for a few seconds and states it is her nap time. Lucas refuses to leave without her ... Abigail cries she can trust no one, it seems – not Stefan and certainly not big mouth Gabi! Chad claims he had to press her to say anything and asks whether she met with Marlena. Abigail gasps she did not get to see her yet. How to sleep? Chad is sorry he has not been here for her and blames himself for her wanting Stefan. Pause. He is sorry he said that. Abigail snaps she wants Stefan nowhere near her! Chad stammers about her text to him. She angrily realizes Gabi revealed everything to him and adds she knows she did not text Stefan. Chad implores her to allow him to help her ... Roman reminds Kate that they do share twins – aka Rex and Cassie - so she can trust him. He asks what Stefan made her do when he blackmailed her. It is also odd that Leo and his lawyer both vanished before the trial date. Does she know anything about it? Kate pouts and flashes back to Stefan admitting he took care of Ted with permanent relocation. She then lies to Roman she knows nothing. Roman reasons he needs all the pieces of the puzzle to protect her and Kayla. She concludes perhaps they cannot work together ...

Lucas will not leave the baby with Bonnie again! He takes her and tells Bonnie she cannot stop him. Then he walks out the door and she sighs. Mimi comes out, mad at what her mom just let happen. She should not have let Lucas leave with HER baby. She goes after her ... Meanwhile Lucas brings the baby to the club and shows her to Maggie and Chloe, all smiles ... Roman reminds Kate she is in trouble and starts to go. She asks him to wait and admits there is much at risk. She has so much at stake. Stefan would be furious if he found out she went against him. Roman insists no one will know and they will bring that bastard down together. They shake on it ... Stefan leers to Kayla she owes him. She threatens to reveal that he demanded Abigail's files so he threatens to pull the plug on Steve. Kayla gets back to Abigail and warns she would never forgive him if he hurt anyone in their family. Stefan warns but Gabby might. Confident Kayla counters she will make sure Gabby is gotten rid of. Stefan claims to hold more cards with a better hand. Her odds are on herself as she walks away ... Chad steps back. Jen admits to anxious Abigail they are worried and want to help her fix this. Abigail tells them Gabby is not back and tells Chad to mind his own business. Then she goes back upstairs. Chad asks Jen what they should do now ... Far away Eric the hero knocks on a door and nervously waits. Nicole opens the door. Their eyes lock with longing ...


All the drama in Salem on Friday, October 5